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Hello there i have send my previous assignment with it just read the criteria and complete my assignment.

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Hello there i have send my previous assignment with it just read the criteria and complete my assignment.
Answered Same Day May 17, 2020 MNG10720 Southern Cross University


Akansha answered on May 19 2020
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Research Design
Unit Code
Professor’s Name
Problem Statement and Research Objectives    3
Research Design    3
Data Collection    4
Qualtrics Survey    5
Sampling    5
Data Analysis    6
Ethical Considerations    6
References    7
Appendix    8
Qualtrics Survey    8
Problem Statement and Research Objectives
The primary purpose of the study is to explore the daily performance of ICS, customer satisfaction and identifying opportunities for the
and in the industry. It can be defined through the following:
· The primary focus of study would be to investigate the process of customer a
ival at the hotels.
· To observe whether the contemporary issues of the hospitality industry are being taken care of by ICS or not to keep a hold on its market share.
· To investigate the level of customer satisfaction in ICS group.
The objectives of research would be:
· To find out new avenues in the market segment for ICS group of companies
· To examine any possibilities of expansion shortly to other areas
· To objectify the constraints affecting the performance of ICS
Research Design
There are two core applications of research segregated into pure research and applied research. The absolute or fundamental analysis is the one which is exploratory by character and is ca
ied out without any applicability or end-user as an objective. It is conducted based on interest or curiosity to investigate something or gain knowledge or establish a relationship between individual components. It may provide a base for future research. Whereas applied study is different from pure research concerning objectives. It is ca
ied out to address specific issues or goals and is descriptive (Lewis, 2017). This study is applied research as it is based on the aim of analysing performance and market for ICS group.
Further, research can be divided into three types, i.e. exploratory, descriptive and explanatory analysis. An exploratory study is essential for any decision making in marketing or business operations. It tries to discover ideas and concepts instead of collecting data from other sources. Descriptive research is one which takes up bulk surveys to gather information based on statistical measures from a population. It is generally quantitative and is appropriately structures in advance (Rutherford-Hemming and Lioce, 2015). The reason behind this may be to identify opinions and behaviours of different groups of people for a particular topic. While critical research is done to determine the challenge, which was not researched well before. It does not help in concluding the subject but tries to explain the problem in-depth. This study is descriptive as it draws inferences from the opinions of customers of ICS about its performance and services to conclude its effectiveness.
Further, there are two methods for conducting research, i.e. quantitative and qualitative or mixed approach. Quantitatively, the information collected is expressed concerning quantity and size and also targets accuracy (Ortiz, 2007). This data is not described concerning number or amount in qualitative research methodology. This research will be quantitative research which focuses on statistical analysis of the information that will be collected through data collection tools.
Data Collection
Data collection is a method of assimilating and measuring data related to identified variables in a systematic manner, from which sure solution can be infe
ed for the relevant research objective. There are two sources of data collection, i.e. primary sources and secondary sources. Secondary data refers to the sources such as books, magazines, articles and journals, online websites etc. (Alsayed, Maguire-Wright and Flickinger, 2016). This source provides an abundant amount of data regardless of the requirement of research. This source increases the credibility and validity of the study. The primary source of data collection includes both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection. These sources are explored by the researcher for the first time, unlike secondary sources. This study is quantitative research which applies several data collection tools...

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