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For this assessment you should choose one (1) of these titles/questions and write an essay to demonstrate your grasp of the ideas that are being presented in this course. Although the main focus of...

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For this assessment you should choose one (1) of these titles/questions and write an essay to demonstrate your grasp of the ideas that are being presented in this course.

Although the main focus of this assessment is to consider your understanding of principles and theories, each question is framed around practice in order to emphasise critical reflection as a key social work skill.

This essay must be no more than 1500 words (not including your bibliography).

You must use normal essay style, with appropriate referencing.


1. Briefly explain how the value of social justice is based on the ‘ethics of consequences’? In what ways does this value affect social work? Use a practice example to illustrate your discussion.

2. Is it possible to see social work as a ‘human rights profession’? Use examples from everyday practice to support your argument.

3. Identify three important ‘professional virtues’. How do these help us to consider social work ethics for practice?

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Shashank answered on Mar 20 2020
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Professional Virtues and Social Work Ethics
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Professional virtue is important as it facilitates and acts as a base to professional values. The 3 important professional virtues have been highlighted below which is elaborated further with the help of example case.
Virtue of honesty
It has been told to doctors that instead of withholding information from patients, they should be completely aware about the potential risk that might be involved in the doctoral procedures. This ensures that patient’s rights are respected which is mandate of honesty. It is imperative that any ethic which is termed to be relevant for specific profession should take account of roles which are most appropriate for the profession. Professional virtues hold importance because without this approach the commitment of doing good for humans lacks inside, without which flowering of human race cannot happen. (Oakley & Cocking 2001)
For everyone it should be possible to demonstrate that how one own role is contributing to the bigger goal of that specific profession. To explain this better, there is commitment in medicine for human health, as this profession clearly counts since it hold importance when flourishment of humans is talked about.
Virtue of Morality
The fact of lawyers’ profession is held that good profession ethics would be showcased when all the rules serves best when value of justice is served. The system sometimes works in slightly different manner in our adversarial system as lawyers tries to serve their client interest by becoming special purpose friend. To pursue interest of their clients, they lead to take actions which are often against the basic moral values. It is argued by some writers on legal ethics that in cases where lawyers are required to do something unjust as regarded by
oad based morality, the requirements of role are still decisive. (Oakley & Cocking 2001)
Another school of thought may explain this in a different manner. Lawmakers have a special focus on institutional design which provide rationale for individual’s virtuousness judged by basic moral standards should not account that much. To serve and fulfill their client requirements many writers are sometimes required to act in a manner which violates moral virtues.
Virtue of Caring
This highlights the significance of attributes like loving (or nurturing) and caring which is opposite to the rational and cognitively oriented concepts. For those who advocates this perspective, the important goal of safeguarding the connect between caregivers and care receivers should be taken into consideration while making ethical judgements and decisions. Taking this perspective into consideration, challenges related to ethical issues should not be approached using rational mind which seeks for making the co
ect or best decision based on moral duty or projection of possible outcomes. Instead, attention should be paid on those ways which directly impact our relationship with involved parties due to our moral dilemmas...

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