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I attached the assignment that I received from my friend who did this subject in last trimester. The garde for this assignment was credit. My professor and my friend professor are same person. I...

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I attached the assignment that I received from my friend who did this subject in last trimester. The garde for this assignment was credit. My professor and my friend professor are same person. I mentioned the reference style is APA but I am not sure so please check and judge by yourself from my freind's assignment.
Thank you.
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Kuldeep answered on Jun 19 2020
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HET301AAssessment 2: Research Essay
Research Essay
Subject: HET301A Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management
Lecturer: Teresa Yu
Student: A-in Seo 00145571T
Due Date: 22nd July, 2018
Crises and disasters are quite common in various industries, especially in tourism, events as well as hospitality industry. Nature of the tourism shows that tourism industry is very vulnerable to crises and disasters. For example, most tourist destinations are located in natural scenic areas and they face greater risks and risks of natural disasters. In addition, this industry is furthermore vulnerable to form of te
orist attacks that have and negative or unenthusiastic impact on its overall image. Disasters and crises can take several forms and can directly affect the overall performance of the entire tourism, events and hospitality industry and they are related to each other. Provide effective risk management solutions to actively manage risk and improve overall performance (Avraham, 2015).This essay will present regarding influence and impact of tourism, events and hospitality industry and talk about risk treatment options to manage crisis and disaster situations.
International tourist traffic has been disrupted due to some incidents, which has led visitors to find other destinations. Due to the crisis and disasters, major distu
ances in the tourism industry hindered the development of the entire tourism industry. Although there are many types of crisis and disaster affecting tourism, everyone is unique. Te
orism has a greater impact on the tourism industry than natural disasters. In addition, while natural disasters can hinder the tourism flow, the risks of te
orism tend to threaten the travel public more seriously, as indicated by the adjustment of the travel flows as well as the cancellation of holidays during the intensification of te
orist activities. The risk factor associated with te
orism is vulnerability. For example, the November 2015 Paris attack was a coordinated te
orist attacks series in Paris, France, and cities of northern subu
, on Friday, November 13, 2015. Suicide bombers attacked outside the Stade de France stadium during the football match ("Paris attacks: More than 120 killed in concert hall siege, bombings and shootings; suspected te
orists dead", 2015). Attackers killed almost 130 people, and 89 victims at Bataclan Theatre. 413 people were also injured and nearly 100 were ill-treated. Seven attackers moreover died, and the authorities sustained to investigate for complicity. The attack was the deadliest attack in the France and the most deadly attack in European Union from 2004 train bombing in Madrid. A three-month state of emergency was announced in response to this attack, an across the whole country to fight against te
orism (Ray, 2015). This involves prohibiting public demonstrations, also allowing police officers to conduct searches without wa
ants, placing anyone under the house a
est with no trial, and blocking websites that encourage te
orist acts. These data show that the huge financial impact on cities/countries at the time of the disaster is also related to the tourism and hospitality industries. The raid also took place in Brussels, Belgium. In such a crisis, te
orists plan to focus on places full of civilians to maximize the casualties of the attack and
ing the worst te
orist effects to the world, causing serious economic losses because no one knows that there will be a second attack, visitors will not risk their lives to spend their holidays in the next few years.
The hospitality industry (focused on hotels) is also vulnerable to crisis and disasters, changing the choice of accommodation for guests. All three industries are related to each other, which mean that if the tourism industry is affected by te
orism, the hotel industry will also be affected. Since hotels are less secure than government or military facilities, they are more vulnerable to te
orist threats. In addition, the hotel is also the target of their
and name, location and media coverage generated through the attack. In addition, another factor that increases the level of the risk of a te
orist crisis is that hotels provide a high degree of access. Since the publication of these measures would cause unwa
anted fears for the guests, security is restricted within the buildings of the building. Similar to tourism, te
orist threats have a negative impact on the hotel industry due to concerns about travel safety, which may lead to a reduction in business and leisure travel. On June 2, 2017, lots of people at the Resorts World Entertainment Center in Manila, Philippines, was killed when they trampled at midnight and set fire to casino tables as well as slot machines (Holpuch, Russell, Rawlinson & Holmes, 2017). Gunman moved to the storage area, stealing casino chips from a venue, however later he commits suicide after clashes with the a
iving police. The injuries and deaths of all attacks were caused by the initial stampede and smoke inhalation caused by the...

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