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Develop a 10 page qualitative or quantitative consumer research plan for a provided scenario or a provided scenario.

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Develop a consumer research plan for your selected company and audience, including the following:
= Write a
ief introduction of the selected company.
= Analyze a consumer research-related problem. The research problem is to be appropriate for you
selected company and might entail issues related to customer engagement, external factors, o
internal factors.
= Apply secondary data and information related to the research problem.
= Develop a research plan for the identified problem. Use qualitative or quantitative data related to the
esearch problem.
« Develop the sampling and data collection plans for the research problem.
= Apply how the expected outcomes contribute to organizational market needs, decision making, and/o
strategy building.
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Deliverable Format
The consumer research plan is to be a minimum of 10 pages, in addition to the title and references
* You may choose to organize your plan as follows:
o Title page.
o Executive summary - 1 page.
Introduction and background of the research problem (for example, a consumer behavior issue
your plan addresses) — 2 pages.
Secondary data and information — 2-4 pages.
o Internal secondary data.
o External secondary data.
Research plan — 2 pages.
o Qualitative (for example, focus groups or depth interviews).
o Quantitative (for example, observational or casual).
Sampling and data collection, using a probability or non-probability sample — 1 page.
Contributions — 1 page.
Conclusion — 1 page.
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Executive Summary
    In order to prepare Rollin' Auto for future growth with the support of its investors, this consumer research strategy attempts to solve the challenges with customer behavior that the firm is now experiencing. Understanding customer engagement variables and outside impacts on consumer choices is the main research issue. To dive more into these concerns, we suggest a qualitative study strategy. This strategy describes the methodology, sample, data collecting, and anticipated results, highlighting how this study will meet the demands of the market and assist Rollin' Auto in making strategic decisions.
Table of contents
Executive Summary    2
Introduction and Background    5
Company Overview    5
Research Problem    5
Secondary Data and Information    6
Internal Secondary Data    6
External Secondary Data    7
Research Plan    8
Research Approach    8
Data Collection Methods    9
Sampling Strategy    10
Data Analysis    10
Timeline    11
Ethical Considerations    11
Expected Outcomes    11
Contributions    11
Conclusion    14
References    16
Introduction and Background
Company Overview
    With the support of two devoted equity investors, Rollin' Auto is a vi
ant and inventive automobile servicing and repair business that is well-positioned for major expansion. Rollin' Auto, which was established with the goal of offering a complete and customer-focused solution for all automobile needs, is aware of the importance of comprehending consumer behavior for both immediate success and long-term viability. With the help of this consumer research strategy, Rollin' Auto will gain actionable insights to help it define its future plans and products by delving into the nuances of customer involvement and the influence of outside influences on consumer preferences.
    Due to its consistent focus on providing the best possible customer service and automobile maintenance, Rollin' Auto holds a unique position within the cutthroat automotive service sector. Rollin' Auto aims to become the go-to location for all things automotive by offering a variety of services, from basic maintenance to sophisticated repairs, and giving trust, dependability, and convenience to its clients.
Research Problem
    The cu
ent research challenge has several facets. First and foremost, Rollin' Auto wants to know what influences customer engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction. For recu
ing business and effective word-of-mouth marketing, it is crucial to establish and maintain good client connections (Sirina & Zubkov, 2021). Second, Rollin' Auto is interested to understand how outside influences affect consumer decisions. Within the automobile service sector, market pressures, rivalry, economic situations, and technical improvements all have a significant impact on consumer preferences. Rollin' Auto aims to strengthen its market position, connect its offers with customer expectations, and make data-driven, trend-responsive strategic decisions by addressing these crucial issues through qualitative consumer research. In essence, this research strategy creates the foundation for Rollin' Auto's continuing development and success in a fiercely competitive sector.
Secondary Data and Information    
    The consumer behaviour analysis study approach for Rollin' Auto heavily relies on secondary data and information. These resources offer the background information and context necessary to frame the study topic and direct the qualitative research technique. To understand customer involvement and outside impacts on consumer choices in the instance of Rollin' Auto, both internal and external secondary data will be used.
Internal Secondary Data
· Client Demographics: It's likely that Rollin' Auto keeps data of client characteristics, such as age, gender, location, and car type. If engagement levels fluctuate across distinct consumer segments, analysis of this data may reveal this (Yao et al., 2021). Customers, who are younger, as opposed to those who are older, may interact with the
and differently.
· Surveys and Feedback Forms for Customers: Rollin' Auto has been carefully gathering consumer feedback through surveys and feedback forms. These documents offer important data on client satisfaction, opinions of service quality, and particular areas that still need work. The research team can spot trends and spots where client interaction may have been especially strong or poor by looking at survey data from earlier iterations (Rollins et al., 2021).
· Customer Complaints: Information may be learned a lot from customer complaints and how they are resolved. The research team may learn about areas in which Rollin' Auto may have performed poorly in terms of customer involvement by looking at previous complaints and how they were addressed. This information might help point out places where progress has been achieved.
· Sales Records: Rollin' Auto keeps thorough records of every sale, including information on the services provided, the cost, and the purchasing patterns of the clientele. This data can show trends in client preferences, including the most popular services, how pricing influences customer decisions, and whether certain promotions or discounts have significantly impacted interaction.
External Secondary Data
· Competitor analysis: Comparing Rollin' Auto's performance to those of rivals in the automobile service sector can provide useful benchmarks. Rollin' Auto can differentiate itself and increase engagement by learning about the offers, price, customer feedback, and market positioning of rivals.
· Industry Reports: Trends and developments in the automobile service sector are constant. Industry studies from reliable sources offer insightful analyses of market dynamics, new trends, and consumer behavior. These studies may, for instance, point to changes in consumer preferences for environmentally friendly services or the rising significance of online reservation systems.
· Economic Information: Consumer preferences and spending habits may be greatly influenced by the status of the economy. Rollin' Auto may better comprehend how external economic variables may have affected customer involvement and service demand by analyzing economic statistics such as GDP growth, inflation rates, and consumer confidence indexes.
· Technological Trends: The automobile repair sector is undergoing technological change, including the...

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