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I made a resume a few days ago but the truth is I'm not sure it's right so I want you to improve my summary if you need more information about it tell me.

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The aviation industry is full of subjects, skills, and just a few (?) acronyms that make creating an effective, professional resume that will land you your dream job very unique.  Remember, a resume is like an advertisement: it must attract attention, create interest, and generate action on the reader's part in about 7 secs!
It tells your potential employer what you have to offer, what you have done/accomplished, and an idea of who you are.  A  good resume tells a story and will lead an employer to invite you to an interview; therefore, I suggest you take this assignment very seriously, as this will be the launching point to all you hope to accomplish after college!
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IF you need extra information about me let me know
Jose Gue
Major Aviation
    Degree flight operation

Jose Gue
ero Rojas
iculum Vitae
305 San Antonio Ct.
San Jose CA 95116
Professional Summary
ent student working towards my bachelor’s degree in aviation at San Jose State University. Looking for an opportunity to begin my career in the field. Skilled at completing daily assignments and contributing to team success. Always willing to take on any task. Adapts quickly to new need and policies.
· English Language.
· Spanish Language.
· Flexibility/ Adaptability.
· Communicative skills.
· Ability to solve problems.
· Creativity.
· Relationships.
· Positive Attitude.
· Confidence.
· Honesty and Integrity.
· Computers and Electronics.
· Time Management.
United Airlines, San Francisco – San Francisco International Airport Fleet Service.
Apr2022 – Present
· Managed Ramp Operations.
· Monitors Flight loading.
· Monitor that the flight leaves within the allotted time.
· Assign tasks to my co-workers during flight operation.
McGee Air Services, San Francisco – San Francisco International Airport Fleet Service.
Oct2021 – Apr2022
· Managed Cargo Shipping.
· Identifying important information.
· Ability to use aviation websites.
· 4 employees reported me directly.
KOHL’S, Milpitas ( Supervisor)
Oct2017 – Sep2021
· Worked as a customer service, special orders are sometimes lost or
oken as a customer service.
· Resolve 100+ weekly customer inquiries via phone.
· Processed customer sales, refund, exchange, and bills payment transactions in accordance with company policies and procedures.
· Worked with my team at the desk to develop a more efficient method for handling incoming customer queries.
Bachelor’s Degree: Aviation- Flight Operation -San Jose State University, San Jose California
High School Diploma- Cobao 08-Mexico
icular Activities
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Dilpreet answered on Apr 01 2024
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305 san Antonio Ct.
San Jose CA 95116
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: (669)265-7849
I aspire to take up a role wherein, my skills and experience will add value to the processes of the institution. A position that will utilize my interpersonal, technical, and analytical skills while providing an opportunity for professional development and career growth through a motivating, creative and challenging atmosphere.
ently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in aviation at San Jose State University. As a professional I am looking for an opportunity to begin my career in the aviation industry. As a professional I identify myself as a team worker, who is determined to contribute to the success of a team. I am also focused to ensure that my daily assignments are completed. I am flexible enough as a professional to adopt to the new technologies, policies, and...

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