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HUM 120 Western Culture and the Arts I Response 2 - Responses should be at least 3 full pages in length. All responses should include the student’s name and must be submitted as Microsoft word...

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HUM 120 Western Culture and the Arts I

Response 2

- Responses should be at least 3 full pages in length. All responses should include the student’s name and must be submitted as Microsoft word documents or rtf documents. They should be typed, double-spaced, employ a 12 point standard Times New Roman or 11 point Calibri font, have one inch margins all round. Responses should be proofread for typos, misspellings and other errors prior to handing them in. Responses will be considered late, and therefore not accepted, if they are not turned in during our class period on the due date.

- Please use specific examples from the primary texts we have read or refer to specific works of art in your arguments (i.e. Parthenon) – do not rely on generalizations. Please avoid plot summary or general description of the works of art; rather, concentrate on critical analysis of the work of art. Do not merely describe the plot of “Oedipus,” but analyze how his act of blinding himself is symbolic of a Platonic search for truth and knowledge.

- Please come by my office XXXXXXXXXXor make arrangements to consult with someone at The Learning Center XXXXXXXXXXfor guidance as you write your responses.

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The play “Oedipus” is closely associated with Aristotle’s philosophy because of the analysis he gave it in Poetics. Imagine, however, that Plato had also chosen to offer comments about the play. Based on your reading of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave,” what interpretation would he give? Pretend that you are Plato, and write a letter to your former student Aristotle. Discuss how “Oedipus” relates to your (Plato’s) philosophical beliefs. In addition, select one work of art or architecture and analyze how it relates, or doesn’t relate, to your (Plato’s) philosophy. How might Plato believe that Aristotle would interpret this piece of art? Think about how each philosopher’s beliefs relate to the classical Greek notions of balance and perfection.

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Oedipus Analysis
The Aristotle has presented a character of tragedy hero in the Oedipus play where the character Oedipus is adopted son of king of Corinth. Oedipus was frightened by the oracles prediction about ma
ying his own mother and killing his father. He searched for information and later came to know the devastating findings that he was in-fact killer of his father and ma
ied his mother. He asked banishment and this ended the play of Oedipus.
Plato letter to Aristotle
The character displayed by you (Aristotle) reflects that a certain image of tragedy hero was formed but it also reflects that your ideology believes in experimentation and gaining direct external experience.
I could have remarked to Oedipus play that due to the absence of knowledge, Oedipus met this fate. According to allegory of cave, the men who saw shadow and offered conclusion were wrong because of limitation of their wisdom as one of men went out of prison and experienced the real world and then when he later returned to cave, the other two men present there did not agree with his wisdom. What it conveys is the people are trapped in cave of misunderstanding.
oad meaning of caves of misunderstanding refers that people believe only those knowledge that they see and believe but this knowledge may be misleading as in the case of three prisoners in a cave where one went out and found stark difference in reality. I here could have used inductive reasoning and prefe
ed to use reasoning and thorough experimentation to a
ive at a decision but as you prefer to use deductive reasoning that is completely different from my view point. Thus, portraying a tragedy hero that shows...

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