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Business Data Analysis MIS771 - Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation Trimester 1, 2020 Page 1 of 8 MIS771 Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND BUSINESS...

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Business Data Analysis
MIS771 - Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation Trimester 1, 2020
Page 1 of 8
MIS771 Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation
Assignment Three
This is an individual assignment, which requires you to analyse a given data set, assemble an interactive
dashboard using the Tableau software, and then convey your results as a website through WordPress

Percentage 35%
The Due Date and Time 11.59 pm Monday 8th June 2020

Submission instructions
The assignment must be submitted by the due date electronically in CloudDeakin. When submitting
electronically, you must check that you have submitted the work co
ectly by following the instructions
provided in CloudDeakin. Please note that we will NOT accept any paper copies or part of the assignment
submitted after the deadline or via Email.
Important Note: Extensions and Late submissions are NOT possible for this assessment.
You must keep a backup copy of every assignment you submit until the marked assignment has been
eturned to you. In the unlikely event that one of your assignments is misplaced, you will need to submit
your backup copy. Any work you submit may be checked by electronic or other means to detect collusion
and/or plagiarism.
When you are required to submit an assignment through your CloudDeakin unit site, you will receive an
email to your Deakin email address confirming that it has been submitted. You should check that you can
see your assignment in the Submissions view of the Assignment Dropbox folder after upload, and check
for, and keep, the email receipt for the submission.
MIS771 - Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation Trimester 1, 2020
Page 2 of 8
The assignment uses the file RockingRobin.xlsx, which can be downloaded from CloudDeakin. Analysis of
the data requires the use of techniques/software studied in Module 3.
Assurance of Learning
This assignment assesses following Graduate Learning Outcomes and related Unit Learning Outcomes:
Graduate Learning Outcome (GLO) Unit Learning Outcome (ULO)
GLO1: Discipline-specific knowledge and
capabilities - appropriate to the level of
study related to a discipline or profession.

GLO2: Communication - using oral, written and
interpersonal communication to inform,
motivate and effect change.

GLO3: Digital literacy - using technologies to find,
use and disseminate information.

ULO 1: Apply quantitative reasoning skills to solve
complex problems.

ULO 2: Deduce clear and unambiguous solutions
in a form that they useful for decision
making and research purposes and for
communication to the wider public.

Feedback before submission
You can seek assistance from the teaching staff to ascertain whether the assignment conforms to
submission guidelines.
Feedback after submission
This assessment will be treated as the final exam. Thus, the assessment mark and feedback cannot be
eleased until the University officially releases the final results. The assessment mark and feedback will
e published on Cloud Deakin as soon as the official results are released.
MIS771 - Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation Trimester 1, 2020
Page 3 of 8
You are an intern at Beautiful Data Inc. The company is specialised in developing insightful and dynamic
dashboards for their clients.
Todd has requested you to come up with an interactive business dashboard for one of their clients, i.e.
RockinRobin Ice Creamery. In his memo sent to the analytics team via SLACK (see next page), Todd has
provided some guidelines on how to tackle the task. In particular, you are expected to explore the
RockinRobin dataset and develop an interactive dashboard using Tableau Desktop software. Then, you
should convey your results as an e-portfolio comprised of a process component and a solution component
via WordPress platform.
Dataset Details (accessible via RockinRobin.xlsx file)
The Excel file contains 2015 and 2016 revenue metrics (e.g. sales, profit, etc.) of RockinRobin Ice
creameries across different US states (i.e., nation-wide data). Data description is available from
Var_Description worksheet in the Excel file.
You may add additional Statistical analysis and/or supporting data of your own
(additional Latitude/Longitude data, web links etc.). However, the focus of the
assignment should be on the core data provided in the dataset.
MIS771 - Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation Trimester 1, 2020
Page 4 of 8
Todd’s memo sent to the Analytics team via SLACK1

12:50 pm

Todd Nash 3:17 PM
#VisCallenge #RockinRobin #Project
Hey, team DataViz.
Let us all start working on #RockinRobin data and see who can come up with the best
interactive visualisations. Remember, our work will be showcased in the upcoming online-
marketing campaign. More on this in my next post.
Todd Nash 3:20 pm
#VisCallenge #RockinRobin #Project
The #Data_Visualisation challenge consists of the following steps:
a) Review the #RockinRobin dataset first.
) Define a #Business/User_Persona that will be the #Audience of your data visualisation,
and develop a #story to help focus and guide your data visualisation development
c) Identify key #Data_Elements in the selected dataset that could be used to explore
further using data visualisation methods.
d) Discuss why you may use certain #Visualisations
e) Keep in mind #Ethical considerations of using #3rdparty_data
f) Develop an #Interactive_Dashboard (using the #TableauDesktop)
g) Describe key components of your final #Dashboard.
h) Deliver your project as #ePortfolio via #WordPress

Todd Nash 3:43 pm
#VisCallenge #RockinRobin #Project
Guys, remember all the points mentioned in my previous comments should be done via

Good luck all!
Ah, and remember… I expect your projects submitted to me by Monday 8th June 2020,

1 Slack
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inging the right people, conversations, tools, and information you need together. Slack is available on
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MIS771 - Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation Trimester 1, 2020
Page 5 of 8
Assignment Deliverables via WordPress
The assignment consists of two main sections (web pages): Process and Solution (accessible via Menu in
the WordPress template). You are required to complete both parts. This assignment is equivalent to 2,500
A) Process Component
You are required to complete this section by completing four pre-set web pages under the process menu.
Content presented here should be written in a ‘professional’ language and must cover the following four
1) Describe the audience for your Data Visualisation
(to be written under AUDIENCE page)
Describe the audience of the Data Visualisation you intend to create. This section should
include a general description of the persona, questions they want to be answered,
actions/outcomes your dashboard will be supporting, and the feeling you would like to
2) Identify Data Elements
(to be written under DATA ELEMENTS page)
Using what you have learnt in the lectures and tutorials, first please describe each column
in the dataset (note: you should describe all columns regardless of whether you will
ultimately use them in your visualisation or not). Then classify the data (example,
Categorical, Numerical: Discrete, Continuous / Scales of measurements: Nominal, Ordinal,
Interval and Ratio / Time/Date, Location).
3) Describe at a high level what types of charts you might use to display the data.
(to be written under THE RIGHT FIT page)
Based on the data types you described earlier in this section, along with the objectives of
the persona you described, describe what charts and visualisations do you think might
work well to communicate the information.
4) Finally, describe any data ethics considerations there with the data you intend to use.
(to be written under ETHICS page)
Describe any considerations you think you should keep in mind while developing and
sharing your visualisation.
Note: While adding content, images, and tables are allowed under these sections (web pages);
students are strictly prohibited from moving web page locations, renaming web pages or
adding new pages under the PROCESS component.
MIS771 - Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation Trimester 1, 2020
Page 6 of 8
B) Solution Component
Under the SOLUTION component (WordPress web page), you are expected to have two deliverables,
namely, Live Dashboard and Story Telling.
First, using the skills, you have developed in the tutorial sessions (and leveraging any additional training
and online support provided by Tableau Inc.) you should develop an interactive dashboard using Tableau
Desktop. Then, you should embed your interactive dashboard on the Live Dashboard web page.
Note: Instructions on how to retrieve embed code and import interactive dashboard to WordPress
websites is available in the WordPress Instruction Manual.
Under the Story Telling web page, you are expected to capture and describe various screenshots of your
interactive dashboard developed using Tableau Desktop.
Your descriptions, comments, or annotations of the interactive dashboard should detail how you have
considered the data visualisation framework while developing the interactive dashboard.
The questions below will give you some ideas of the type of comments you should include in this section:
I. What types of charts have you selected and why?
II. How have you used colour (or not)?
III. How have you used hierarchy in your approach?
IV. What interactive components did you introduce?
V. How have you supported the motivations of the persona you defined?
VI. Comment on data sources and any data manipulation you may have performed.
Note: While adding content, images and tables are allowed under these sections (web pages);
students are strictly prohibited from moving web page locations, renaming web pages or
adding new pages under this PROCESS component.
Answered Same Day May 27, 2021 MIS771 Deakin University


Payal answered on Jun 08 2021
138 Votes
The purpose of this activity is to analyse the sales data of Ice-Cream factory & to perform the visual representation of the analysis.
This dataset is about the sales of RockinRobin Ice Creamery, that deals in Ice cream products which are further categorized by the product type & products in each type.
The key matrix of the data like Profit, Sales, Cost of Goods Sold are given for each of the region segregated the market size (Small & Major). In the cu
ent analysis we are going to analyse the performance of the RockinRobin Ice Creamery on the basis of key matrix for each region & market size
We shall be considering Tableau for our study
Every Organization works with the set hierarchy based on the segregation of duties with that Organizations. This hierarchy included the Person who is executing the job Immediate Supervisor Manager Head of Department Operation In-charge President.
All these members segregated their duties & works as per their designation into respective operations. In the cu
ent situation, this data deals with the key matrix of the Company, which will be further analysed to draw meaningful insights about the cu
ent performance of the company. The performance parameters include –
· Actual vs Budgeted Sales
· Actual vs Budgeted Profits
· Sales
· Inventory of different products
· Sales of different products according to market size
Considering the above parameters, the target audience included Top management of Finance & Sales & marketing Team at RockinRobins. These parameters will be further reviewed by the said audience & other decision makers of the Company to help them to take better & fact based decision for the future prospects of the Company
PROFIT- It defined as the Actual Profit of the company. It is usually reported in the P&L statement of any Company which is released on yearly basis based on the Financial Year Cycle followed by respective companies. This data is usually classified in Numeric
SALES –It is defined as Actual Sales of a product or list of Products in which Company deals. This data is usually classified in Numeric
COGS – This denoted the Actual cost incu
ed during Sales of Goods. It is usually expanded as Cost of Goods Sold of the company. This data is usually classified in Numeric
BUDGET PROFIT – This is termed as estimated Profits of the company or the target profit considered at the start of Financial Year. This data is usually classified in Numeric
BUDGET COGS - This is termed as estimated Cost of Goods Sold in the company or the target profit considered at the start of Financial Year. This data is usually classified in Numeric
BUDGET SALES - This is termed as estimated Cost considered for sales of products in the company or the target profit considered at the start of Financial Year. This data is usually classified in Numeric
TOTAL EXPENDITURE – It is the Total Expense of the company while running the operations. It includes Operational, Administrative, Other & Overheads expenses incu
ed in P&L statement of Company This data is usually classified in Numeric
MARKETING EXPENSE – This is amount spent on promotions & marketing of the product. This data is usually classified in Numeric
INVENTORY – It is the total quantity in stock ready to consume. Inventory could be at Manufacturing side, trading side, retailer side, etc. This data is usually classified in Numeric
AREA CODE – This is the terminology used to denote each Area with a given a specific code, to uniquely identify them. This data is usually classified in Text
PRODUCT ID - This is the terminology used to denote each Product with a given a...

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