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I need a help in online exam that will start at 0400 UTC time on the 11 may ( tomorrow) in strategic management

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I need a help in online exam that will start at 0400 UTC time on the 11 may ( tomorrow) in strategic management
Answered Same Day May 10, 2023


Shubham answered on May 11 2023
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Question 1
SWOT Analysis
    · Clear weather that enables that airport to remain open when other UK airports are fogbound
· Planes can approach from the sea and over empty fields. It can help in eliminating concerns for local communities like noise, pollution, and safety.
· The airport is equipped with two good runways that includes a linger runway that is capable of landing a fully loaded long-haul 747 freighte
· Located close to the Great Circle route that are mostly used by freighters
    · Lack of passenger traffic with over a smaller number of origination and destination passenger traffic
· It is not well connected to UK and European air networks that results in decline in passenger traffic
· Low investment by BAA that results in low functional capacity
· It is less accessible to the population around Glasgow
    •    It can become a freight centre due because of location and warehousing space
•    The local authorities and business community are strong supporters of PIK and it can help in in making it a source of employment and business
•    Road networks can be improved for
inging the airport closer to the population.
    •    Strong competition from A
otsinch, that has a better connectivity to UK and European air networks including higher passenger and freight traffic
•    The decline in the demand for transatlantic passenger
•    Increased environmental concerns regarding aviation that includes noise and pollution
TOWS Analysis
    · The airport should focus on improving its infrastructure and operating conditions.
· The airport should work on attracting more air travel demand by marketing.
· The marketing should show that it is capable for handling freight
· It should include improving customer service
    · PIK can strengthen the position for providing best long-haul facility in Scotland.
· It includes improving terminal facilities to attract airlines that requires reliable operations and support.
· The...

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