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Festivals and events : MNG 00421Task 3 - Case Study ReportGuide to Assignment three – Attend the event nominated in Assignment 2. Identify and critically analyse the positive and negative impacts of...

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Festivals and events : MNG 00421Task 3 - Case Study ReportGuide to Assignment three –
Attend the event nominated in Assignment 2.
Identify and critically analyse the positive and negative impacts of the event utilising the principles of sustainability and the triple bottom line approach.
Provide recommendations for future activities which clearly identify issues relevant to event management.
The evaluation report should use creativity in the approach to the task style.
The task is a report on the event nominated in assignment Two that uses the triple bottom line approach to identify and critically analyse - the attainment of the events aims and objectives; the positive and negative economic, environmental, sociocultural impacts of the event; and recommendations which clearly identify issues relevant to the event management.

The report should start with a brief description of event – name, date, location, type of event, and attendance numbers.
This should be followed with –
1. an evaluation of the success or failure in achieving the event’s aims and objectives expressed in measurable terms.
2. recommendations about the attaining the aims and objectives
3. identification and critical analysis of the positive and/or negative economic, environmental, sociocultural impacts of the event;
4. recommendations arising from the assessment of the impacts of the event
5. description of the assessment process used.
There should be use of an appropriate report style, with supporting visual data [i.e. photo, video] as evidence to strengthen, support and reiterate analysis.
There should be an engagement with the study materials, and use of literature to support recommendations
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Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair 2018
Student Name:
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Table of contents
Event Description--------------------------------------------------------------------------3
Principles of sustainability ------------------------------------------------------------- 5
Impact of the event----------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
Events--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9
Event Description
Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair: The Bitcoin and the Blockchain fair is to be held in Sydney around 12-13 th May 2018
Bitcoin is a crypto cu
ency that is being used as a mode of transfer of money. It is used as a worldwide payment system, the crypto cu
ency is the world’s first decentralized cu
ency which is digital in nature. This cu
ency works without the central bank and without the authorising personnel. The mode of transfer of the cu
ency is peer to peer and without the interference of any theird party. The network nodes are the ones which validate the transaction and the transaction is recorded in a public held ledger known as Blockchain.
The inventors of the Bitcoin are unknown and the distributors are unknown. They formed a group named Satoshi Nakamoto and were the originators of the Bitcoin. These people released the open source software around 2009.
Bitcoin is unique and is given as a reward for mining. The Bitcoin have the capability to be exchanged for other cu
encies, services and also products. According to the research, by feb 2015, more than 100000 merchants and the vendors accepted Bitcoin as payment
Blockchains are the record of the blocks. They are ever growing and never ending. These records are linked and are secured in nature by the method of cryptography. The blocks contain the cryptographic hash of the previous block which stops any modification to the data. The ledger is an open book source ledger that can record the transaction between two individuals very efficiently and is verifiable.
For the efficient use of the Blockchain, it has been made peer to peer manageable and it adheres to the protocol of internode connection and validation of the blocks of code. Once recorded in the block, the transaction in any block cannot be altered and it would require the alteration of the previous blocks which requires the team effort.( (2018)
The block chains are very secure by the structure of the design and are a part of the distributed computing system. The byzantine fault tolerance of the system is very high. Hence the system is very decentralized and hence the Blockchain is very suitable for the recording of the events and the medical records and other management activities.
Blockchain too was to invented by the Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008 for use in the crypto cu
ency Bitcoin as a public transaction ledger.
Number of attendees: 1000( (2018)
Principles of sustainability:
The principles of sustainability development and it should be interpreted within the event production . There are 5 principles of sustainability. They include:
· Inclusivity
· Stewardship
· Integrity
· Transparency
Inclusivity: In the event there are multiple parties, all the potentially interested ones are identified via various methods. The visitors of the Bitcoin Blockchain mega fair can attend the seminar free of cost and can range with various services, governments, fintechs and the platform service providers.
International industry experts can be met which includes the sponsors of the event the Coinspot who would be issuing free wallets and would be teaching how to transact, analyse the latest changes and the trends and the solutions and developing the strategies.( Australian Business Forum. (2018).)
Integrity: The event should be conducted with the following criteria’s which include the business dealings
· The staff should be professionally trained    
· They should work with integrity
· Laws should be abided
· The ethical consideration should be highest without any disparity
· Encouraged diversity through employment policy
Stewardship: The organisers of the vent understand that they are the temporary custodians of the place and are responsible for the resources consumed and the waste streams created at the event
The major partner and organiser for the Bitcoin Blockchain mega event is CoinSpot which was founded in the year 2013 and is Australia’s leading digital cu
ency platform which has the capability and the scale to provide its customers the large backup of the Blockchain assets. The CoinSpot has revolutionised the digital cu
ency and provided a safe and secure platform.
The other organisers are: Crypto wallet Australia
The leading Australian retailer of the Ledger and Trezor crypto cu
ency hardware wallters which help the Australian holders of the crypto cu
ency safe . It is an authorised deale
The other organisers of the events are: Austrac, SolaraStarin, Crypto News Australia, Nexus, Get paid in Bitcoin, Airpool, GladAge and many more
Transparency: Relevant information about the event is available for the parties who are interested in the event and it is applicable to them(Australian Business Forum. (2018).)
The relevant information includes:
Bitcoin and Blockchain fair 2018 is going to take place at a ground in Sydney, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2121 in Australia. 12-13th May 2018 is the set date for the fair to take place and the event timings are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The organiser of this event is Australian Business Forum who is one of the extremely good quality events, conference, and exhibition organiser in Sydney.
The major aim of this fair is to
ing optimistic changes to all to all the fields related to human life and healthcare, science, financial service, education, venture capital sovereign digital identity protection etc. by letting the audience know about the technology behind Blockchain and Bitcoin( (2018)
Impact of the event
The event is held in Sydney and it has both the positive effects and the negative effects in the area it is being held. The event affects both the individual and the community. The positives and the negatives of the event would affect the nation at a large scale. The Bitcoin and Blockchain event will include a the events and the seminars that would affect the economy of local people through the empathetic view of the benefits of Bitcoin which is one of the best performing crypto cu
encies in the world and is safer than the ongoing cu
ency(Fo (2018). )
Sydney hold up thousands of quality events and seminars related to business, sport, and culture. The local area gets developed and it affects the knowledge base of the local people and the community. Business events are related refer to all activities related to all activities that attract business individual or group or organisation for the more knowledge of the particular business topic. There are both positive and the negative impacts that would take place in the event. The organiser must always try to keep the positives more than the negatives.
Socio-cultural Impacts
Society is the group of various people with various perception, attitude, religion, the gender of people which follow the culture where the people interact in the way they have been
ought up and the values are transfe
ed down through generations. The organisers, the stakeholders, the attendees and the international audience which would be getting the information. The social culture may influence by this event because it attracts a tremendous number of visitors or outsiders into that host community. It can create conflict about perception and viewpoint on the particular topic among host and visitors. It will help the community to understand the international issues and the things that are going on in the nation and internationally. Also, Business profitably and the sustainability depends upon the usage of the bitcoin and the blockchain. Relevant and quality information should be delivered at the event which would make the event worthwile. It will also help the people of the community to be in the technology era and develop their knowledge. It has an impact on the social life, and community structure of business function as people will adopt modern means of business technology over traditional means of business.
Environmental benefits
Hosting an event at such a large scale has big time impacts. The team must consider the environmental impact before hosting the event at a large scale. As the events going to be conducted required many resources that are available in the community.( Fo (2018). ) The venue is one of the critical factors. As seen from past events organised host communities has more negative environmental impact than positive impacts. The human population always leaves around wastes when an event takes place. Due to the extreme crowd in local areas of events is going to hold many faces traffic jam, crowded parking, and misuse of local resources during event periods (Australian Business Forum. (2018).)
The timing of the event would be fixed, define venue along with content that is prelisted. The topics for the sessions have been predesigned so that all the topics are covered by the speakers at the event. . Many corporate experts who have knowledge about bitcoin and blockchain in detail has been asked to give lectures and seminars by organiser so that they can clarify the concept and uses of bitcoin and blockchain. The government officials have helped in the security a
angements for the locals and the visitors. The visitors of the event would be coming from the local community as well as international guests wouls a
ive. Hence the event manager ahs to take care of all the facilities for the visitors. Furthermore, coordination with vendor personnel, partner organisation and sponsor is required to accomplish events successfully.
Economics Impacts
The major purpose of the event is to gather information, throw light upon the capability of the area to set up event of such a large scale and to gather revenue. The economic factos which benefit the area are majorly due to the events that are going to take place. Bitcoin is comparatively new form of cu
ency which has been in the market for a relatively low period of time. The audience doesn’t know the concept of bitcoin, its uses and the benefits. This event will help Sydney local communities about how, why and when they can use bitcoin in their business to gain competitive advantages over other cities or county firm. The budget allocation plan for the vent has to be made and pre verified to make sure that the guests which are attending the exhibition are satisfied. The project and the event sponsors have been identified and are listed on the official website of the event. Host communities will have great knowledge to identify business opportunities by using Bitcoin as the corporate sources of fund. It will
ing many business experts, promoters, and investor under the same rooftop which will create business opportunities. Most of the information technology and finance students seem to be benefited by this event like this will helps the business organisation to develop finance and IT related employment opportunities for fresh graduates and also the worked experienced people. The per capita income of the localities would increase since the employment benefits would take place and grow the economy. The business involvement of the use of Bitcoin would increase and lead to the development of the business economies. But transaction of bitcoin can also increase cybercrime which needs to handle properly by local governments.

The marketing of the event has to be done in a better way and the international audience has to know about such events so that even they could attend such an insightful seminar and gather information about Bitcoin and Blockchain.
The development of the exhibition was done in an excellent way and the guest list was handled exceptionally well. The growth of the event and the attendees has taken to a new step. This should continue again and the event should be of a larger scale
The people should be given online articles via email in order to make the attendees know the topic a little before hand. This makes the grasping power of the audience better and the understanding of the crowd increases.
The knowledge of the community and the confidence has increased, but the attendees should be given mock data to work upon the bitcoin and other crypto cu
encies in order to experience the trading and the way the crypto cu
encies work and the independent transfer method is analysed
The first part of the event was a grand success and the next event is going to be held in Melbourne in the next 24 days
Australian Business Forum. (2018). Bitcoin & Blockchain Fair Melbourne | 16-17 June 2018 - Australian Business Forum. [online] Available at: https:
itcoin-blockchain-fair-2018-melbourne/ [Accessed 22 May 2018].
Bitcoin Market Journal. (2018). Bitcoin Conferences: The Complete List for 2018 – Bitcoin Market Journal. [online] Available at: https: [Accessed 22 May 2018]. (2018). Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair – Australia’s largest Bitcoin and Blockchain event. [online] Available at: https: [Accessed 22 May 2018].
EVENTS by BZNTM.COM. (2018). Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair 2018. [online] Available at: https:
itcoin-and-blockchain-fair-2018 [Accessed 22 May 2018].
Fo (2018). Fo
es Welcome. [online] Available at: https:
es-fintech-50-2018-the-future-of-blockchain-and-crypto/#1e81be4f1036 [Accessed 22 May 2018].

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