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how sociology see religion

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how sociology see religion
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Rupsha answered on Jun 24 2021
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The word religion has come out of the Latin word 'religio' that means 'respect for what is sacred'. Evidently, religion is a tool for establishing a system of practicing belief in fact or fiction that is supposed to be sacred and value that. The different na
atives of religion, though the same in many ways, have expressed na
atives and traditions to provide peace and meaning to a human life in a spiritual way. Mostly the traditions of a religion are practiced in a collective form, which is regarded as religious festivals. From ma
iage to funeral - religious culture is involved with every aspect of human life. As mentioned by Wach, the belief in religion is an extremely personal opinion or choice; no denying the fact that this belief establishes in a human mind due to collective practice or cele
ation of religious culture. Therefore, religion must be regarded as a form of social practice or social institution.
According to sociologists, most of the people's interest in religious practices revolves around social needs or social values. If it were not a social practice, it would not have been a massively practiced and believed phenomenon all over the world. Though different religions have different flavors of rituals, all of them are interlinked very subtly. For instance, in the ma
iage ceremonies of every religion, the religious practice of interchanging something between the couple is common, which is regarded as sacred. Sociology states that religious practices can be divided into three types - religious experiences religious beliefs and religious...

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