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¢ Due Date: INDIVIDUAL REPORT : June 19th, 2020 ¢ Weight: 30 % ¢ Task Length : XXXXXXXXXXwords Task Requirement ¢ Select one Tourism or Hospitality organisation (eg. a hotel, motel, café or a...

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¢ Due Date: INDIVIDUAL REPORT : June 19th, 2020

¢ Weight: 30 %

¢ Task Length : XXXXXXXXXXwords

Task Requirement

¢ Select one Tourism or Hospitality organisation (eg. a hotel, motel, café or a fast-food restaurant or formal dining in restaurants, tours and travel company, an airline or sea cruise company Sydney, Australia),

¢ Check Organisation ( see corporate website and/or a place where you could visit) so that you could experience its ambiance and service.

¢ Check with your tutor whether the organisation is appropriate.

¢ Drawing on the marketing theories you have learned in class and the information you have gathered, briefly discuss the segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategies of that organisation.

Report structure

¢ 1.Introduction: A brief background of the Tourism & Hospitality organisation

¢ ( 3 paragraphs on Organisation, T & H services, issues and marketing strategies).

¢ 2. Overview of service offerings ( Organisation information, T & H activities, market conditions eg macro and micro evironment)

¢ (1-2 paragraphs. Any diagrams, charts (not included in word count)

¢ 3. Discuss the Segmentation ( 1-2 paragraphs) see week 4 Lectures

¢ 4. Analyse: Its target customers ( 1-2 paragraphs) week 4 Lectures

¢ 5. Positioning of the organisation (compared to other similar organisations)

¢ ( 1-2 paragraphs) Week 4 lectures

¢ 6. Issues/Problems ( 1-2 paragraphs) Lectures Week 6-9 (Digital Mkt)

¢ 7. Marketing strategies: ( 2-3 paragraphs) Lectures Week 6-9 (Digital Marketing)

¢ 7.1 Question? Has the company appropriately segmented, targeted customers, correctly positioned itself in the market.

¢ 7.2 Review its current marketing strategies ( 4 Ps).

¢ 8. Recommendation: New Strategies (4Ps, Service 3Ps XXXXXXXXXXparagraphs) Lectures Week 6- (Digital Mkt)

¢ 9.Conclusion: sum up in one paragraph ( issues, recommendations)

¢ 10. References (at least three sources (excluding website of company)

Criteria for your assignment

¢ 1. Identify the market conditions of the organisation

¢ 2. Discuss the application of the service offerings in the relevant marketing conditions

¢ 3. Demonstrate understanding of segmentation, targeting, and positioning process

¢ 4. Discuss and comment on the company’s marketing strategies

¢ 5. Demonstrate information literacy and communication skills

¢ 6. Use and reference academic sources of information to support an argument.

¢ 7. See Separate Marking Rubric for the detailed marking allocation.

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The University of Queensland
Hospitality Management
Individual Report
Student Submitting:
Due Date: 18/06/2020
1.0 Introduction
 Jetstar is an Australian based airline company that provides airline services to 34 destinations. The company started its operation in the year 2004, the company called the wholly-owned subsidiary of Qantas, the top managers of Qantas established Jetstar for managing the threat from the domestic airline company Virgin. The headquarters of the company is situated in Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. For the last the 12 years the company is helping the domestic customers and foreigner for meeting the travelling needs and interest. 
           The company is actively involved in tourism and hospitality services and activities. While analysing the holiday package provided by the company we can understand that the company offers 12 attractive places for the customers. The company is also helping the customers to reach an international destination such as Bali, Sapporo, Christchurch etc. As per the report of Business Insider (2019) last year, the Jetstar with the support of the parent company sends people to different tourist places and they also helped the people to get the good quality hotel and lodging services. With the support of AIG, the company is also providing travel insurance to the customer, the company is also using a special team for informing the customers about the new offers and discounts.
              The company Jetstar started its domestic operations in the year 2004 and they started its international operations in the year 2006. From the starting year, the company was giving importance to providing fewer cost services to the customers. The tag line of the company is “Everyday LOW FARES”, to a certain extent the company was successful in attracting the customers and increasing the sales, but still, the company is facing problem-related with marketing strategies and practices (Fu et al 2020). As per the report of TripAdvisor (2019), the Jetstar is facing tough competition from the national and international players. As per SKYTRAX ranking, the company is in the 6th position. From this, we can understand that the company is not giving more importance to effective marketing strategies and plans. The company has to implement aggressive marketing strategies for retaining the market share. While analysing the internal and external marketing programs of the company we can understand that it is not effective for managing the competition and for attracting the new customers. 
2.0 Overview of service offerings
          While analysing the different services offered by the company Jetstar we can understand that the company is mainly focused on providing domestic airline services. The company is actively engaged in providing discounts and offers for the tourist for visiting different places in Australia. Major T & H activities provided by the company includes;
1. Food and Drink Offering
2. Hotel and Lodging  
3. Recreation 
4. Travel and Tourism 
The company is providing attractive inflight deals and they also help the customer to get delicious foods from the best restaurants and hotels in Australia. 
While analysing the influence of market conditions on the operations of the company we can...

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