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i need 200 wordsTulik TarverdyanonNumber of replies: 0 Company name "Humanoids" Our slogan is "My dreams cannot mourn. They are deferred" The company's idea started when I...

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i need 200 wordsTulik TarverdyanonNumber of replies: 0

Company name


Our slogan is

"My dreams cannot mourn. They are deferred"

The company's idea started when I heard on the news that many people leave their homes in search of something better and safer. My company will offer jobs, housing, food, and resources. One of the costliest aspects would beassistancewith transportation. Our focus is on single mothers or families with minor children.
Our company will strive to find a suitable job or school that is closer to everyone's needs. This topic is important to me because of personal experience in my country of Armenia. There are many talented and famous people who once needed someone's needs and guidance. Famous Armenian families of genocidal refugees include Charles Aznavour, Cher, and Serj Tankian (Lyons K., 2017).Their ancestors survived the genocide and spread throughout the world. If there were no companies like my company in the world, we would never hear this great music Charles Aznavour - La Boheme - B&W - HQ Audio
Our company would cater to clients of all races and nationalities of all genders, from the middle class to the upper class, who want to achieve something and need someone to help. In addition, its psychographic ally targets clients who are willing to learn, flutter, care about the environment, and want to be strong.

The global refugee crisisisn'tnew, but more companies are now recognizing the enormous economic potential of bringing refugees into their supply chain. A report published in April by the Centre for Policy Development and the Open Political Economy Network looked at refugee employment in Australia and found that the yearly addition of 1,000 refugee-owned businesses in the country would generate $100m annually (Reuters Events, 2019).If we can help these people integrate into society and be part of it, then they, too, will eventually bring their benefits to us and to the strange.

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Shubham answered on Mar 14 2022
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I am with this initiative of introducing refugees in supply chain and converting them to humanitarian-business-partnerships. These partnerships are fruitful because they open up doors for refugee governance by allowing calculation the area of data management, education, collecting information and assisting with cash. It also helps to deal with sustainable displacement with economical aid so that the relief kit can be distributed with better logistics measures...

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