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Discussion Board 9 Discussion Board #9 Due Sunday 8/9: Single Story View the following Ted Talk by ChimamandaNgoziAdichie: "The Danger of a Single Story" Reflect on your acts of service. Consider one...

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  • Discussion Board 9

    Discussion Board #9 Due Sunday 8/9: Single Story

    View the following Ted Talk by ChimamandaNgoziAdichie: "The Danger of a Single Story"

    Reflect on your acts of service. Consider one or two ways you have gained insights regarding the impact of a single story while completing your service hours.

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    Final Integration Paper due August 9th

    Submit your assignmentson the Assignments tab in the drop boxfolder titled: Final Integration Paper due August 9th

    In essay format, write a six-page paper that addresses these five questions. Do not copy and paste the questions into the body of the paper. Rely on your personal experiences and the course materials; no outside resources needed. Double space and twelve-point font.

    1. Community can be seen as more than a geographical location; for example, there are communities of place, communities of interests, communities of concern, and virtual communities. In what ways have we seen people working together to strengthen the community, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic? How might/have these efforts contributed to peoples’ quality of life and sense of community? Why do you think it is important to see and serve community through a wider-lens and how does it better inform your sense of social location?

    2. Capital, as referred to in the essay What is Asset Based Community Development, can be seen as social capital. Social capital refers to human trust, shared understandings, and social ties. How does serving a community of friends and family impact your connection/relationships, social ties, trust, and shared understandings? How does social capital lead to a better understanding of community in our everyday lives? Provide two examples.

    3. Assets can be seen as gifts, skills, and creative acts. Assets reflect our human values and how we live everyday life. While creating or writing two of the service projects, what assets and values did you apply? Before taking these steps, how aware were you of these values and assets? In what ways did working on the service projects impact or engage these assets and your values? Reflecting on reciprocity, what did you receive by sharing what you created or wrote? In other words, what did you receive back from giving forth your skills, creativity, and lived values? What of this experience, did you give with your head, hands, and heart?

    4. After completing the fifteen hours of community engagement and reading various articles related to the course, how do you better understand what it means to be an active citizen, and use your voice, in the context of family, friends, and local community or government? In what way is it your social responsibility to engage others and impact their lives in positive ways? In what way is it one’s social responsibility to reflect on the development of an actively engaged citizen mind-set and a sense of belonging?

    5. Reflect on the YouTube- Ted TalkThe Danger of a Single Story byChimamandaNgoziAdichie,as related to power and privilege. Next, reflect on the community partner site the course addressed. For the service hours you were on-site, identify ways you observed how power and privilege were embedded in that ommunity and those that were served. Or, consider one or two ways you gained insights regarding the impact of a single story at that site and what steps might be taken to address the issue.

    Format: 6 pages typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, ¾” margins. Please use APA formatting to cite your references.

Answered Same Day Aug 13, 2021


Shreyashi answered on Aug 14 2021
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The coronavirus pandemic has proved to be a disaster for the human beings within couple of months of its a
ival. The disease started spreading throughout our community. People started to lock themselves in their homes. The economy degraded exponentially with the rise in the death of people affected with coronavirus. Many people who had jobs in the private sector lost it due to the unavailability of providing their service because they had to quarantine themselves in their own house. Hue and cry raised from all sides in the community. People ran out of money food and every other necessary things that is required for their living. In these cases it is very much essential to remember that we together form a community and the responsibility of development and upliftment of the community lies on the hands of all of us. Fortunately, almost everyone around me took the responsibility of the development of the community and hence I have witness many people providing help to the needy ones at this hour of distress. I have seen people donating money for the good cause of feeding and clothing. There were many people who distributed food among the needy people for free. There were people who volunteered themselves for helping those who cannot help themselves due to the cu
ent crisis.
These efforts put forward by a section of people in the community, contribute to peoples' quality of life and sense of community. By involving themselves in those charity works, people realise how much they depend on those people in other time who they are helping now and how the community is interconnected and depends on one another. This work give birth to a sense of empathy love and compassion for the people they stay around which ultimately leads meaning to the life and makes us realise about the importance of a community. It is very important that we realise the importance of the community we live in and start working for it because a community e cannot survive on its own it depends on each and every people that constitutes a community.
It is the responsibility of all the people living in the community to contribute to it. Because without the contribution of the people a community won’t exist or there will be chaos all around. When people stop giving importance to a community it gradually starts degrading and comes to a point where it cannot be e mended any further. The lack of active participation of sensible citizens in a community also speaks a lot about the people living in it. When we e study or watch a community prospering, we automatically assume that it is because of the people. There is no existence of community without the people and hence to develop the community we need to help each other develop. Thus the importance to serve the community is immense as it ultimately depends on individual development as well.
Asset based community development is a particular approach that deals with the development of a community based on the assets or skills of the individual living in the community. For better understanding of asset based community we can say that asset based community development is the development that takes place in a community which directly depends on the skills like connection, potential, knowledge of the individuals living in that particular community.
Serving a community of friends and family as well as acquaintances impact our relationship and social ties along with our shared understanding with...

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