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Essay Assessment Activities Name Sub-weighting Due date (Adelaide Time) Submit via Essay Plan 30% 26th Aug 2018, 5:00 PM learnonline This assignment consists of two tasks: 1. Essay Plan In your first...

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Assessment Activities
    Due date (Adelaide Time)
    Submit via
    Essay Plan
    26th Aug 2018, 5:00 PM
This assignment consists of two tasks:
1. Essay Plan 
In your first task you will construct an essay plan for your essay (please refer to the example on your course Learn online site).
The essay plan will demonstrate how you will address the topic and the resources that you will use to do so. The plan will help you organise your thinking about the topic and can be revised in future based on further reading and feedback from your marker. Having an essay plan will help you write a more coherent and cohesive essay.
Essay Topics
· Describe the main social factors that influence attraction between people. Select one of these factors and describe the empirical support for its influence.
Then, interpret and analyse the topic you chose in terms of its key ideas and search for at least five (5) peer reviewed journal articles on the topic. Read the articles and write your essay plan. Your essay plan should be constructed in approximately 700 words to include the following:
In the introduction: 
o provide the overview or context of the topic; 
o specify your thesis statement (the focus of your essay or response to the topic);
o list the three or four main points that will be addressed in the essay; and
o outline the structure of the essay.
In the body section of the plan:
o write topic sentences to introduce your main points; and
iefly expand each topic sentence with a minimum of two (2) references to demonstrate to your tutor that you have critically read and understood the literature on this topic.
Include a reference list using the appropriate referencing style that is used in your school.
The Format and assessment criteria
Your work must be word-processed, written in font size 12, with a 3cm margin and with double-line spacing. American Psychological Association (6th edition) referencing conventions must be strictly adhered to both in the body of the essay plan for in-text citations and in the Reference List at the end of the plan. The recommended writing guide contains important information on APA style referencing & citation as well as how to prepare and present an essay. 
The Essay Plan will be given a mark out of 15% of the total course grade, and you will be graded on the following criteria:
1. Topic analysis
2. Coherence and structure of plan
3. Clarity of expression
4. Relevance of references
5. Appropriate referencing
Note: A copy of the Ru
ic that will be used to help grade your work for the Essay Synopsis will be posted on the course website.
***More detailed information, including examples, will be provided in class***
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Factors of Social Attractions    3
Conclusion    5
References    6
    Being a rational being, humans get attracted to each other in terms of social factors alongside natural laws of attraction. The way different social factors affect human attraction needs a proper assessment, otherwise an inco
ect concept might overshadow a person’s social perspective and understanding of human attraction. It is found that the social factors of financial status, cultural similarity, and stereotypical social characteristics are the most influential ones. In the cu
ent essay plan each of the social factors will be discussed critically with the help of literary support of secondary sources of information, so that a proper and comprehensive idea is generated about the social factors of human attraction.
Factors of Social Attractions
Financial Status
    The most influential social factor that attracts humans to each other is the financial status of a person.
    The financial status of a person determines the person’s ability to access comforts, benefits and powers of the society. As noted by Ha-Vikström and Takala (2018), a person with a very affluent financial status attracts people very easily, as most people, who do not have a similar financial status to that of the person, try to experience the benefits of social comfort and powers by staying in close proximity. However, Be
y, Karlan and Pradhan (2018) argued that the level of attraction generated by financial status has its limits; a person with a very bad attitude, criminal background, unethical association and physical disability would not generate attraction in general. The financial status of a person also categories his or her likings and level of peers, and this is the reason for grouping of people in similar status. The financial status, as affirmed by Luong, Bennell, Hall, Ha
is and Hinman (2018), also determines the level of cultural association and intellectual development, as financial condition of...

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