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Individual Written Project #3 (4 pages) MKTG 3213 Principles of Marketing Tom Brown and Kinda Wilson For the final written assignment, select one (1) product or service of your choice. Write responses...

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Individual Written Project #3 (4 pages)
MKTG 3213 Principles of Marketing
Tom Brown and Kinda Wilson

For the final written assignment, select one (1) product or service of your choice. Write
esponses to the following questions with respect to that product or service. (This does NOT
have to be the product or service you wrote about in earlier projects.)

(Please number your responses so that they co
espond with the topics below.)

1. Identify and describe at least four (4) points of contact between you and the company
selling the product or service to you; these points of contact are part of the customer
interface for the company. NOTE: You do not have to have personally experienced all of
the points of contact that you describe, but be sure to describe some of your own
experiences. Provide your thoughts on whether or not the company is managing its
customer interface well.
2. Using any information you can obtain, including your own evaluation of competitive
pricing, discuss the likely pricing strategy used by the company for this product or
service. Evaluate this pricing strategy and discuss whether or not you believe this is the
est approach.
3. For the product/service you have identified, describe and evaluate the external
promotions (i.e., advertising, public relations, sales promotion) and interactive
promotions (i.e., personal selling) implemented by the company to communicate with
potential customers. Please focus on promotions implemented in the previous five years.
4. Using “Best Practices for Advertising” as well as ideas from the SUCCESs model for
making an idea “sticky,” develop a print, out-of-home, OR digital advertisement that the
company might use to communicate with a target audience about the product or service.
Please include (a) a description of the target market; (b) a discussion of the promotional
medium you would use; (c) a discussion of how your advertisement follows the best
practices and the SUCCESs model; and (d) the actual advertisement. Please prepare
the ad as it would appear in final form (no handwritten or hand-drawn ads). The ad itself
counts toward the page total.

IMPORTANT: Upload your paper to the Brightspace dropbox by 11:30pm on Friday, April 13,
2018. You will have a 24-hour grace period on late papers. Except in the case of documented
emergency situations, no late papers will be accepted after the grace period expires. Please
emember that your project will be graded for both content and writing quality. Please see the
document “Individual Written Projects Instructions” on Brightspace for information
about how to format your response document and filename.

Individual Written Projects Instructions

MKTG 3213 Principles of Marketing
Tom Brown and Kinda Wilson

Over the course of the semester, you will complete three written projects that are due on
the dates shown on the course schedule. All written projects are individual projects and
will be uploaded to the Brightspace drop box for the course. Half of the grade on written
projects will be based on the content of your responses and half will be based on the
quality of your writing. (By “quality of your writing,” we include aspects such as grammar,
punctuation, capitalization, format/appearance, and spelling.)

The grading ru
ic for individual written projects is straightforward and is the same for
oth quality of content and quality of writing: “below average” = 18 points; “average” = 21
points; and “above average” = 25 points.

You are free to discuss the written projects with others but the writing must be your own.
If necessary, feel free to have someone else help you co
ect writing mistakes. Note,
however, that you must use the editor to improve your writing ability, not simply to co
your work before submitting it. In other words, the editor should make comments or
suggestions, but you, the writer, should make the changes.

Your written projects must be in paragraph format (that is, not in bullet point format) using
12-point font, double-spacing, and standard one-inch margins in Microsoft Word. On the
first page of your document, include your full name, Banner identification number, and the
days and times your section meets (e.g., TR 9:00). This information MUST be included in
the upper left hand corner of the document as follows:

FirstName LastName
Banner ID Number
Day/Time of Course Session

Tom Brown
MW 2:30

Please save your written project using the following file name format:


We will use Turnitin software to scan each written document for plagiarism. Do your own

Individual written projects are due in the appropriate Brightspace dropbox by the
deadlines shown below and noted on the “MKTG 3213 Detailed Schedule SPRING 2018”
document. We include a 24-hour grace period during which you may upload late projects
in case you have computer issues, are ill, etc. After the 24-hour grace period expires, you
will not be able to upload the project; we will NOT accept late papers after the grade
period expires.

Independent Written Project 1: 11:30pm, Friday, Fe
uary 16
Independent Written Project 2: 11:30pm, Friday, March 16
Independent Written Project 3: 11:30pm, Friday, April 13
Answered Same Day Apr 07, 2020 MKTG 3213


Ankita answered on Apr 11 2020
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Marketing Management

· Service on Door: Customers look for face to face help for their requirements by going to retail locations and different outlets, and furthermore through talk with organization sales representatives who visit clients at their place of business or in their home (HP Laptops,2018).
· Over the Phone – Customers looking to make buys or have an issue comprehended may think that its more advantageous to do as such through telephone contact. In numerous organizations a committed office called a call focus handles all approaching client request (HP Laptops,2018).
· Online help – The quickest developing contact point is through the Internet. The utilization of the Internet for acquiring has detonated and is cu
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· Retail supporting booth such as KIOSK: A booth is an independent, intelligent PC, regularly outfitted with a touch-screen, that offers clients a few administration choices including item data, capacity to make a buy, and survey of a client's record. Stands are cu
oadly utilized for ca
ier registration, retail work applications, and managing an...

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