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For this assignment, student will write a case study report in 1500 words based on a case identified with circumstance or event that describes an ethical issue, within an Asia-Pacific business context...

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For this assignment, student will write a case study report in 1500 words based on a case identified with circumstance or event that describes an ethical issue, within an Asia-Pacific business context from a media source : newspaper article, blog, advertisement ( please make sure you send me the link of the article,blog or whatever you use ). Analyse your chosen case by applying either virtue ethics OR utilitarian ethical theories, arguing both the claims and the criticisms of your chosen theory in relation to your chosen case.

following this format :

executive summary





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Executive summary
This report deals with unethical practices of 7-Eleven, a reputed organisation in Australia. The organisation had overexploited its workers. The situation has been described in the initial part of the report. Then the concept of virtue ethics has been defined along with its merits and demerits. The case has been evaluated in the context of the virtue theory of ethics. The criticism of the theory has also been discussed. Certain criticisms of the theory have also been discussed in the later part of the report. Finally, some recommendations, such as providing training on business ethics and detecting fraudulence at primary stage for managing the situation have been provided in the concluding part of the report.
Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Findings    4
Conclusion    6
Recommendations    6
References:    8
With the advent of globalisation, the business is increasing at a rapid pace. With an increase in the size of business, there is an equal increase in the ethical considerations to be followed by organisations. This report deals with one of the organisations of Australia named 7-Eleven. It is the biggest convenience store in Australia and has a distinct reputation in the market. The major issue in this was related to the overexploitation of its employee/workers. The news was presented in the media by The Sydney Morning Herald and others. The situation has been evaluated in the context of virtue ethics theory. The organisation had suffered a significant setback in terms of
and image. The employees were paid an amount that was even lower than $10 per hour. The organisation’s data also indicate the same. The issue was termed as half pay scam.
7-Eleven is one of the biggest convenience store chain located in Australia. In August 2015, there was a news in the media that shook the management of the organisation. The employees of the organisation had to work longer hours at a lower wage rate. As per the ecords of the company, the organisation paid its employees a wage rate even lower than $10 per hour. The employee had to work for around 16 hours (Ferguson, Danckert & Toft, 2015). The employees of the organisation who were involved in collecting dues from the market were expected to give their life for the organisation. The workers were compelled to do multiple works at the same time as robots. Employees were even harassed for not being able to stop a ro
ery of a meagre amount of $180. The passports and driving licenses of some of the employee were held. This compelled them to work for the organisation even if they did not want to. In a raid by the regulatory body, it was observed that employees of 60% of the total stores were underpaid. This had a huge impact on the
and image of the organisation. A legal action was launched against the organisation for underpaying the workers (The Conversation, 2015).
As per the opinion of Chell, Spence, Pe
ini and Ha
is (2016), virtue ethics in simple terms refers to a situation in which an individual has the right knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. However, they take the wrong path due to the demands of the situation. In this case, the management had the knowledge of the laws of the land. In spite of that, it overexploited its employees. This was done to reduce the total cost of the organisation and increase its profits. The virtue ethics states that the rational part of soul or mind governs the emotional, spiritual and appetitive parts. According to the views of Demirtas and Akdogam (2015), this...

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