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LPC DMKT5008 Digital Marketing Summer 2018 Coursework Brief Handout: June 2018 Deadline for Submission: 2:00pm, 22 nd August 2018 Submit this coursework through the Student Portal with a Turn-it-in...

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Digital Marketing
Summer 2018

Coursework Brief

Handout: June 2018

Deadline for Submission: 2:00pm, 22
August 2018
Submit this coursework through the Student Portal with a Turn-it-in Report

Word Limit: 4500 words (Plus or minus 10%)

Learning outcomes assessed:

 Explain the foundation principles of digital marketing, and be able to distinguish
etween traditional and digital marketing.
 Identify the relevant laws and guidelines that pertain to the different aspects of
digital marketing.
 Apply digital marketing tactics to develop an integrated and effective digital
marketing approach across different digital domains.
 Analyse the role of content within digital channels.
 Examine the value of on-going analysis and measurement as a way of managing
and evaluating their digital marketing efforts and budgetary spend.

This coursework is worth 100% of the total marks for this module.
GSM LONDON Page 1 of 11
Coursework Instructions
Please read carefully
• Carefully read the module handbook, the marking criteria and the grade
Academic Misconduct
You are responsible for ensuring you understand the policy and regulations
about academic misconduct. You must:
• Complete this work alone except where required or allowed by this
iefing paper and ensure it has not been written or composed
y or with the assistance of any other person.
• Make sure all sentences or passages quoted from other people’s work in
this assignment (with or without trivial changes) are in quotation marks, and
are specifically acknowledged by reference to the author, work and page.
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Assignment Questions
Clintons Cards was founded in 1968 by the
late Don Lewin. Greeting cards were once
umoured to be the most profitable
product on the high street (retail insiders
suggested a £3 card could cost Clintons as
little as 30p to buy from a manufacturer), but by 2012 it had ignored the
threat of email and e-cards. Their mantra “birthdays and anniversaries never
go out fashion” was still right, but the way people once cele
ated them
definitely had. What’s more, their business model of dominating high streets
with multiple stores and buying out its competition was outmoded by the late
2000s. By the time it had launched its own e-card side of the business, it was
too little too late.
At their peak: owning more than 1,000 stores, Clintons once controlled 25
per cent of the greeting card market.
Who replaced them? Clintons is now run by American Greetings (the world’s
iggest greetings card firm), but online retailers like Funky Pigeon and
Moonpig dominate the UK personalised greetings card market.
Additional information http:
You have recently been appointed as Digital Marketing Manager for Clintons.
As part of your first project in your new role, the Head of Marketing has asked
you to investigate some new strategies to strengthen and reinforce the
organisation’s digital marketing capabilities and expertise.
Your required to write a report that addresses the following 6 tasks:
1. Discuss the differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing. Explain why it
would be important for Clintons to invest in digital marketing. LO 1
2. Illustrate how Clintons could utilise website optimisation techniques to improve
performance. LO 3
3. Critically discuss how Clintons can use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and
Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), to improve its website visibility amongst its
competitors. LO 2, LO 3
Your answer should cover:
GSM LONDON Page 4 of 11
 The steps you would undertake to design an effective SEO and PPC
 Identification of how the company could target its key audience
through these channels.
 An overview of the relevant laws and guidelines.
4. Discuss how Online Display & Video Advertising and Social Media Marketing can
e used to attract, retain and engage new and existing customers. LO3
Your answer should cover:
 Key activities associated with implementing an online display (and
video) advertising strategy and a Social Media Marketing strategy.
 Justification of which channel is most affective.
5. Outline how Clintons could incorporate Content and Email Marketing into its digital
marketing activities. LO3 & LO4

6. Explain how Clintons could use website analytics to improve performance.
All questions should be supported with the following:
 Key activities, processes or milestones associated with each digital
marketing discipline.
 Appropriate tools and technologies that can be used.
 Relevant laws and regulations pertaining to digital marketing
 Provide examples and utilise real-world cases studies to support your
End of Assignment Brief
GSM LONDON Page 5 of 11
Mark Scheme
XXXXXXXXXXKnowledge and understanding of the subject 40%
 Explain the foundation principles of digital marketing, and be able to distinguish
etween traditional and digital marketing.
 Identify the relevant laws and guidelines that pertain to the different aspects of digital
 Apply digital marketing tactics to develop an integrated and effective digital marketing
approach across different digital domains.
 Analyse the role of content within digital channels.
 Examine the value of on-going analysis and measurement as a way of managing and
evaluating their digital marketing efforts and budgetary spend.
 Clear understanding of the assignment
ief and tasks.
Intellectual & Cognitive Skills 35%
 Critical thinking – Objective analysis and evaluation of digital marketing components in
order to form a judgement. (e.g. Online display & video advertising vs Social media
 Synthesis, analysis and evaluation - ( e.g. discussion of the differences between
traditional and digital marketing leading to opportunities for Clintons.
 Discussing the merits and limitations of a particular digital marketing component)
 Application of digital marketing components and tools to case in question. (e.g. PPC ,
SEO, Google keyword planner, Analytics)
 Problem solving and research/investigation.
 Well developed, highly relevant, reasoned introduction and conclusions.
Graduate Skills 25%
 Has a number of reliable sources (e.g. Organisation reports, academic journals,
academic text)
 Has researched beyond the key reading appropriate for the subject. (e.g. utilising real-
world case studies and examples to support your arguments)
 Academic honesty - Has avoided plagiarism.
GSM LONDON Page 6 of 11
 Has used Harvard referencing (in-text citation and reference list)
 Uses appropriate academic conventions (e.g. summaries, paraphrasing etc.)
 Research-related skills (evidenced by collection and interpretation of data to support
 Written and visual presentation (e.g fluent writing style, report formatting, the use of
diagrams/graphs/ illustrations used to enhance report)
 Practical and professional skills (work has right level of detail/ complexity)
GSM London Generic Marking Criteria
Graduate Skills:
employability, practical
and academic skills
Factual and conceptual
knowledge and
understanding; use of
class materials;
independent reading
Critical thinking;
creativity; synthesis,
analysis and
application; problem
solving and
Written, oral and
presentation skills;
interpersonal, group
and teamwork skills;
leadership skills;
numeracy; digital skills;
practical, professional
and academic skills
XXXXXXXXXX% FIRST (1ST) Includes all required
factual content, accurately
and succinctly
Well developed, highly
elevant, reasoned
introduction and
demonstrating some
Within word count or
presentation time.
Includes relevant factual
content only.
Clearly and logically
structured material,
showing excellent
understanding of the
Accurate spelling,
grammar, punctuation,
Systematic, accurate
identification of relevant
concepts, theories and/or
principles, appropriate to
this level.
Information or data
selected from a very
good range of highly
elevant, cu
primary and secondary
sources, and
categorised, analysed
or evaluated using
elevant, methods or
Professional, fluent writing
style, appropriate to the
assignment OR
professional, engaging,
confident, audible and
well paced presentation.
Excellent use of technical
vocabulary, where
understanding of factual
and conceptual material,
elative to this level,
including some
understanding of the limits
to knowledge in this area.
Well developed,
coherent arguments,
eferencing primary and
secondary literature,
with clear rationale for
Professional visual
presentation, including
font, spacing, margins,
headings, graphics,
images and appendices.
Calculations are accurate,
clearly set out, with
precise explanations.
Excellent integration of
theory and practice, for
this level, using
appropriate conceptual
ect and systematic
use of academic
conventions, references
and bibliography.
Independent, wide-
anging, relevant reading
Excellent application of
numerical and
Outstanding, consistent,
flexible delivery of group
GSM LONDON Page 7 of 11
and research, from
authoritative primary and
secondary sources,
appropriate to this level.
statistical methods to
defined problems.
work obligations, for this
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Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing    Student Name    University Name    Unit Name    Unit Code    
Introduction    4
1.    Traditional and Digital Marketing    4
Traditional vs. Digital Marketing    4
Reasons why it is important for Clintons to invest in digital marketing    5
2.    Website Optimisation    5
3.    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay-per-click (PPC)    7
Steps were undertaken to design an effective SEO and PPC campaign    7
PPC Campaign    7
SEO Campaign    8
How the company could target its key audience through these channels    9
Overview of the relevant laws and guidelines    10
SEO and PPC Laws    10
4.    Online Display (and Video) Advertising vs. Social Media Marketing    11
Online Display (and Video) Advertising    11
Social Media marketing strategy    12
Strengths of SMM    12
Limitations of SMM    12
Paid/Owned/Earned media    12
Organic Social Media    13
The Clintons could use the organic features of Facebook    13
The Clintons could use the organic features from Twitter    13
The Clintons could use the organic features from Instagram    13
The Clintons could use the organic features from LinkedIn    14
The Clintons could use the organic features from Snapchat    14
Paid Social Media Advertising    14
The Clintons could use Paid social media advertising: Facebook    14
The Clintons could use Paid social media advertising: Twitter    15
The Clintons could use Paid social media advertising: LinkedIn    15
The Clintons could use Paid social media advertising: Snapchat    15
The Clintons could use Paid social media advertising: Instagram    15
Key activities and processes associated with Social Media advertising    15
Tools and technologies that could be used    17
Which channel is most effective?    17
5.    Content & Email Marketing    17
6.    Analytics    20
Conclusion    21
References    23
Clintons Cards were founded in 1968 by the late Don Lewin. Greeting cards have been rumored to be the most profitable product on the street, but by 2012 it has ignored the threat of email and e-cards. Their slogan "Birthdays and anniversaries never go out" is still true, but the way people have cele
ated them is definitely there. Clinton has more than 1,000 stores and has controlled 25% of the greeting card market. Clintons is now run by American Greetings but online retailers like Funky Pigeon and Moonpig dominate the UK's personalized greeting card market. The study includes how Clintons uses Social media marketing to retain and interact with new as well as existing customers. The study also discusses how online and video advertising and social media marketing is used to attract customers. Finally, key activities related to implementing online display advertising strategies and social media marketing strategies as well as effective social media channels are included in this study.
1. Traditional and Digital Marketing
Traditional vs. Digital Marketing
It is now widely believed that traditional marketing is outdated and digital marketing is truly effective. To understand the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing, it is important to understand the concepts of both types of marketing. Great marketing, finds and retains customers (Sinha and Singh, 2018). Digital marketing offers companies with a unique and powerful way to spend their time with potential customers (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2018). Traditional marketing is based on classic attributes such as age, geographic location, salary, etc. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is primarily based on interest and demographics that allow for more accurate coverage of the target audience. 
Reasons why it is important for Clintons to invest in digital marketing
The Clintons want to attract, retain as well as to interact with new plus existing customers. This digital marketing is the best choice for Clinton’s investment. Digital marketing is a process of easily attracting the targeted audience online, which will be the difference between the successful and prosperous companies. These tools analyze various factors such as geographic location, demographics, and interests, so Clintons can ultimately solve the audience of the Clintons. Digital marketing will enable the Clintons to enhance their creativity. This is one of the main advantages of digital marketing. With all available options, the Clintons can turn their most ambitious projects into reality. The days are gone when the business owners have expressed that the digital marketing is available only with multinational companies and large companies with the resources they need to undertake online marketing campaigns. Through digital marketing, Clinton is now the source of the execution of the sales and marketing process, which was previously available for larger companies. Apart from call centers, small businesses can interact effectively with many customers, and in those places, they can interact with customers from anywhere in the world, even if they are not in stores or
2. Website Optimisation
Website performance has fundamentally affected Clinton's success, with 64% of Smartphone users expecting sites to load in 4 seconds. In the age of social media and the Internet of Things that users connect to, nothing is more frustrating than slow sites. Poorly performing websites can lead to negative user experiences and
and impressions. Not only has that, but the ripple effect of this humble website performance can adversely affect search engine rankings, customer loyalty, and bottom line (Kumar and Dilip, 2016).
Improve website hosting: Hosting plays a vital role in website performance. The demand for cost-effective web hosting services is rapidly increasing, however, investing time and money to choose the right hosting provider with stable infrastructure and scalability is key to maintaining Clinton's high-performance website. Good and stable hosting allows technical teams to focus more on introducing new business functions than wo
ying about network and infrastructure issues (Sturdy, 2010).
Database Optimization: While there are many factors that can affect a site's performance, one of the key factors is the underlying database that maintains the dynamic content of the site. The Clintons should pay close attention to the available disk space on the server, and should eliminate confusing and useless content from the database, backup files, plugins and external scripts, and a large number of media li
aries to ensure that end users can immediately get the requested content without having to deal with it for a long time. However, with in-memory caching solutions such as Memcached, Redis can help websites cache content and reduce the load on the database server. In many cases, extending the database and the master-slave architecture are also helpful (I., 2016).
Caching: Using
owser caching can significantly improve website performance. The
owser stores a copy of the static components and resources for faster access, which helps reduce traffic on the primary server. Companies with high-traffic sites are also advised to take advantage of various other forms of server-side caching, such as Varnish caching, especially in terms of site performance optimization (Visser and Weideman, 2011).
File Compression: Web pages consist of code files, for example, HTML and JavaScript. As the complexity of web pages increases, their code files, as well as subsequent load times, will increase. File compression might decrease the code file by up to 80%, improving website responsiveness (Dye, 2008).
Minimize 301 redirects and fix 404 e
ors: Redirecting to a new URL can greatly reduce the performance of the Clinton website. Redirection triggers other HTTP requests and adds a delay to the request when the HTML document is loaded. Therefore, it is recommended that Clinton avoids using redirects whenever possible.
Search Engine Optimization Auditing: Search engine optimization auditing means that Clinton can scrutinize their overall website performance, set new goals based on what they find, and implement strategies to achieve those goals. This process helps Clinton increase profits by making the most of what they already have.
3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay-per-click (PPC)
Steps were undertaken to design an effective SEO and PPC campaign
PPC Campaign
Goal setting: It’s important to set the campaign’s goals. Advertising goals can help the Clintons drive business campaigns effectively.
Choose a platform: There are various platforms available for PPC advertising, for example, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook.
Plan-targeting: Once Clintons set the campaign goals and selected the right platform for the ads, the next step is to plan their ad targeting for the most relevant audience.
I. Geo-location:
II. Device location:
Keyword research: Keyword research is a time-consuming and continuous activity. Create a core keyword list when planning Clinton’s campaign Clintons should continually optimize and expand their keyword list to get long tail, low cost, and highly relevant keywords.
Write effective ad text: Ad text plays an important role in the success of Clinton's advertising. Advertisers can use this form of marketing communication to advertise their products or services on such platforms.
Add ad extensions: Ad extensions provide additional benefits for PPC ads.
Ad scheduling: Ad scheduling is very important for optimizing Clintons advertising strategy.
Optimize the Clintons landing page: Google considers the landing page quality to be one of the most important factors in determining the ad quality score (Faisal, 2016).
Filter negative keywords: In pay-per-click ads, negative keywords prevent ads from showing for specific keywords.
Monitor competitors: Benchmarking is a key factor in any marketing campaign. The Clintons should always pay attention to their competitors (Fjell, 2010).
SEO Campaign
Step 1: Analyze Clintons cu
ent website settings
Step 2: Theme creation and keyword research
Step 3: Establish a pillar content strategy
Step 4: Perform an SEO review
Step 5: Define and track the target
Step 6: Perform on-site optimization
Step 7: Work on local SEO
Step 8: Handling the backlink
How the company could target its key audience through these channels
The Clintons can use SEO and PPC to target its primary audience through these channels. The Clintons’ target audience is looking for companies – they still don’t know. To help them find the Clintons, companies need to target their audiences; in other words, they need to know who is looking for information on the Clintons website. This is a key part of search engine optimization. SEO is the best channel, a set of tools and best practices that help Clintons sites rank higher in search engine results,
inging more traffic to their sites and potentially more business. Today, SEO is a full-time job for small businesses, and many turn to website design and marketing experts such as Pronto for support (Ko, Lee and Whang, 2013). Today's search engine optimization is not just about capturing as much traffic as possible, but about attracting high-value visitors who are interested in the products offered by the company. Search engines are not readers; they need some help to find a website and connect potential customers/audiences to the information
usiness of the target audience. In order to create a searchable website, Clintons must know who Clintons is writing for. The company's target audience knows what they want and what they want to search for, and they must know that they can provide what they want.
If the Clintons have a budget, buying Facebook ads and Google AdWords ads are a great way to overcome the different audiences of Clintons' cu
ent keywords. If the advertising Clintons creates better conversions and the price of their products is enough to offset the investment, they may be a good investment. So the Clintons must develop a PPC strategy before investing. Assuming that Clintons has developed compelling content about the product, these steps not only help identify the target audience, but also allow them to participate and purchase the product (Kritzinger and Weideman, 2015).
Overview of the relevant laws and guidelines
In addition to the basic principles, Google has added specific SEO quality guidelines to help guide website owners on the right path. The following is an overview of these guidelines:
Don't use the keyword like rick anchor text: Previously, creating keyword-rich anchor texts used to be considered as an effective technique as long as they are on the applicable website. However, those days are long gone nowadays keyword-rich anchor text Clintons creates itself.
Links Clintons create itself should be "not followed": any links Clintons create itself should be set to "Do not follow." The reason for this is that company is actually telling Google that a link was created to generate traffic, rather than artificially boosting Clintons search engine results.
Avoid hiding text or hiding links: This is a very old school black hat strategy, but some website owners do not even know about the offense. Attempt to hide the text color or text or links by matching the background color to the background, so that the site owner fills the page with the padding keywords or links attempting to run the search engine on the page, but the site does not have visitors (Visser and Weideman, 2014).
Do not use i
elevant keywords to load pages: If a keyword does not accurately reflect the content on the page within a month, then the number of searches for keywords does not matter (Kritzinger and Weideman, 2017).
SEO and PPC Laws
No SEO and PPC practitioners will intentionally harm customers. This involves continuing to use any technology or process known to cause the client site to be removed or inoperable from the search engine index or directory (without proper attention).
No SEO and PPC practitioners will deliberately violate any law. This involves intentional and ongoing violations of spam-related copyrights, trademarks, service marks or laws as they might exist in federal, state, or on an international level.
No SEO or PPC professionals have misrepresented the client site content. This includes the practice of simply presenting diverse versions of the web page to diverse users, as long as the information is not changed just to match the specific needs and requirements of the
owser and the regional elements such as language or production are sensitive to specific needs (O'Connor, 2009). Typically, the Web server must provide the same HTML for all requests for a specific URL.
No SEO and PPC practitioners mistakenly regard other people's work as their job. This includes obtaining work in whole or in part from others and treating the work as their own work. SEO practitioners may not copy other people's work (rather than creating original works) without the former consent of any other party (Mardon and Belk, 2018).
4. Online Display (and Video) Advertising vs. Social Media Marketing
Online Display (and Video) Advertising
Online display and video advertising have several advantages because online platforms are less expensive and cheaper than traditional media. Because marketers have to budget their talent and creative scripts, production teams and airing time periods to launch an event, this is endless. The digital world is limitless, as long as the code is in Clinton's favor. Marketers and agencies can design and produce rich media formats, including URL links, expandable banner ads, and call-to-action phrases via topic tags or clicks (Cetintas, Chen, and Si, 2012).
Social Media marketing strategy
For websites that may offer very different social activities, social media itself is an all-encompassing term. For example, social media channel Twitter is a networking site designed so that users share text messages and "updates" with some others. In contrast, Facebook is a mature social networking website that allows users sharing updates, photos, join events and several other activities (Beqiri, 2016).
Strengths of SMM
Large audience: There are a large number of active users all almost all social media channels Although Clintons does not need to use every platform, creating just one or two accounts gives them access to millions of people around the world.
Encourage sharing: The biggest strength of Social media may be getting help from Clintons customers. People love sharing content with their networks, from photos to interesting articles and popular deals.
Limitations of SMM
Negative feedback: Social media users are free to post anything they want which means that satisfied users can leave a warm comment on the company’s web page, however, this also means that unhappy customers may have an angry roar of Clinton’s business. Some negative feedback might come.
Paid/Owned/Earned media
Paid Social Media Marketing: Simply put, the opposite of free tools, for example, Facebook or Pinterest pages, Twitter accounts or YouTube channels - Paid social use sponsored content or ads to enhance the presence of websites in third-party feeds and pages.
Earned media: If the Clintons have a media site that is a destination, getting the media is a tool to help people get there.
Owned Media: The media Clintons own is an online media source that the Clintons can control and is unique to the
Organic Social Media
Use the free tools to build and interact with social communities, share posts and respond to customer reviews. The Clintons may pay for permission to use Hootsuite or Buffer, as Twitter will not charge for posting tweets. Organic social media use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, and uses free publishing tools such as HootSuite and Buffer to build and interact with social communities to post, share other people's posts, and participate in conversations and comment (Auschaitrakul and Mukherjee, 2017).
The Clintons could use the organic features of Facebook
Facebook decided to reduce
anding and global media content in news feeds. Four days after the announcement of the news feed algorithm adjustment, the move had a huge impact on the business and publishers. The organic coverage of participation has a long history of Facebook.
The Clintons could use the organic features from Twitte
Twitter has a professional network and business culture, so marketing to Twitter users is not surprising. Twitter has almost no algorithms that affect the ability of users to view content. So the Twitter process is very busy, but Twitter has a list, so Clintons can sort the user's company want to view.
The Clintons could use the organic features from Instagram
Due to the time limit of Stories, Brands needs to create a specific set of KPIs. Different from posts - For success indicators, Clintons should not consider likes or comments. Organic coverage is becoming more and more difficult to implement on social me1dia, especially in the case of recent algorithm changes such as Facebook news feed updates. More and more
ands are expected to put dollars into their content to ensure it can be seen. However, adopting the new format may be a vulnerability that allows the Clintons to get better visibility. While Reach can still be used on Facebook, marketers are now turning to Instagram to reach their audience.
The Clintons could use the organic features from LinkedIn
LinkedIn is not a former social network. Although the platform was once considered the next Monster or CareerBuilder, its status as another work site is a legacy of the past. LinkedIn's algorithms are designed to make a homepage feeds more engaging and user-friendly. Social networks have published a lot of articles about their continued updates and improvements to algorithms (Beqiri, 2016).
The Clintons could use the organic features from Snapchat
Hootsuite's Snapchat channel is designed to show behind the scenes. This is the background transfer of the Hootsuite work. Snapchat now has more than 100 million users. Such a strong follower, it may be a valuable resource that business owners often overlook, they may not be aware of the marketing potential of the application.
Paid Social Media Advertising
While most businesses find it difficult to accept the truth, paid social media may be an effective tool for the Clintons marketing campaign. Maybe this comes from the concept that social media is free. So now is the time to accept change and move with the tide.
The Clintons could use Paid social media advertising: Facebook
It is the leader in social refe
al traffic, accounting for 85% of all social commerce orders. Facebook's algorithms tend to have advertisers with powerful content and reduce the visibility of weaker content. To connect, interact and convert on Facebook, the Clintons must use a targeted Facebook ad to create a paid social strategy.
The Clintons could use Paid social media advertising: Twitte
ands have seen great success with Twitter ads. But just putting an ad in the campaign and wanting it to work is not a sensible strategy and can result in wasted money. Twitter providing users with unparalleled access to niches and mainstream influences (Cetintas, Chen, and Si, 2012).
The Clintons could use Paid social media advertising: LinkedIn
Advertising on the world's largest professional network is flawed, but it certainly has its benefits. LinkedIn is a unique social media platform that focuses on the B2B market. Unlike other platforms that specialize in B2C advertising, it is well suited for B2B advertising and social media marketing campaigns.
The Clintons could use Paid social media advertising: Snapchat
The Snapchat is the new platforms that have appeared as a competitive force, with 310 million monthly users.
The Clintons could use Paid social media advertising: Instagram
The same is true of Instagram's use of Facebook's ad management system - this is really the second step in advertising on social media. However, there are many nuances to Instagram advertising.
Key activities and processes associated with Social Media advertising
For websites that may offer very different social activities, social media itself is an all-encompassing term. Social media advertising means the process of getting traffic and attention through social networking sites.
There are countless activities in social media marketing (Chirumalla, Oghazi, and Parida, 2017)
Communicate information and expertise
· Blog,
· Weibo (for example, Twitter),
· Professional knowledge sharing (such as forums, LinkedIn, Yahoo etc.)
· Fast sales and support communication.
Share online resources
· Internet resource sharing (such as bookmarks),
· News and press releases,
· Image & video sharing,
Community Involvement
· Social networks and target audiences
· Create supporters for events and causes
· Community involvement & participation
Brand and reputation building
· Use a variety of social media features for the
and's recommended media
· Branding and creating social attachment
· Maintain corporate transparency
· Online
and management
Search and internet marketing
· Increase website traffic and return on investment
Tools and technologies that could be used
1) Social Media Advertising Tool #1: Facebook Ads Manager App
2) Social Media Advertising Tool #2: Photoslurp
3) Social Media Advertising Tool #3: Ad Espresso’s Facebook Ads Compass
Which channel is most effective?
Facebook is one of the most effective channels for social media advertising. Facebook is still the number one social network in time. According to Dreamgrow's latest research, the platform has 2.2 billion active users per month (Mandal, 2017). So if the Clintons want to increase their visibility, Facebook will win. When it comes to engagement, Facebook does not perform as well as Instagram. But according to Locowise, it is still the second highest audience participation rate across all social networks. The Fo
ester study also supports this claim. It shows that the platform ranks second in terms of
and and user interactions. Advertising on Facebook performed very well with advertising revenues of $6.82 billion. Since 2015, these figures have increased by 59%. According to Social Flow, the annual advertising revenue of $1.7 billion is $14.17. A 2014 study also found that ads on Facebook performed better than regular online ads.
5. Content & Email Marketing
If Clintons is doing social media, they encourage readers to log in for the email list, send targeted emails moreover provide valuable content. Additionally, emails should include links back to Clinton social media to motivate Twitter fans to contact Clintons on Facebook and Instagram. Campaign Monitor calls for the integration of social media strategy and email marketing and overall, an ideal description of a comprehensive marketing strategy (Ramsay, 2010).
All major social media platforms have the option to upload Clinton's contact list. This makes it very effective to put the face on the name of someone who already knows the
and and likes the Clintons (because they subscribe to the email list). But why bother to make a face for the email subscribers because Clintons can deepen relationships with them by connecting with them and interacting with them on social media. In addition, their social network feeds will provide Clintons with more data about their needs, which will help to design products (or blog posts) that touch the main points. In today's content battlefield, digital marketing is also true.
The company said that they prioritize a large gap between the proportion of cross-channel incorporation marketing activities (67%) plus companies that understand customer journeys and adjust channel mix, therefore (43%). In addition, only 30% use cross-functional teams to promote integrated marketing (Sayedi, 2017). Content is the glue that binds digital marketing. To successfully build, optimize, and integrate cross-channel strategies, marketers must not only understand which channels have high impact, but also understand the critical role that content insight, production, and performance play in integrating digital marketing campaign “planning.” It is important. Email can help the Clintons to attract potential customers to sales channels and encourage existing customers to spend more time on the
But email marketing is not the only way marketers can get traction in the digital arena. Content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and social media are all helping marketers achieve their goals.
There will be more powerful when these strategies are used together. The two can complement each other and take Clinton’s marketing to the next level (S, 2017). The most successful
ands have a comprehensive understanding of their digital marketing strategies. The result is an integrated customer experience and a strong
and image. According to Google, regular customers will contact the
and about 10 times before purchasing. By appearing in as many places as possible, the Clintons can more easily achieve a successful journey.
If Clintons think of two, widely used and efficient customers get digital channels, the first thing that comes to mind is email marketing and social media. Instead of arguing which one is better, integrate them to get a better customer experience.
Social media and email are essentially different, but they work well together and form a successful strategy. Social media is very effective in expanding the reach, building trust and creating transportation opportunities. While social media is clearly well-suited for building a strong
and image, email is more of a private nature, which means it is more efficient in selling and personalizing direct communication.
Both channels must have unique features, and by integrating them, the Clintons can better develop their marketing strategy.
Build Clinton's email list using social media
By joining the customers, customers are already showing interest in the company’s
and and they may be more likely to join the email list. Use the social media wisely and introduce customers to the benefits of the company’s newsletter.
The Clintons can post information about the email registration on different platforms in a variety of ways. Keep in mind that people like to motivate and prepare ca
ot content or special gifts for those who join the list. The most important thing is to give them the reason to join Clinton’s newsletter. Embed a registration form on the Clintons Facebook fan page Facebook offers a large audience that Clintons can't ignore, but just being on this social media channel is not enough to effectively monetize the marketing campaign. The Clintons can use the fan page to build a high-quality subscriber list. Make the tone clear Clintons have an email marketing newsletter that is informative and offers related to Clinton’s
and. The easiest way is to use the HTML application to display Clinton’s newsletter registration form on the company’s page: static HTML. If Clintons does not have coding skills, they can design a registration and place it where they think its best. E-mail marketing is still one of the main communication tools for business. Today 82% of the companies are using email marketing. The ability to personalize and customize messages to any segment of the audience and on any part of the audience is widespread. However, with so many companies, how do the Clintons differentiate their email marketing campaigns using this channel? Another marketing channel is an effective way to integrate into the email marketing. Integration can help Clintons to get the email marketing efforts to the next level and can provide additional usefulness and connectivity benefits to Clinton’s customers. The key area of email marketing integration is by using social media. Using social media platforms in email marketing can have a big impact on the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. Emails containing social media sharing buttons are 158% more click-through rate than theirs. Most email marketing service providers can easily add social promotion buttons to calendar promotions. The Clintons can also section the email lists through social media networks to target specific types of users and to provide them with more personality. The Clintons can also use social media to run email registration. Twitter's Pin Choice feature allows users to release a Twitter card at the top of the profile, and request people to sign up for an email list. Such a strategy can effectively increase the email list.
6. Analytics
Website analytics are used to make informed decisions on the website. First, Clintons need to determine what the real goal of the site is. Clintons goals will vary depending on the type of business company have. If the Clintons is not looking for a specific metric, the analytics data can be very large. That's where Clinton's goal is to help define what it wants to measure for improvement. Analysis software allows Clintons to set up reports to be emailed to the company after determining which metrics to track. Again, these specific metrics should be consistent with Clinton’s goals for the site. Clintons need to set some basic metrics, but the company needs to go deeper so that the Clintons can use this data to really improve the site (Farney, 2011). If Clintons does not have an analysis report, the company may not be able to see what really happened during the checkout process. For example, in the analysis report, let us notice that on some product pages, the customer tried to go to the order page but eventually a
ived elsewhere. This will be a link e
or that needs to be fixed.
Performance metrics, on the other hand, can be used to measure the overall performance of the Clintons campaign and the performance of the site. They include:
Personal page performance allows retailers to track what visitors are doing on a particular page, such as whether they click into a third-party partner's website. This can help retailers identify pages that they should lead to the most visitors and under-perform (Mandal, 2017).
Cross-platform performance is important for Omni channel retailers because it allows them to measure performance across devices. This can provide insight into the user who starts searching on one device and continues to search on another device, and it allows the retailer to understand the execution of the entire digital marketing effort and avoid the last click attribution trap (Turner, 2010).
Digital marketing has become a major player in general marketing. It helps in the management of traditional marketing departments/positioning, status, production, pricing and customer relationship management. As the internet is engaged in more life, the needs of customers are becoming more complex and more complex. Instead of searching for the product they want, they prefer the convenience and save time. Based on this change, it is necessary to expand and expand e-marketing to meet today's customer needs. Digital marketing is a very innovative and innovative concept in the 21st Century. By using the database-based online distribution channel, consumers are attracted to the right, important, personal, and profitable way in the form of media products and services. There is no specific definition or meaning in digital marketing, but it can be explained by email, online advertisements, per click pay, wireless messaging, instant messaging, RSS, blog, fax, video streaming, podcasting,
oadcasting and more. All these examples are included in the definition of digital marketing. Digital Marketing has become such a powerful advertising network. By identifying Google's "double-click" plan on the Internet, the world has been closely connected to every location. With the help of Digital Marketing, it is very low and effective to promote activity in any product through the Internet.
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