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Topic: This case study investigates the growing use of crypto currency. Students are required to provide an analysis of this growing world industry. Students should base their discussion on at least...

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This case study investigates the growing use of crypto currency. Students are required to provide an analysis of this growing world industry.
Students should base their discussion on at least three crypto currencies one of which must be Bitcoin.
The task must provide a table of numeric data crypto currency trends and values.
1) Students must provide a background discussion of Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper on Bitcoin explaining how this started the crypto currency revolution found at the link below:
Students should provide a discussion of:
2) a comparison of the resources and capabilities required to mine crypto currency by small home users and large commercial factories.
3) the costs and viability of mining bitcoin
4) the threat of crypto currencies to hard currency banks.

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There is more growth in the cryptocu
ency usage across the world, and it is increasing more challenges to an entire financial system as these transactions are highly private and difficult to track them. Trading in crypto-cu
encies is increasing on daily basis with a new cu
ency coming out almost every other day. In this paper, crypt-cu
encies are analyzed in great detail.
Growing dependence on online systems coupled with the decreasing trust in establishments has necessitated the birth of peer-to-peer payment system; Peer to peer cash system where one party sent cash to another party without passing through any financial institution. Using cryptocu
ency one can avoid direct intermediaries who are charging more amount for every transaction made by them. Bitcoins are mainly used for the international transactions; about 86% of the cross-cu
ency transactions (in crypto-cu
encies) are performed through the bitcoins (Hileman and Rauchs, 2017). Using bitcoins both the parties can forfeit the exchange rate loss associated with the cu
ency conversion. Initially, trusted institutions were moderating the purchase and sale of bitcoins in the market.
Generally, international payments take more time for settlement that results in more waiting time for the recipient of the payments (Crypto Mining Blog, 2014). Using Bitcoins (or other crypto-cu
encies), all the transaction takes place instantly, and it reduces the overall time involved in such transactions. There is increase in the number of participants participating in bitcoin mining that created more trouble in handling the transactions through trusted institution (Greenberg, 2014). It resulted in direct transactions without intermediaries and less governed by the government about the transaction. Every transaction is verified based upon the user of the bitcoin or any other cryptocu
ency. Any new transaction entered is
oadcasted in all the nodes, and every node will collect the new transaction and block them.
They determine the proof-of-work for its block and then
oadcasts them and nodes will accept the transaction if they are valid and not being spent (Nakamoto, 2017). Nodes will accept the block by working on creating the next block chain using a previous hash or creating a new hash. The level of privacy is higher by using the bitcoin. Initially cryptocu
ency trading was done by a niche community (mostly engineers) but today many individuals are participating in the bitcoin mining activities (Johnson, 2015). It is essential to make an in-depth analysis about these cryptocu
encies especially bitcoins as the number of participants participating in bitcoin mining are increasing.
It is an external environment analysis that provides an outline about the influence of various factors over the cryptocu
ency market.
Political Facto
. Government are considering either to ban or legalize the trading on cryptocu
ency. There is an increase in the use of these cryptocu
encies because these transactions are not monitored by banking services or any government bodies. Therefore, more people prefer them. Political factors have a negative impact on the bitcoin market because they are focusing on implementing various strategies that would reduce the usage of these cryptocu
encies by the people (Durden, 2017).
Economic Facto
People are making a massive amount of profit using the bitcoin mining which is closed market; for instance in China alone the bitcoin mining is about $1.5 million per month. Bitcoin market capitalization is $73.5 billion and the cu
ent value of 1 bitcoin $4,483.55 (Kharpal, 2017). Ethereum is another cryptocu
ency which has a market capitalization of $28.587 billion, ripple cash with $9.19 billion in the global market (Enjin Coin, n.d.). It provides more economic benefit to the individuals and to the business of handling the transaction.
There is a change in the social-cultural after the cryptocu
ency introduction. Many people are unaware of the system that is how they are working and how to use while others are making the best use of the opportunity. Most of the business is making use of cryptocu
ency, and there is more shift in the culture of buying and selling the pattern.
It is making use of high-end of technology, and it is an open system. The bitcoin block and nodes connection and movement are known transparently to all people. It is essential to have a high-end technology for mining the bitcoins (Coin Brief, 2014). There is various technology requirement for mining the bitcoins. There is continuous growth in the technology that is providing best facilities to the people in using them. An Even nontechnical person can use them using the best technology savvy or intermediaries who are trading them.
Environment Facto
The cryptocu
ency market does not create any environmental problem as it completely based on online. But the bitcoin mining requires higher-end network and hardware setup that will cause ca
on emission. Another primary concern is that it requires a...

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