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I need each of these points to have a further explanation: 1. Supervised kitchen staff – every day (500 words) 2. Checked quality of food before serving – every day (500 words)

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I need each of these points to have a further explanation:

1. Supervised kitchen staff – every day (500 words)

2. Checked quality of food before serving – every day (500 words)

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Soumi answered on Mar 04 2020
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Table of Contents
1. Daily Supervision of Kitchen Staff    3
2. Daily Checking of the Food Quality before being served    4
References    6
1. Daily Supervision of Kitchen Staff
Kitchen staffs comprise of all the employees of the restaurant or hotel, who are majorly related to cooking and require intensive knowledge of food items. The Head Chef is responsible for the supervision as well as the management of the kitchen staffs, along with providing instructions to them on a daily basis. According to Wan et al. (2017), they, being the most senior ones in terms of the hierarchy amongst the kitchen staffs, hold the most important portfolio of kitchen management, which helps to enhance the quality of food and service of the hospitality organisation. I am the Head Chef of the XYZ Hotel, where I am entitled to supervising the kitchen staffs. As mentioned by Cerasa et al. (2017), the hotel menus are determined by the Head Chef, who is also responsible for
inging out innovative ideas to them. They are also responsible for checking food quality on regular basis before being served to the customer. According to Koh et al. (2016), daily supervised kitchen staffs generate comparatively better services and high quality of food, which helps to maintain the hotel’s reputation. The following personnel are entrusted with me, whom I supervise daily for their work efficiency:
· The Assistant Chef: The Assistant Chef is only a level below in hierarchy to me; however, plays all similar roles (Reboucas et al. 2017). I maintain their work performance by entrusting with the key duties of the kitchen, such as personally and individually supervising the other chefs, instruct them on improvising the food quality, menu-planning as well as with my permission, also act on my behalf, when I am on leave. Therefore, in larger restaurants or hotels, there can be multiple Assistant Chefs.
· The Line Chef(s): They are the key members of the kitchen staffs, who execute the actual role of cooking. However, as indicated by Allen and Mac Con Iomaire (2016), an individual Line Chef does not cook all the items of the menu, as they have the specialisation and the expertise for a particular category of food item or a particular cooking method only. Therefore, there could be a number of chefs under this job role, all of whom are under my strict supervision and guidance. For example, in order to ensure food quality standards, I allocate duties to the fish chef, who has an expertise in cooking fish items, while a butcher chef cooks food items containing meat and poultry.
· The Junior Chef: As stated by Kaneko (2016), the Junior Chef helps the Line Chef in all ways possible and owns a professional degree for this. I...

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