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I have attached photos of my assessment

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MBTI Report
Running Head: MBTI Report
MBTI Report
Table of Contents
Introduction    1
Networking    1
Benefits of both Face to Face and Online Industry Networks    1
How Networking during the course will assist me in my Career    2
Professional Benefits of Working in Hospitality Sector    2
Expectations of working in Hospitality Sector    2
Professional Advantages of working in Hospitality Sector    3
Entry roles that might suit me in Hospitality Sector and concerned duties    3
Best fit entry level role    4
Challenges of Working in Hospitality Sector    4
Challenge 1    4
Evidence to support its presence    4
Practical Plan for its mitigation    5
Challenge 2    5
Evidence to support its existence    5
Workable Plan for its mitigation    5
Challenge 3    5
Evidence to support its presence    6
Practical Plan for its mitigation    6
Conclusion    6
References    7
The career is defined as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress. Apart from this, the career is also known as a profession or job that someone does for an extended period of their life. That's why career called as the essential part of the presence of an individual. The career success is a central aim of an individual life. Career success is different from person to person. The career success is not about a big title or big money for many people. For some individuals, career success is a stable work within the environment and with healthy work-life balances. In this paper, we have been focused on a career in the hospitality sector and what challenges and benefits may face by an individual through being part of this sector.
Nachmias (2015) defined the networking as a process of trying to meet new people who might be useful for an individual in his or her job often through social activities. Networking in hospitality sector helps an individual to maintain a healthy and robust relationship with outsiders and take benefits in case of any need and requirement. The networking may be face to face or online. Both types of networking play an essential part in the life of an individual. The benefits of both can understand through the below-mentioned section.
Benefits of both Face to Face and Online Industry Networks
The face to face method is defined as an interactive process where two individuals talks in front of each other. The face to face networks come with a wide range of benefits in hospitality sector career. The first benefit is a personal connection. In the presence of personal relationship, it becomes easy for an individual to convenience other to become the customer and part of his or her hotel and resort (Brown, 2014). As a result, the personal connection becomes the reason for high sales and profit as well. Another benefit is the possibility of building more contacts. The face to face network may enhance the chance of making contacts list which proves helpful for business development purpose. Apart from this, the online industry networking defined as a networking process on an online channel. The first benefits of online industry networks include; time and cost saving or speed. It means that an individual can maintain healthy contact with a lot of individuals in a single period. Due to the high rate of online industry networks, it becomes easy for the hospitality sector team members to attract a lot of individuals.
How Networking during the course will assist me in my Caree
Networking during the internship will prove very beneficial for me. At first, the online and face-to-face networks with industry professionals will provide me a significant...

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