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Further information:This assessment task is comprised of two reports (20%; 20%) to be submitted throughout the session. For each report, you will select a current issue that speaks to an enduring...

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Further information:This assessment task is comprised of two reports (20%; 20%) to be submitted throughout the session. For each report, you will select a current issue that speaks to an enduring question of organisational strategy, such as market entry, and select a relevant framework to analyse the strategic moves or challenges facing the organisations involved. Your analysis will be written up into a report and a one-page Executive briefing with recommended actions. For example, one might look at the entry of NetFlix into the Australian market and use the resource-based view to make recommendations about how a legacy TV station should respond.

Length maximum: 1000 words per report.
Penalties will apply to any case that exceeds the word limit by more than 10%.

I have attached marking criteria and feedback on why my first assignment was rated low. Please check from feedback what professor wants in the second assignment. Please discuss with me before approaching to assignment. I got just got 18/100 in first assignment, so please do this second assignment in accordance to the feedback, tips and criteria given by professer in attached files.

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Shivagya answered on May 05 2020
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Executive Summary
This report goes on to understand the impact of Netflix and the effect of legacy TV on the globally popular on demand video and movie service. The report takes an overview of the industry and to help understand the industry environment and the situation at the time of Netflix’s entry, its growth over the last couple of years of its operations in Australia and the cu
ent scenario.
Though there is a decline in the viewing share of Legacy TV, it still accounts for more than 80% of all viewing that occurs in Australia, thus the challenge Netflix will face is Australia is to come up with content relevant enough for the Aussie Audience. Even if Netflix does come up with the relevant enough content, how ill it achieve viewership at par with Legacy TV at all to sustain itself and its ever increasing costs of producing quality content and material for its viewers which according to the Roy Morgan data accounts for nearly 37.7% of Australians or approximately 7,560,000 households.
This report will utilise a Frederickson’s Strategy Diamond framework to understand the cu
ent business factors and take appropriate measures to maintain competitive and strategic advantage, which may hypothetically assist Netflix in gaining market share and expanding its user base in Australia.
Table of Contents
Executive Summary    1
Introduction    3
Industry Overview    3
Frederickson’s Strategy Diamond for Netflix and the Video Entertainment Industry    5
References    6
Netflix is an American streaming service company which is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, USA. Its offering include video streaming services, movies on demand and DVD by mail. The firm was started operations in 1997 as a DVD sale and rental company and today has operations in about 190 countries. The company has a revenue of approximately US $ 11.6 billion and a net income of US $ 560 million. Employing over 5000 people globally, the online streaming giant has its sights set on the growth potential in the Australian market.
Netflix expanded its operations to the Southern continent in 2015, which was a part of a two year globalization plan. At the start it only offered 220 TV series & 900 movies at 3 price tiers, the cheapest of which was at priced at $8.99.
Industry Overview
The data above shows the no. of households with a TV set up till 2014, then the data shows forecasts. In 2014 the homes with a TV set numbered around 9.01 million. The TV industry has been stagnating for in...

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