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Define the following terms withat least 2 sentences each. Do not copy and paste text from your book or online.1. Case law2. Civil Law3. Consolidated Agencies4. Counterterrorism5. Criminal Justice...

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Define the following terms withat least 2 sentences each. Do not copy and paste text from your book or online.

1. Case law

2. Civil Law

3. Consolidated Agencies

4. Counterterrorism

5. Criminal Justice System

6. Criminal Law

7. Discretion

8. Federalism

9. Jurisdiction

10. Procedural law

11. Substantive law

12. Public police

13. Reactive

14. Separation of powers

15. Task-forces

16. Tribal police

    17. Police

    Answer the following in complete sentences ofat least 3 sentences each. Do not copy & paste from your textbook or any online source.

    1. Describe the challenges of policing a free society.

    2. Describe the various police systems within the United States.

    3. Explain how the American police system is distinct from other police systems.

    4. Describe the types of law enforcement agencies within the United States.

    5. Compare and contrast local, state, and federal police.

    6. Define the role of police and their purpose

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    Newsom        2
    Title: Conflicting Viewpoints Essay
    Definitions    3
    The challenges of policing free society    4
    The various police systems in USA    4
    Distinction of USA police system and other’s    5
    Types and comparison of different law enforcement agencies………...…………………………….4
    Role of police and their prupose    5
    References    6
    Case Law- Case law is the law formed by the results of previous cases.
    Civil law- it deals with citizens' private matters, such as ma
    iage or an ownership dispute over property. Civil law has monetary punishments.
    Consolidated Agency- "Agency formed by affirmative consolidation of participating agencies" is a consolidated agency.
    orism- To thwart te
    orism, political or military measures is known as counterte
    Criminal Justice System- it is a way to provide victims with justice and to punish offenders in a way that serves as an example for the rest of society.
    Criminal Law- The idea of criminal law is to penalize the offender, so that nobody repeats the offence.
    Discretion- "The judge's decision" is intended when the phrase discretion is used. Judges exercise their discretion on several occasions while giving orders.
    Federalism- is a form of governance in which state and federal governments have their power distributed equally.
    Jurisdiction- The...

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