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ENGLISH 1 RESEARCH PAPER Your final paper will be a multi-source research paper of 6-7 pages in which you define a problem and take a position arguing for a specific response or responses that you see...

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ENGLISH 1 RESEARCH PAPER Your final paper will be a multi-source research paper of 6-7 pages in which you define a problem and take a position arguing for a specific response or responses that you see as mitigating or solving the problem. The problem you write about may be related to one of the topic areas from our assigned readings, and you may use one of these texts to help you begin defining the problem and as a jumping off point for your research.The paper must be an argument, not a personal essay and not a report. In it you should do the following: •Clearly define the problem and explain why it is a problem. •Propose a response to the problem that could plausibly solve or mitigate it. •Present a causal analysis of the problem that establishes the seriousness or stakes of the problem and leads logically to your proposed response. •Present a counter argument to your position and a refutation of the counter argument. •Use at least 4 documented sources from the library, our assigned readings, or elsewhere. You are encouraged to use a variety of source types such as a book, scholarly journal, newspaper, and magazine. Periodicals and some books are available online from the SMC Library's electronic database. However, given the constraints to access that may occur due to the covid 19 closures, there is no requirement concerning the types of sources you use. Wikipedia may be used at the exploratory stage of research to get an overview of your subject, but it may not be included among the sources cited in the paper.
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Title: Impact of Social Media on the Mental Health of the Teenage population
Introduction    3
Main body    3
Conclusion    7
Works Cited    9
The prevalence of anxiety, distress and depression is mostly prevalent amongst a lion’s share of the adolescent population. As supported by Varma et al., media portrayed incidents of violence, school shootings, drug addiction, alcoholism and so on are many of the negative incidents we find, are deeply abso
ed by the teenage groups and takes its negative tolls on their lives by either making them commit some forms of crime or development of suicidal tendencies as a result of utter depression. The adolescent population are vulnerable to immediate adaptions of the nea
y situations and fall a prey to their transition owing to hormonal changes occu
ing in them leading to a lot of changes in the behavioral attitude. The social media plays a huge role in controlling their lives and
inging to addiction in many instances that has led to the spread of the negativity in the adolescent population. The gravity of the problem is much serious and needs for an immediate redress as these young generations are the future of the world.
Main body
Around 10%-20% of the teenage population in the world are suffering from a variety of mental diseases as supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), which includes anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and even suicidal tendencies. These mental problems are capable of affecting their life to a large extent and making them lesser interested in studies, impact in their psychosocial behavior and their career goals while developing abusive habits in them at a very young age. As supported by, Keles et al, the development of the mental disorders starts developing from an early age and 50% are present by the age of 14 and further it reaches to 75% when they are 18 years. As opined by Morgan et al, the tendencies of harming oneself out of te
ible distress has alarmingly reached to a rate of 68% over the last decade in the girls between 13 to 16 years of age in the UK and the reasons for the same had been inconclusive for quite a long time period. In today’s digital age, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have made it easier to share our daily experiences and know regarding others, hence all our lives have become immensely public specially those people who are much active in the Social media platforms and use it as their business strategies or for any other profits. They even aid us with the latest information regarding any organizations by supplying their live footages or images and they are known to execute notable impacts on the adolescent population by mostly controlling their lifestyles.
“ Social Media”, the term talks about the usages of different websites which one can access on the internet in order to share their personal information and have an access to others which are made visible or audible. According to Keles et al, 92% or more of the adolescent population is found to be highly active in these kinds of platform and use it to showcast their various achievements while learning from others as well. They have various devices to access the social media platforms like their own personal computers, laptops, tablet devices and even the cellphones and might even spend hours surfing the net without having the consciousness of wasting so much of time which could have been invested in other activities. The constant use of the internet has led to development of much sedentary lifestyles in the teenagers and risks of obesity and other health related problems like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases have also been observed as a result of lesser physical activities.
As supported by Kim, a...

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