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I have chosen topic .. nike.So opposite will be adidas or puma.

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I have chosen topic .. nike.So opposite will be adidas or puma.
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Abhinaba answered on Jun 19 2021
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Background    3
Core Competencies    3
Resources    4
Opposite Company Detail    4
Comparisons    5
Conclusion    5
Recommendations    5
References    6
Nike is based in America and is primarily concerned with the design and manufacturing along with the widespread marketing of sporting apparels and accessories. This company has been a leader in this field for number of decades and professional players often recommend this company and its products for a professional level of efficiency. The appeal of this company towards its consumers has remained strong for a number of years and is continuing to rule the industry even today.
Nike was previously known as Blue Ri
on Sports and has its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. This company was founded in the year 1964 and ever with a number of sporting activities going on around the world this company has been benefiting from the superior quality of its products and the wide public acceptance that the company already has in the market. Since that time, it has provided for the apparels and accessories of people belonging to athletic background and the acceptance among the people for this company have grown ever since. From that time, onwards the company had started spreading over a number of countries, today the company has its reach over more than hundred and seventy countries, and the logo of the company can be seen in nearly every sporting event that takes place around the globe. The journey of this company from 1964 has been one that has been accompanied by a number of sporting events including prestigious events like World cups, which has benefited the image of the company globally (Berge & Gaede, 2017). The wide ranges of products that are manufactured by this company have grown over the years and this has caused a significant increase in the business activities of the company over the past two decades.
Core Competencies
The core competencies of Nike inc. are manifold in nature with a wide range of products that have come to the market and new varieties that are being invited every day. The main advantage of the products of this company is that they are best suited for the target consumers, which are, people belonging to Athletic background.
Figure: Leading Brand among...

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