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Hii....Complete the first 4 questions only with references

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Hii....Complete the first 4 questions only with references
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Parul answered on Jun 03 2021
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Ans1: ERPsim game is classic business simulation and presented a great way to
ing agile and applied learning into classroom. Game is dedicatedly designed for interactive learning purposes where group of students can collaborate their thoughts and take actions. Time size ranging from six to as much as 20 can join and engage with suppliers, vendors as well as customers. This game provides platform for students to comprehend the complexities that come in the business while simulating similar business atmosphere. For instance, students have to select suppliers, negotiate and operate with them such that they can send and receive orders. Furthermore, we are able to learn the complete cycle of production as well as manufacturing and how it fits into entire cash to operation cycle. Essentially, ERP sim program was developed to simulate a real time dynamic scenario to gain learning by doing and implementing the concepts learnt in class. By the virtue of ERP sim program, one can practice production such that firm can receive tremendous amount of orders and process them, procure and deliver them (Ro
ins, R. W., 2014). In addition to that, game also provide opportunity to learn decision making process since students are presented with business dilemmas that need to solve ensuring profitability and proper functioning of operations.
Ultimate intention of developing ERP sim program was to provide dynamic business scenario in order to learn, apply real time and practice the...

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