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For this milestone, you will need to refer to this information from the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document:You are hired! For your final project, you will take the role of a consultant who...

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For this milestone, you will need to refer to this information from the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document:You are hired! For your final project, you will take the role of a consultant who has been hired to help a brand with their digital presence. Specifically, the company is interested in search engine optimization (SEO) of their website and in learning more about search engine marketing (SEM) and would like for you to make recommendations about a Google AdWords campaign as well as techniques to improve organic traffic to their website.The company has set aside a budget of $5,000 per month for a Google AdWords campaign and would really like to understand your rationale behind the keywords that you recommend. You will need to recommend how the company uses this budget and why. Also, the company is willing to spend $5,000 on improving their website through SEO techniques that you recommend. The company is unschooled in both SEO and SEM, and therefore you will need to clearly define the pros and cons of each and set clear expectations. If this project goes well and you are able to show results, the company will continue to work with you on a retainer to have you consult on SEO/SEM initiatives.Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:I. Company Analysis: In this section, you will analyze different internal and external factors and explain why your company would benefit from an SEO and SEM campaign.a) Company Selection: Provide a brief description of the company you selected in the Module One Final Project Discussion. What keyword did you select from the list provided? What is this company about?b) Internal Factors: Create SMART goals for your specific company that build on the needs and budget presented above. What are the long-term goals for your specific company?c) External Factors: Analyze a competitor’s website to gather ideas regarding keywords and organic traffic. In your answer, consider the following:i. What local results appeared on the first page?ii. What ads did you find on the first page?iii. Why do you believe the first site from your search is the top site for organic traffic?iv. Will the search term be too competitive and therefore out of budget for the project?d) Justification: Based on your findings from the internal and external factors analyses, explain why your company would benefit from an SEO/SEM campaign. Make sure you justify your answer with research and specific examples from the previous sections.Guidelines for Submission: Your draft should be about 2 pages in length and must be written in APA format. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Romanfont, and one-inch margins.
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Benefits of SEO & SEM         2
Table of Contents
Internal Factors    3
Company Overview    3
Search Term Recommended    3
SMART Goals    3
Long-term Goals    4
External Factors    4
Benefits of SEO/SME    5
Internal Factors
Company Overview
The company selected for the analysis is Onyx Coffee Lab which ships freshly roasted coffee throughout the world headquartered in Arkansas of United States. The company is known for its award-winning team of independent roasters and baristas shipping freshly roasted coffee and serving in four Cafe locations in Northwest Arkansas. It ships seed to cup Onyx roast coffee which is the best specialty coffee in the world.
Search Term Recommended
The keyword that was used from the given list is Coffee Shop. The company is engaged in an international business of shipping the coffee roasted with the help of solar energy from the roof of their facility and shipping an effective quality of Barista throughout the world.
Smart goals refer to the goal that is specific measurable achievable relevant and time-bound. The goal of the company is to welcome the customers in the cafe and order the coffee or a pastry that is fit for that particular customer. This contemplates that the company customizes its product for the customer. Its goal also comprises the service at the very end that completes the supply chain....

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