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I have to write a report on any supply chain related topic in Australia in which issues related to your industry sector; your fit for the future worksheet (FFTF); an explanation of why you have chosen...

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I have to write a report on any supply chain related topic in Australia in which issues related to your industry sector; your fit for the future worksheet (FFTF); an explanation of why you have chosen these topics/issues; your human story/s as they relate to your industry topic/issue; reflect on your clearness committee.your draft mind map and how it relates to your industry topic/issue; your chosen research topic and why; a refined mind map; an empathy canvas. an outline of a critical review of the literature related to your industry topic/issue; your thoughts on the topic such as what is missing from the literature, what hasn’t been thought of yet, do you agree with what you have read, or do you disagree with what you have read? draft introduction (1000 words); overview of your methodology XXXXXXXXXXup to a couple of paragraphs); a brief referenced literature review.(250)
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Akansha answered on Apr 13 2020
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Supply Chain Agility in the australian manufacturing industry
Supply Chain Agility        1 | Page
Introduction    2
What’s the need for Supply Chain Agility    2
Literature Review    3
Example of the effectiveness of agility of supply chain    4
Empathy Canvas    4
Mind Map    5
Methodology    6
Conclusion    7
References    8
For Australian Manufacturers developing agility in the supply chain is a means to achieve competitive advantage against its competitors. Though, identified as a major means still a lot of research and development is needed to develop strategic and operating practices those can help in increasing the required agility in the Australian manufacturing industry sector. The Australian manufacturing industry contributes approximately 8% in the nation’s GDP and 29% of the exports (Moniruzzaman et al., 2015). It includes all diverse sectors like low-valued commodity products and automotive, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices type high precision products. The manufacturing sector in focus is facing a downward trend from last two decades and further decline in the performance is expected. To solve the issues the supply chain agility is demanded as it is a significant factor for the companies, industries, and economies. The given report will identify the reasons due to which the industry is facing a downward trend and suggestions for improvement will be provided with the help of various processes.
What’s the need for Supply Chain Agility
The given industry is facing issues but it is a vital part of other industries value chains like infrastructure, agribusiness, transport, and other services industries. With the changing business market trends, the manufacturing industry of Australia also demands the change but it is failing to adapt that. The downward trend in the manufacturing industry in Australia is expected to be continued and therefore it is important that the factors due to which the industry is getting affected should be identified as it will impact the supply value chain of other industries attached to it. The factors those are acting against the industry includes productivity’s slow growth, the lack of competitive exports, small domestic market, increasing competition in the imports and lack of ability in the management of complex supply chain structure reason increasing globalization.
Literature Review
A literature review is written to show what researchers, authors, and other peer writers are writing about the topic taken in consideration. Here the literature article reflects some parts of researches and papers written on the Australian manufacturing industry and the importance of effective supply chain management for it. CSIRO, (2012) says that the resistance that the industry is showing against the need for changing trends is majorly affecting the management of the supply chain in the industry (CSIRO, 2012). Perera, Soosay and Sandhu, (2015) adds that to capture the marketing opportunities in the manufacturing industry and also to add value to its products there is a high nee for effectively managing the supply chains of the industry (Perera, Soosay and Sandhu, 2015). Moniruzzaman et al., (2015) suggests that to uplift the Australian manufacturing industry it is proposed that strategies should be built to increase the agility of the supply chain to gain the competitive advantage in the market conditions those are uncertain in nature (Moniruzzaman et al., 2015). Mirghafoori, Andalib and Keshavarz, (2017) says that the players of the Australian manufacturing industry should enable...

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