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Embury Institute for Teacher Education [15] Your mentor teacher has asked you to contribute ideas toward a gender action plan for your school that will raise awareness about gender stereotypes, gender...

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Embury Institute for Teacher Education
    Your mentor teacher has asked you to contribute ideas toward a gender action plan for your school that will raise awareness about gender stereotypes, gender roles and gender inequality.
Using the knowledge that you have gained about gender, provide three points toward the action plan that can be implemented with learners to raise awareness of the afore-mentioned issues.
Each idea needs to be adequately explained and you must clearly indicate how each point will help address these issues.
Read the following scenario and then respond to the question.
Zama Ntuli comes from a traditional family in rural KwaZulu-Natal. She is a newly qualified teacher who has always held the teaching profession in high regard. Her past mentor teachers motivated her to continue in their tradition to ensure that children did well at school. She has started working at a primary school in a nea
y town. Her class is small and diverse in terms of race, which she enjoys. However, she sometimes feels that the white children inte
upt her unnecessarily with questions and behave in a disrespectful way.
Using your understanding and knowledge of culture and intercultural communication, analyse this situation. In your analysis:
· explain in your own words, what the problem is;
· point out possible underlying problems and issues; and
· offer two practical suggestions to improve teaching in this context; and substantiate your response.
    Explain why children in primary school are not too young to learn about citizenship.
    You want to do a lesson with your learners on citizenship education.
Choose one of the following topics and design an activity for this lesson.
· fair and unfair situations
· rights come with responsibilities
Indicate the Grade level of your learners; you must also explain how your activity will help learners achieve your outcomes for the lesson.
Your response will be marked according to the following ru
    · Activity is highly creative, interesting, practical, appropriate for the topic, clearly explained, pitched at the right level, age-appropriate, clear explanation of how activity will achieve lesson outcome
    · Activity is good, could be developed further and communicated to learners in a more feasible way, could be more creative/practical, in some regards, not always linked to topic, and/or explanation of how activity will achieve lesson outcome needs clarity
    · Average activity, lacks creativity but shows a basic understanding of the topic, not always translated into a feasible classroom activity, needs further development
    · Activity is weak, needs further development in terms of being more age-appropriate and/or connecting outcomes to the activity, weak understanding of the topic
    · Poorly thought-through, lacks creativity, unrealistic, does not show understanding of the topic, not age-appropriate, does not explain how activity will achieve lesson outcome
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Answer to Question 1
The discrimination with the female of the society is the well-debated topic that has been continuing since the late 90’s. The change in the society towards the female can be done from the tender age. The gender action plans that can be used in raising the awareness among the children are,
· Career orientation of the children, the teachers in the school needs to ensure that the career that the children will choose in future is to be based on their interest and not shaped according to their gender. Therefore, the priority should not be subscribed in accordance to the gendered concept. One should remain unbiased and acknowledge the effort of the individual by going beyong the gendered construct. The patriarchal construct is held to be the root that is ingrained from the very inception of the consciousness that is determined by the society. Therefore, one is
ought up in a way where there will be typical dogmatic orientation relating to the patriarchy. For Example- A male can only become a doctor or engineer, whereas female are meant to get ma
ied and spend their lives as housewives. The least they can become is a teacher and nothing else, anything other than that is frowned upon with haste.
· Extracu
icular activities, the tendency of the selection of the children in the extracu
icular activities are majorly based on their gender, which creates difference among the genders in the future. Often there appears to be situation that people are ba
ed from getting access to the extra-cu
icular activities based on their gender. For Example- Whenever a girl wants to get into sports like play cricket or football, it is not taken in a good way by the society. Since the society determines that girls should only have access to singing and dancing and nothing other than that. Those are games for boys and not for girls. This difference furthermore undermines the hidden talent in the individual which might otherwise would have been
ought before us. Without acknowledging that most of the talents get lost along the way,...

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