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Topic: Myles a head on the fund raiser above me page:Assignment: .Analyze the project description for the selected Kickstarter campaign. One groupmember will deconstruct the project description, analyzing key elements of information
and the presentation of text/visuals. What made the project description successful or

Please break it down point by point since it will be displayed on a PowerPoint page
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Parul answered on Aug 07 2021
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Miles Ahead Project
Miles Davis was a well-known American jazz trumpeter, composer and leader of the band. Even today, he is counted as one of the most acclaimed and influential music personalities of 20th century as well as in jazz records of the world. Music was always a passion for Miles and he has inspired many to pursue this passion. Over his musical journey of five-decade, Miles had adopted numerous musical directions, that had always kept him ahead of his game. He was also at the forefront of numerous contemporary developments in Jazz. Even today, he is been fondly remembered for his work and to create a path for many budding jazz artists.
Project Miles Ahead was a tremendous success and there were many reasons associated mentioned below
· Miles ahead project is a documentary film to
ing the life of this inspiring artist. By the virtue of this film project, people of all age-groups would be exposed to different facets of this...

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