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Assessment 1: Case study analysis Weight 30% Length 1500 words Task: Case Study - Tracey, an 18 year old expectant mother In 1500 words (+/-10%) you are required to write up an analysis of a case...

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Assessment 1: Case study analysis
Weight 30%
Length 1500 words
Task: Case Study - Tracey, an 18 year old expectant mothe
In 1500 words (+/-10%) you are required to write up an analysis of a case study using a multi-dimensional assessment framework.  The case study is Tracey, an 18 year old expectant mother and former child in care of the state.  Your reference list is not included in the word limit. Please attach/include any completed assessment tools and these do not count as part of the word limit.
Topic area:
What understandings of lifespan development might guide you in developing an understanding of Tracey and her cu
ents needs?  How might you blend an understanding of theory into practice? 
Explore the topic in the following way:
Your multidimensional assessment should demonstrate an understanding of Tracey's experience from a bio-psycho-social within a
oader ecological, person-in-environment framework. 
It should consider the ‘tasks’ and roles typically associated with Tracey's bio-psycho-social adjustment to her cu
ent life ‘stage’, the role of the family, community, institutions, chronological time and history and the inter-relatedness of these factors where these are relevant.
It should also demonstrate an understanding of concepts such as risk, resilience, adversity, adaptation or adjustment, loss and change where relevant to Tracey's life history.
Identify how knowledge about the relevant 'stages' of Tracey's life course might inform your practice.
What ethical issues relevant to working with Tracey might apply? (Tip: understanding the Australian Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics is necessary here).
Students are expected to explore the topic in depth, researching the literature available on the topic (including this unit's set and recommended texts) and applying some critical analysis of the issues noted.
The assessment criteria place an emphasis upon your demonstrated critical analysis.
Please ensure that you are familiar with the referencing style required by clicking here 
Structure, presentation and marking
Download and save the Assignment 1 template, adding your own name to the template file when you save it - this will allow the marker to know who has submitted each piece of assessment. Use the file to prepare your assignment. The marking criteria are included in the assignment template. APA is the required referencing style for this unit. Follow the link above for information about the APA style requirements.
Use the links on this page to upload your completed file to Moodle and submit it for marking.
Submission status
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    Due date
    Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 11:59 PM
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    20 days 9 hours
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Anju Lata answered on Mar 25 2020
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Student Name:____________
The assessment examines the Case study of Tracy, who is an 18-year-old pregnant mother, and a former resident child in welfare care homes of the state. The study analyzes all the perspectives of Tracy’s life like biological, social, psychological, ethical and historical relevance. The analysis also elaborates the role of family, friends, and institutions in providing an efficient living environment to the teenagers in reference to Tracy’s case study.
Keywords: framework, former, care, multi-dimensional.
Tracey was
ought under the care of the welfare of the state while she was only 2 years old and since then she has been habitual of experiencing the negligence of care. Until 12 years old she had close relationships with her foster mother. When her foster parents Judy and Des legally separated, she was shifted to another foster care home welfare. Just between the age of 12 to 16, she had to shift around 5 foster care homes. All this distu
ed her emotional stability and was angry throughout her teenage.
There are several needs which can be identified with Tracy. For example:
· The divorced relationship between her foster parents Judy and Des;
· Unavailability of any close friendship to assist her through emotional imbalance;
· Tracy has been a victim of sexual assault multiple times by the age of 16 years;
· Tracy dropped her schooling at the age of 14; and
· Tracy is unemployed and pregnant.
1. Tracey's experience
Tracey has experienced sexual assault since her sensitive teenage of 14 years multiple times. It has been a completely devastating experience for her body functioning at the age of puberty. The hormonal imbalances during this age affect the physiological, physical as well as psychological functions of the human body. Tracy is
ought up in an insecure vulnerable environment which exposed her to many unaccepted circumstances at an early age of life (Peterson,2014).
Due to her mother’s alcoholic partner, she could not live with her mother and was expelled out of the house. Tracy knew nothing about his real dad, except his name Sid. And his father was shot through when Tracy was an infant of 12 months old. To attain emotional support, Tracy also had cultivated an attitude of getting multiple sexes just like her mother, just at the age of 16. She also takes cigarettes and alcohol and continues to take them during her pregnancy. She had casual sex with multiple people so, she was not aware of who is the father of her baby. She predicts him to be Johnny’s baby at an instance. Johnny is 19-year-old unemployed man who used to live in care along with Tracy. At such an early age, Tracy has experienced multiple instances of sexual assault and has got habitual of taking contraceptive pills to prevent pregnancy. But when she comes to know about her pregnancy, she is happy and want to have a baby girl child but does not want her future to be like that of Tracy’s beginning.
2. The role of community, institutions, and family
Though Tracy has been taken to many foster care welfare centers but they are not well equipped and sufficient enough to provide her safe and protected childhood. They could not provide her effective guardianship to deal with multiple sexual assaults. Na
ative theory can assist Tracy in creating other better realistic incidents that could vanish off her previous negativity of negligent childhood....

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