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Microsoft PowerPoint - MNG00114_BSR Presentation [Compatibility Mode] 17/04/2018 1 Assignment 2 overview: Business strategy Report Dr Matt Lamont MNG00114 Unit Assessor MNG00114 Competitive Strategy...

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Microsoft PowerPoint - MNG00114_BSR Presentation [Compatibility Mode]
Assignment 2 overview: Business strategy Report
Dr Matt Lamont
MNG00114 Unit Assesso
Competitive Strategy
Assessment 2: Business Strategy
� Due Friday 11th May by 5pm (Sydney time)
� Must be based around either:
� Virgin Australia (Australian-based airline)
� Amazon Australia (parent company, US)
� 3000 words (penalty applies for excessive
� 40% weighting
Before you start
� Are you and your partner on the same page??
� Refer to and use the planning template on
Assessment 2: Business Strategy
Prescribed format:
� Executive summary
� Section 1: Introduction
� Section 2: Analysis of the internal environment
� Section 3: Analysis of the external environments (3.1: macro
environment; 3.2: industry environment)
� Section 4: Recommended strategic direction
� Section 5: Conclusions
� Reference list
� Appendices
Applied literature v academic literature
� Academic literature
� Emphasis on theory and research
� Academic textbooks, academic journals
� Applied literature
� Newspaper articles, company websites
� Company annual reports, trade journal articles
� Please note you need to cite minimum numbers
of both academic and applied sources
Executive summary
� Written in past tense
� Summary of key findings, recommendations etc.
� Approx. two-thirds of a page
� Does not count towards the word limit
Section 1: Introduction (~100 words)
� Very
� What is the purpose of the report?
� Briefly introduce the organisation you are
� Is the report delimited to a certain geographical
sector of the org’s operations
� E.g. certain air routes/certain countries?
� How is the report structured?
Section 2: Analysis of the internal
environment (~900 words)
� Critically evaluate the organisation’s resources,
competences and strategic capabilities
� How do these create competitive advantage?
� Address each concept in isolation
� Show the marker that you understand the differences
etween these concepts
� Cite at least 2 piece of “applied literature” (e.g.,
trade journal articles) in this section
Section 3: External environments
(~1100 words)
� Two sub-sections: macro-environment and
industry environment…
Section 3.1: Analysis of the macro-
� Critically discuss how two macro-environmental
trends are/might impact on the organisation for
etter or worse
� Draw on categories from the textbook (pp. 22-
� Cite at least 2 pieces of “applied literature” (e.g.,
trade journal articles) in this section
Section 3.2: Analysis of the industry
� Draws on Porter’s Five Forces model
� You must critically discuss how all of the Five
Forces apply to the industry your organisation
competes within
� Highly recommend placing geographic boundary
around this analysis
� Be guided by the discussion categories in your
textbook (pp. 28-33)
� Cite at least 2 pieces of “applied literature” (e.g.,
trade journal articles) in this section
Section 4: Recommended strategic
direction (~800 words)
� Critically discuss whether the organisation’s
ent business-level strategic direction is a
good one, or not
� Business-level strategy = how the org competitively
positions itself relative to direct competitors in its
� Draw on your analyses from Sections 2 and 3 to
guide your argument
� Don’t just give your opinion – use literature and
analysis to support your arguments
Section 5: Conclusion (~100 words)
� Very
iefly round off the report
� Reiterate the purpose of the presentation and
the key findings
Reference list
� Referencing as per Harvard (autho
� Link to style guide available on MySCU
� See Business Strategy Report folder under
“Assessment Tasks and Submission”
� Bear in mind the minimum number of references
(academic and industry – “applied” literature)
� Does not count toward the word limit
� Completely optional
� Place for relevant material that would have
disrupted the report’s flow and logic
� Does not count toward the word limit
� All papers must be submitted to TurnItIn for
plagiarism checking
� TurnItIn dropbox also serves as the final
submission point for your assignment
Every student must submit a final copy
of their group’s report to TurnItIn
Be sure to submit the same version as
each othe
� Quality, not quantity!!!
� Refer to the specific and general marking criteria
in the UIG
� Factiva Database is a good resource for finding
newspaper articles etc.
Distribution of marks
� Section 1 (intro): 5
� Section 2: (internal): 20
� Section 3.1 (macro env’t): 10
� Section 3.2 (industry env’t): 20
� Section 4 (strategic recommendations): 20
� Section 5 (conclusions): 5
� In-text referencing: 2.5
� Reference list: 2.5
� Table of contents, exec summary: 7
� Physical presentation: 8
Answered Same Day May 05, 2020 MNG00114 Southern Cross University


Parul answered on May 09 2020
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Amazon Australia
Executive Summary    2
1 Introduction    3
2 Internal Environment    3
SWOT Analysis    4
Strengths    6
Weakness    6
Opportunities    6
Threats    6
3.1 External Environment    7
3.1.1 Political Factors    7
3.1.2 Economic Factors    7
3.1.3 Social & Cultural Factors    8
3.1.4 Technological Factors    8
3.1.5 Ecological Factors    9
3.1.6 Legal Factor    9
3.2 Analysis of Industry    9
3.2.1 Threat of New Entrants    10
3.2.2 Threat of Substitute Products or Services    10
3.2.3 Bargaining power of Consumers    10
3.2.4 Competition & Rivalry    10
3.2.5 Bargaining Power of Suppliers    10
4 Recommendations    11
5 Conclusion    11
6 References    12
Executive Summary
Amazon was established by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and today it is one of the top retailers in the world measured in terms of revenues generated in the year 2017. The growth of the organization has been absolutely phenomenal amounting to a huge empire with capital and other resources that most certainly provides the organization a competitive edge from the rest of the organizations.
From being a leader in selling books in United States of America, the organization has transformed itself into a multibillion-dollar company whose presence is felt worldwide. Amazon competes in all aspects of retails like apparels, merchandise, music, electronics, toys & gadgets. Rate at with the organization's revenue has risen is been exceptionally high. In the year 1997 revenue for the organization was amounting to mere $150 million which when compared to year 2017 had reached to whooping number as high as $177.87 billion.
According to the research done by Resonate and Fo
es "Here's Why Amazon Is Expanding In Australia"(Team T., 2017), approximately 86% of people shop online and make purchase transaction online on Amazon. There has been no denying to the fact that it has become the fastest organization to achieve $100 billion in its annual revenues
        Fig 1 Net sales revenue of Amazon from 2004 to 2017 (Units are in $US bn.)
Report is structured in manner that would disclose the rationale of expansion in the Australian market and how would this decision be affected by several macro- environment factors that prevails in the context. Furthermore, how would intrinsic value of organization would help in thriving the retail industry and what could be different severe conditions that Amazon as an organization would could to encounter in this part of the world.
1 Introduction
This report provides an extensive analysis about the strategy of Amazon introducing its widespread retail operations in Australia. Heart of this strategy is concentric diversification which essentially leverages the capabilities that has been developed over time in terms of technology, cost leadership and huge customer base offering the people of Australia perceived maximum value at most competitive prices.
The organization had already established a complete fulfilment and customer service centre in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to support this expansion. This report provides an extensive analysis of strategy of this business, implications it will have on the local market and what macro-economic conditions be on the operations of the organization could witness in Australia. The report provides insights that comprehends how Amazon should focus on their consumers, market opportunities and flourishing in the digital technology in Australia.
            Fig 2 Amazon introduction to Australian Retail
2 Internal Environment
Amazon is not new to Australia, this organization had already introduced its web services business in Australia in the year 2012 and after that the company launched a Kindle Store on its e-commerce platform in the region. Amazon had been planning to established into
ick and motor such that the company could amplify its retail offerings in Australia. They had finally established their marketplace model to Australia in 2018.
Interesting views were expressed in the paper regarding “Resource-Based View (RBV)" that highlights the intrinsic capabilities of the organization in forming strategy in order to attain a competitive advantage that is sustainable for a longer period of time, “Critical Evaluation of how well places Amazon is to Sustain its Historical In Online Retailing”, (Izogo, E. & Ozo, J., 2015)
RBV has always been prominent concept to be used in order to understand the internal abilities of the organization. Essentially, theory emphasizes that organization that owns distinctive, unique and adroit internal resources are more probable to deliver better results and out-perform their competition. Simple implication of this theory in practical is that in order to attain sustainable advantage over the competition, company should possess resources that are not only distinctive, unique but also proficient with respect to the rival companies.
On diligently examining resources that has significantly bestowed to Amazon's huge success. Although organization's team of unique employees and Jeff Bezos' radical leadership has been truly instrumental to the organization's overall prosperity. Way in which the top-management in this organization is formed and the expertise they
ing on the table it appears that it is strongly placed to initiate and implement newer strategies and initiatives. They have developed unique intellectual property and employees are the centre of this intellectual development. This sets the organization apart from the rest of the crowd as team of experts Amazon has nurtured and developed are unique, exceptionally rare and highly valuable. Co
espondingly, it creates SCA for the organization.
Another SCA for Amazon is their innovative and creative thinking that allows the organization to disrupt the market continuously by
inging new features to the product or a new product altogether and enhancing their service to delight the customers. Organization consistently conquer into newer te
itories and attain expertise in that. Blend of this innovativeness in the thinking and rare members in the team whose interest are aligned with those of the organization are completely intangible and very rare to be found.
SWOT Analysis
If we deep dive into the intricacies of the organization that can be best presented through SWOT analysis, “The Complete History and Guide to SWOT Analysis” (Mo
ison M., 2016). Fig 2 displays a complete snapshot of strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of Amazon
                Fig 3 SWOT Analysis of Amazon
Amazon's strongest and prominent competitive advantage are the prices which the organization is able to offer. These prices are very low and along with this the company offers vast range of items, products and services that ranges from grocery, digital media, merchandises, apparels, mobile phones etc. with efficient delivery system in place. The organization has the ability to provide the product no just at a competitive price but also managed to build a well-developed delivery networks with warehouses established all across the country it operates in. However, as mentioned before in the...

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