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·Describe your chosen field of study and the work you expect or would like to do within that field. (related to either finance or business analytics) ·Introduce the technology angle that is of...

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·Describe your chosen field of study and the work you expect or would like to do within that field. (related to either finance or business analytics)

·Introduce the technology angle that is of interest to you. It could be hardware, software, systems, the impact of some new cutting edge technology, implications from the web and social networking…pretty much anything that interests you, as long as you can tie it to IT.

·Provide a detailed description of the IT. This may require a bit of research on your part. Watch some videos, look for recent articles, maybe even look at some academic research.

·Describe how this IT impacts your chosen field. How does it benefit? Are there any disadvantages? What are people currently using? Would/does this IT change the way business is done? Does it create new opportunities? Is there some huge problem this addresses? You don’t have to answer all of these questions – they’re just to get you thinking about the impact of a technology.

·Why is this interesting and/or important? Think about presenting this information to a high school senior who is considering majoring in your field. You want to get them excited about the opportunities IT affords.

·Sources! Don’t forget to cite your sources. References to articles, figures, numbers, or specific software systems should be cited in the text this this: (Smith, 2013), with full citations on a separate page of your document. Like this:

Smith, J. (2013, September 2). Technology is Awesome.TimeMagazine, 171(4), 54-60.

It doesn’t matter which citation format you use, but a standard is the APA or MLA style. Google this if you’re not familiar with citation formatting. Formatting should be consistent across your citations.


·Double-spaced throughout. No blank lines between paragraphs.

·Font: Arial

·Font size: 11

·Margins: one inch margin all around

·Length: Minimum of 3fullpages, maximum of 4 pages. Points will be deducted for 2 ¾ pages or 5 ¼ pages.

·1 page of citations/references (this is not included in the previous 3-4 page count). Minimum offivereferences.

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Deblina answered on Mar 10 2022
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Last Name:    2
Title: Data Science & Analytics
Overview    3
Data Science & Analytics    3
Technological Perspectives    3
Association with Information Technology    4
Impact of Information Technology on Data Science & Analytics    5
Reflection    6
Works Cited    7
The chosen topic that will be discussed in this particular essay is the viability of data science and analytics. Data Science and Analytics has become an integral domain of business analytics with the profound application of information system.
Data Science & Analytics
Data science and Data Analytics functions with big data by taking distinct approach. Data science encompasses the aspect of Data Analytics. This particular domain in business analytics uses a combination of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Information Systems Information Science Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to develop an understanding of a particular research objective (Meazzini). This includes the actions of data mining, data interference, predictive modeling, and machine learning algorithm that helps to analyze and predict from complex data sets and use them to take actionable business strategies.
Technological Perspectives
Data science and Data Analytics put together various dimensions of analytical skills with the help of technological aspects. Technological advancement and development of various software like SQL, Python, R, SASS, E-views, SPSS, and many more have revolutionized the aspect of Data Analytics with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. The biggest innovation of technology in Data Analytics was the development of cryptocu
ency and the technology to control data online.
The aspect of artificial intelligence has become one of the most important technological aspects that have refined the business operations with the help of Data Analytics and assurance to be the major trend in the future (Demchenko et. al.). The technological outlook and the use of statistical software have a exceptional and massive impact on the development Data Analytics. As human interactions with technology accelerate the amount of data that is generated regularly is immeasurable. But this data has an immense value to the companies for designing their business strategies to secure long-term and sustainable growth in the global market. Data science aims to collect and process data with the help of technology to guide companies in making crucial business decisions.
The most popular emerging technologies in the domain of data analytics are artificial intelligence, cloud services, Augmented...

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