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Each group decides on a consumer product or service they wish to bring to market. It has to be an innovative product/service which has never been in the market before. You can discuss with your tutor...

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Each group decides on a consumer product or service they wish to bring to market. It has to be an innovative product/service which has never been in the market before. You can discuss with your tutor about the product/service that you want to select.50% penalty (for each report and presentation) will be applied if students do not follow one of these requirements: File Exchange tool:- All the academic papers that are used in the assignment need to be posted on BB by using File Exchange tool (Instruction in page 6, for further question, please advise your lecturer). Student needs to highlight the discussion in the academic paper which is relevant to the discussion in the assignment
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Project Report
‘Marketing Plan for a Fashion Styling Service’
Prepared fo
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Marketing Management
Submission Date:
1    Marketing for New Realities    3
2    Marketing Strategies and Plans    4
3    Consumer Behavior & Cu
ent Product Offering    5
4    Marketing Objectives    6
5    Environmental Analysis by SWOT Framework    7
5.1    Strength    7
5.2    Weakness    7
5.3    Opportunity    7
5.4    Threat    8
6    References    9
Marketing for New Realities
The market in India for Fashion is growing at a rapid pace with retail year-on-year growth at 6%. With this backdrop, we believe in potential idea to set up an online fashion store for today’s fashion enthusiastic college-goers and u
an youths in residential campuses. Our new startup idea is to address the problems faced by students studying in colleges, who have to attend immense number of events and wants the best of the latest trend and fashion. However, in the far-flung areas where most of the colleges are established, availability and accessibility of required fashion apparels is a major pain area for students. We would offer a wide variety of western & ethnic premium outfits to make them flaunt their personality in cultural fests, business events and parties. The key highlight of our product is offered at an affordable price through rent and its easy availability.
Our product is completely sold through online store providing convenience & compatibility to students and tries to blend in with their lifestyles. We will set up a warehouse where we will keep and maintain the inventory. This will be located in Greater Noida, this place would give us a strategic benefits to serve and become the hub for our 7 premier institutions including SNU.
The marketing potential of Share Robe was initially tested using a market survey among SNU students. Furthermore, we conducted two separate focus group discussion for boys and girls along with depth-interviews. Surveys gave us quantitative data and FGDs, interview gave qualitative insights. We also included a few other universities including BIMTECH, Galgotias, SHARDA in survey to analyze our market. The sales estimation we took is based on 8 events per college per year shows the product cost would be Rs. 756. With results from our market survey, we foresee that students would prefer choosing the clothes we provide for the colleges in Greater Noida. We target sales of INR 1.06 Crores with sale of around 30K products. We shall achieve
eak-even in one year.
Marketing Strategies and Plans
On an average, there are dozens of social and cultural events which takes place in and out of college. Ranging from social mixers like fresher’s, farewell to cultural and organizational occasions like Fests and conferences that are organized by various colleges. This provides platform for not only the students within the college to participate, but also is a platform for intercollege interaction. Some of the major events around the colleges in Greater Noida which generates a lot of buzz all across are Breeze in SNU, Chorus in Sharada, Q-Guasar in Galgotias. Everyone wants to look different; student’s desires to have an outfit which reflects their personality which would make them stand out from the crowd. After all, looks and appearance fall under

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