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Hi,Please find attached the instructions with rubrics and a process map. The case is about a process map of a healthcare system and how the disruptive technology and disruptive innovation could alter...

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Hi,Please find attached the instructions with rubrics and a process map. The case is about a process map of a healthcare system and how the disruptive technology and disruptive innovation could alter the process map.also there is a link below to use for the assessment. XXXXXXXXXX/5
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Operations Management
Table of contents
Introduction    2
Stage and how to process map    3
Principles and methods applicable to MBA    4
Application of knowledge to practice    5
Disruptive technology and change in the process map    6
Application of Disruptive technology in emergency room    7
Effective communication    8
Understanding the social justice and human rights    8
Consciousness of diversity    9
Conclusion    9
Reference List    11
Regulatory changes in the healthcare system have been booming in the recent years and have aimed to provide a fundamental connection between what patients need regarding increasing their health condition and healthcare treatments. The present study aims to provide necessary information on the healthcare system and how the disruptive technologies and innovation could change the healthcare process map which is the primary focus. Besides, the study also represents the drawbacks of operation management function while conducting decision making and value chain. On the other hand, the centre of the study also has been portrayed in the matter of disruptive innovation and technologies which drive the healthcare system to a changed path for the people.
Implementing teamwork
In the organisational context, teamwork is nothing but a significant aspect that can lead the success both from internally and externally. Teamwork
ings the identity and commitment as the communication is involved. Collaboration with groups may provide a
oader scenario regarding solving difficult problems. In the words of Martin & Ciurzynski (2015) being as an excellent opportunity,
ainstorming help employees and associates to exchange each others' ideas and make good opportunities to come up with new attractive ideas by leading teams in a proactive way. Organizational managers, as well as employees, have a similar duty to maintain the teamwork function. By doing this, evaluation of team outcomes leads to implement necessary strategies in the matter of enhancing team effectiveness. As this is the context of healthcare, so this reflection must be in the healthcare scenario of the process map. As per Amir et al. (2015), the sense of unity is also an essential aspect for common interests and responsibilities towards maintaining the positive results by keeping and promoting strength, integration, reliability and support.
In the words of Sandström (2016), without any e
ors, the process map is able to provide the right solutions at the right time through the proper process from pre-admission to discharge. Primarily the system is involved in the prescribing the appropriate conclusion on supply and administration of medicines. In the beginning, the process map assumes the essential roles and responsibilities of the people who need treatments, the walking through are possible by analysing the map. The healthcare professionals are mostly involved in identifying the key components those are used to determine how the processing system can be redesigned on the matter of improving healthcare services as well as the patient's experiences. Concerning describing the components of the process map, it could be mentioned there are six important things those need to consider at the beginning- review, admission, prescribing, supply, storage, administration and discharge. The process map is portrayed here.
Figure 1: Process Map
(Source:, 2018)
Stage and how to process map
In case of healthcare delivery system, the process map is the best way to achieve and identify the possible situations, such as constraints, bottlenecks, high level and so on. While understanding the whole patient services, process map has become the single most diagnostic analysis tool where the problems lie (, 2018). There are two stages in process mapping. First, understanding what happens to the patient, where it happens and who is involved. Secondly co
ectly analysing and examining the map thoroughly to determine where are the problems and those are unnecessary or not. The very first step is to get all the staffs together and mapping the process at a high level. Then it is necessary to determine and define the start and end points for example, when the patients entered into the healthcare institution, the background of the patient including their history and so on. When mapping the patient journey, it is quite essential to look after all the high volume runner groups (share common characteristics, standardised patient routes, and fast throughput). On this particular occasion, quick mapping movements are to done by a group of staffs to determine who will be involved and their more detailed mapping movements (, 2018). In the context of staffing groups, representatives are more concern about main mapping exercise. The reflection of the mapping exercise should be a quick high-level map that will positively ensure the no staff group is required while involving patients during the mapping process.
Principles and methods applicable to MBA
In accordance with the laws and practices relevant to MBA, the focus must be on the research methodology by applying some research questions. Healthcare evidence suggests that the patients are all in all in the healthcare context. As the research on healthcare can
ing the whole scenario better health outcomes are treated as a priority and by default it offers a wider area of treatment where more and more opportunities are expected from healthcare professionals. As commented by Richardson, McGowan & Styger (2017) in this regard, research is needed as a priority by which healthcare professionals can reach several solutions so that patients can fully cure of any critical disease. Training in research methodology is another solution that critically compared to different healthcare institutions. The factors may vary depending on the treatment of patients. Different approaches to research can
ing different insights by which clinical trials can provide concise and practical information about the efficacy and the variables those have positive impacts on clinical experience. As it is a study of healthcare, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval has become a critical section as well as a series of controlled clinical trials that help and led to significant discoveries and development of new therapies and improvement in public healthcare. As per the process map, the research must fulfil all the requirements of health and social care. According to Edmonstone (2017) the research and findings from medical records have already changed the medical practice. Here the importance of flow analysis tool has many impacts. The flow analysis tool is the appropriate concept in this regard when building the process mapping...

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