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Individual Written Projects Instructions MKTG 3213 Principles of Marketing Tom Brown and Kinda Wilson Over the course of the semester, you will complete three written projects that are due on the...

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Individual Written Projects Instructions

MKTG 3213 Principles of Marketing
Tom Brown and Kinda Wilson

Over the course of the semester, you will complete three written projects that are due on
the dates shown on the course schedule. All written projects are individual projects and
will be uploaded to the Brightspace drop box for the course. Half of the grade on written
projects will be based on the content of your responses and half will be based on the
quality of your writing. (By “quality of your writing,” we include aspects such as grammar,
punctuation, capitalization, format/appearance, and spelling.)

The grading ru
ic for individual written projects is straightforward and is the same for
oth quality of content and quality of writing: “below average” = 18 points; “average” = 21
points; and “above average” = 25 points.

You are free to discuss the written projects with others but the writing must be your own.
If necessary, feel free to have someone else help you co
ect writing mistakes. Note,
however, that you must use the editor to improve your writing ability, not simply to co
your work before submitting it. In other words, the editor should make comments or
suggestions, but you, the writer, should make the changes.

Your written projects must be in paragraph format (that is, not in bullet point format) using
12-point font, double-spacing, and standard one-inch margins in Microsoft Word. On the
first page of your document, include your full name, Banner identification number, and the
days and times your section meets (e.g., TR 9:00). This information MUST be included in
the upper left hand corner of the document as follows:

FirstName LastName
Banner ID Number
Day/Time of Course Session

Tom Brown
MW 2:30

Please save your written project using the following file name format:


We will use Turnitin software to scan each written document for plagiarism. Do your own

Individual written projects are due in the appropriate Brightspace dropbox by the
deadlines shown below and noted on the “MKTG 3213 Detailed Schedule SPRING 2018”
document. We include a 24-hour grace period during which you may upload late projects
in case you have computer issues, are ill, etc. After the 24-hour grace period expires, you
will not be able to upload the project; we will NOT accept late papers after the grade
period expires.

Independent Written Project 1: 11:30pm, Friday, Fe
uary 16
Independent Written Project 2: 11:30pm, Friday, March 16
Independent Written Project 3: 11:30pm, Friday, April 13

Individual Written Project #2 (3 pages)
MKTG 3213 Principles of Marketing
Tom Brown and Kinda Wilson

For the second written assignment, select a company of your choice and identify one (1)
of the products or services that the company offers. Please write responses to the
following questions with respect to that company and the product or service you have

(Please number your responses so that they co
espond with the topics below.)

1. Identify and describe the market segment to which the product/service is
marketed. Include information about the basic customer needs that are being
satisfied in that segment and develop a buyer persona for the segment.
2. For the product/service you have identified, please discuss the product/service
undle (i.e., core benefits, expected attributes, add-on attributes). In addition,
choose at least three attributes of the product or service and discuss each based
on the type of attribute (i.e., shopping, experience, credence).
3. For the product/service you have identified, identify at least two specific service
performances that must be delivered in the process of providing the
product/service to customers. (For products, the retailer who provided the
product might perform the services.) For each of these service performances,
identify potential failure points and discuss how you might failsafe the service (a)
to avoid or (b) to identify and respond to these potential failure points.
4. Consider best practices for choosing a good
and name. Evaluate the
and in light of these best practices and discuss whether or
not the
and chosen is a good one.

IMPORTANT: Upload your paper to the Brightspace dropbox by 11:30pm on Friday,
March 16, 2018. Because unexpected things occur occasionally, we will offer a 24-hour
grace period before closing the dropbox. Except in the case of documented medical
emergencies, no late papers will be accepted after the grace period expires. Please
emember that your project will be graded for both content and writing quality.

Please see the document “Individual Written Projects Instructions” on
Brightspace for information about how to format your response document and
Answered Same Day Mar 12, 2020 MKTG 3213


Aarti J answered on Mar 13 2020
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Marketing – Walmart
First Name Last Name
Banner ID Numbe
Day/Time of Course Session
Marketing – Walmart
Walmart is one of the biggest retailers of the world which offers wide range of products for grocery, health and wellness, apparel, home appliances and entertainment. According to the Annual report, 2017 the company also offers wide range of private label merchandise which includes Adventure Force, BlackWeb, Mainstays, Faded Glory , Way to Cele
ate, Marketside, Kid Connection, Spring Valley Everstart , Great Value, Equate, George, Holiday Time, Auto Drive, Onn, Hyper Tough, My Life As, Special Kitty, and No Boundaries. The product that has been taken for analysis is Holiday Time. Holiday time is an private label
and of Walmart.
Part 1
Market Segment
Holiday time is the theme based product line which offers wide range of products under the home décor categories. The product line of holiday time includes holiday time candles and candle holders, holiday time Christmas lights, holiday time ornaments, holiday time Christmas tree, holiday time indoor home décor, holiday time wrap supplies, holiday time collections and holiday time drinkware.
The target market for Holiday Time is quite wide, it targets the whole market at the time of the Christmas. This product range has the seasonal aspect and is usually sold at the time of Christmas and New Year. The segmentation at the holiday time is basically through behavioural segmentation where the customers buys different products on their needs and the behaviour. One of the target segment is the holiday shoppers who shops at the time of holiday for the products required. (Spicer A & Hyaat D, 2017)
Customer needs
The customer needs at the time of holiday is fulfilled by Holiday Time product range. Customer needs different things at the time of Christmas ranging from Christmas tree, lights, home décor and gifting items which can help the customer make their festival and holiday memorable. The product line of holiday time includes holiday time candles and candle holders, holiday time...

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