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I have attached on the last page how this can be written upPage 3:

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I have attached on the last page how this can be written upPage 3:
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Arunavo answered on May 28 2021
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Table of Contents
What is involved in Monitoring and Improvement of Workplace Operations    3
Planning and Organising Workflows    3
Monitoring Team Member Progress    4
Reporting on Team Members Performance    5
Workplace Problems    5
References    6
What is involved in Monitoring and Improvement of Workplace Operations
· Quality assurance initiatives: The quality of the workplace can be improved by setting milestones, organising, planning, prioritising, staying focused, managing inte
uptions and communicating effectively.
· How to identify quality problems: The problems of workplace can be identified by identifying the issue, understanding everyone’s interest, listing out the possible solutions, evaluate the options, selecting an option, documenting the agreement and agree on contingencies, monitoring and evaluating.
· Consulting with colleagues when determining strategies for improvement:. Consulting with the colleagues will be helpful as that will help in determining the strategies as the employees working in a particular workplace will be able to provide viewpoints based on their individual perspective, hence the consideration of all the aspects of the workplace problems will be determined and thus the solution will be formed by mutually consulting with everyone.
· Providing Feedback:. It is very important to provide feedback, as to ascertain the effectiveness of the improvements implemented as any kind of alteration will be suggested only after receiving feedback.
· Importance of improving sustainability of workplace operations: Improving the sustainability of the workplace will ensure that the problems will be minimised and there will always be solutions available to overcome any kind of challenges faced in the workplace (de Menezes & Escrig Tena, 2016).
Planning and Organising Workflows
· Assessing workload and schedules: The workload can be accessed through identifying the main duties and the associated volumes. Tracking the activities taking in the workplace for few days or weeks, incorporating seasonality and non-standard work, summarising the data and preparation of graph on time...

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