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GUIDANCE: Submit a 7 to 10page paper detailing a current "Social Program" and describe its worth/purpose, the data the program collects, explain how the data is analyzed/interpreted, describe if the...

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GUIDANCE: Submit a 7 to 10page paper detailing a current "Social Program" and describe its worth/purpose, the data the program collects, explain how the data is analyzed/interpreted, describe if the program data is additive or not, explain the program structure, detail who the stakeholders/customers/target audiences are, specify if a survey is involved, and point out the program benefits, and what, if anything, you would change.

Additionally, discuss the current status of the program (drawing board, in testing, fielded, being cancelled, etc.).

Finally, provide your recommendation as to the feasibility, needs, costs and benefits of the program. For example, is the project or program worth pursuing, a waste of taxpayer money, a great success, or in need of major changes? Use your primary text as the basis for formulating your social program evaluation.

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Abr Writing answered on Mar 31 2020
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Table of contents
I.  Application methods for the education benefits    3
II. Dependents Education Assistance Program    3
III. Education Programs for Veterans    5
IV. Benefits for these Education Programs    6
V. Recommendations    7

I.  Application methods for the education benefits
A. Online: Veterans can apply through several ways for getting benefits in the education system. Among all the effective ways, online application is mostly prefe
ed for application. As stated by Ga
iel (43), the applicants must fill VONAPP (Veterans Online Application). The applicant must consider all the fields carefully as missing any single field can create inte
uption in the application procedure.              
B. In person: Application for the education benefits can be applied by the veteran family members through making contact with the regional office. This mode of application is usually adopted for applying in person.          
C. School: The family members can apply for the education benefits through the help of the school authorities. The certifying official need to be consulted first for getting valid and authenticate information (Moriarty, 497). After gathering information regarding the procedure it is required to apply for benefits accordingly. Usually, the family members rather children of any veteran apply for the benefits through taking the help of certified school officials.      
D. Mail: The willing candidates belong to the veterans family can also apply through sending mail for getting the education benefits. In order to take the privilege of the education system through sending email. The applicants must download the form of Veteran Affairs from the VA website of USA defence and need to fill the application form of pension or the compensation (Hitt, 541). At the end the applicant is required to send the filled up form through email to the local or residential office of veteran affairs.
In fact, the willing veteran family members can apply through making a call to the number - 888-442-4551. Here, the mention of disabled people is also noteworthy as they can also apply for having the educational benefits. Another number for applying is 800-827-1000. In the case of deaf or dumb applicants, they need to call to the TDD line (800-829-4833). The family members of veterans living out of station or U.S need to call to 412-395-6272.         
II. Dependents Education Assistance Program
Discussing the worth of the program
The program undoubtedly ca
ies a high value as it serves the needy members belong to the veteran families. As opined by Mankowski and Joyce (25), persons who have contributed there life in serving the armed and defence force of US surely deserve a certain amount of facilities and benefits in several sectors. In order to provide the deserving facilities to the eligible candidates a number of methods and procedures are followed. The government of United States enforced the legislation named, Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008. The respective law was developed for providing a bulk amount of benefits as their contribution in the war times and other crisis period of the nation. Therefore, it can be infe
ed that the education programs for raising assistance to the willing students is worthy enough.              
Data collection by the program
The education programs designed for the veterans and their family members first set the policies and try to find out the issues related to the higher education system issues. In fact, the programs highlight the issues of the designed policies for the students connected with the military background. The data and information provided by the applicants through form fill up are collected by the officials and the validity of those data is analyzed thoroughly.      
Data analysis process
After collection of data the step of data analysis and verification is being done by the officials. In fact, there are a number reports which are being published for analyzing the cu
ent issues faced by the military students. Sometimes the program initiators conduct survey for identification of valid information. The government reports are also considered in this particular process.      
Explaining the structure of education program
As identified by Naphan...

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