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Soumi answered on Mar 31 2020
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Moon Tree-Magazine was a new entrant in the industry and it was recruiting talented employees. The organisational goal was to use the creative and writing talent of eligible employees for generating attractive content, so that a strong customer base forms. As per Hiean, Samah, Abashah, Nurshahrizleen and Muhammad (2018), selection of co
ect employees, with proper eligibility is the key to organisational success. The organisation needed academically sound candidates for retaining a high standard of its contents. Therefore, they opted for candidates, having Master’s Degree in English Literature. Moon Tree-Magazine took into consideration of the learning theory of Cognitive learning.
According to Meltzer (2018), in Cognitive learning theory, candidates show their knowledge and learning if they receive the basic educational support through pursuing degrees, which act as sources of information. After a thorough selection process, which included the assessment of basic aspects of writing content, understanding symbolism and aligning with customers’ taste, two candidates were chosen. Both, David and Roger were of same age and they successfully pursued their Master’s degree in English Literature and were very promising in terms of their academic results. Both of them passed the selection tests conducted by Moon Tree-Magazine, becoming employees of the organisation.
After the initial training sessions, David and Roger were allocated in Film Review Department, of the organisation, which enforced them to write reviews of newly launched movies. The initial training included aspects of writing identification, ways of making the content attractive and becoming efficient at the workplace. It was found that Roger blended with the working atmosphere at Moon Tree-Magazine and generated better content than that of David. Roger was found to be at ease with any type of films. The percentage of e
ors was very low and Roger was learning things much faster than many of the senior staffs at the office. However, it was observed that despite getting lesser appreciation for review writing, David was academically a better scorer than Roger was. In the next two quarters, Roger was promoted twice for his...

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