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CSSAP302A Working with people with disability 2020Assessment event 1 Case study- the support planBased on a teacher-provided case study and NDIS Plan (frictional)a) Develop a support Plan using the...

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CSSAP302A Working with people with disability 2020Assessment event 1 Case study- the support planBased on a teacher-provided case study and NDIS Plan (frictional)a) Develop a support Plan using the template provided. Included information about David, his goals, activities, resources, personal responsibility, timeframes and assessment risks.
b) Critically analyse the support Plan with reference to principles, evidence-Based frameworks and disability practice standard.words limit 2500Due to 28/8/2020
Task:David lives in Melbourne in his home with 2 other people who have disabilities. He has an intellectual disability which means he takes quite a long time to learn new things and has difficulties with planning and judgement. He is supported in his home and the community by his two co-workers who are employed by Local Disability Services.1 watch this video to meet David - it's my choice 2 YouTube 6:09 minutes).
David has an NDIS Plan that provides funds for activities to enable him to reach his goals. He has been using Local Disability Services for several years. He is happy with their services and has chosen to continue with them.You are the support Planner for Local Disability Services and you are responsible for putting David's NDIS Plan into action
2 Read David's Plan. This is a frictional Plan3 Review the template of support Plan that is provided.4 Using the subject notes, your own research and the NDIS Plan provided.a) Develop a support Plan using the template provided. Do not write into the template document provided. You will need to create your own document using the template as a reference. Include:i) Information about David (the three question are from the One Page Profile used in person Centred Planning).ii) At least two goalsiii) The activities that will be done to achieve his goalsiv) The resource- time and money, equipment etc. needed to implement the goals . The Funds available are in the NDIS Plan but there may be Community and informal supports available that do not cost anything.

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NDIS Plan for David to Support
David’s NDIS Plan-
Name: David     
Name of Support Planner: Paul
Date of Review:
People involved in developing the support Plan: The NDIS plan manager, the NDIS support system coordinator, the clinical psychologist, technical equipment manager.
About Me
Hello, I am David and I live in Melbourne in a house with two co-workers. I follow routine prescribed to me that keeps me engaged throughout the day. My schedule is fixed for day to day activities and mostly, I am punctual to all of the assigned tasks. I do not stick to one kind of task all the time; for example, if I go for drama classes on Tuesday, I will take pictures on Thursday and will use them for selling in the market. I like photographing things and objects as well as human beings. I also like walking wearing my favorite boots; they help me feel better when I wear them on. I also like attending drama classes. I also like selling my own pictures because it inspires me to do more and better than the already taken pictures. It is my ho
y to make sure that I take the best pictures.
Going out at frequent occasions thrill me; I usually go out for tea, coffee or beer, whichever is preferable as per the conditions. I do not speak much because I have to focus on what the other person has to say to me. I like listening to what is said to me and I usually try it out at home with my fellow workers. I take their help in cleaning up the messy state of my own room. I am so far happy with the kind of service I have received through the support plan and I wish to continue with it. I am satisfied with the facilities and support that I have received so far. I also like to be a part of the social activities and I wish someday, I will be organizing one of my own where more and more people will be there and I will engaged in talking and taking care of them as the ideal host.
Most People Appreciate about Me
    People tend to appreciate when I listen to them and follow their advice. For example, my co-workers keep me posted about how to ensure cleanliness in my room. When they say something related to it, I do exactly the same stuff. I like following people to meet with the day to day activities like making tea at home or make my bed every morning. At the end of the day, people around me appreciate when I am tired by doing my routine day work. It shows my engagement with the degree of interest that I have.
What is Important to Me
    For me, it will be of the greatest importance to learn to be independent in my work and personal life. I would like to see myself more involved in social activities, to assist other people like me, to support community and provide services to the church and at the same time, I would like to ensure that my work and personal life goes very balanced like all other professionals. This will enable me lead a healthy and positive life not only on physical but also on mental level.
My Goals:
A) My first goal is to work on developing my understanding and memory skills so that I can get my daily routine as more ordered and well planned.
B) I want to work on developing my motor skills and cognitive growth, learning about how to behave socially and become an independent person.
    Person Responsible
    Risk Factors and Analysis
    Making the bedroom in morning
    the Support plan manager
    David finds it complicated to see messy bedroom and does not know how to fix it. During the video, it can be observed that his first point of focus is to show his ‘messy room’. He adds ‘messy’ to indicate that he wants to improve it but he does not know exactly how to do it. Therefore; he seeks guidance to do it. Under core module one of NDIS practice standards, it is mentioned under rights and responsibilities that every participant 's communication about the provision of support is sensitive to their needs and is given in the language, mode of communication and terms most likely to be understood by the participant (NDIS, 2018)
The risks involved to this activity are also linked to the delay in other activities; David is likely possible to be late for the work every day because of his una
anged room at home. Therefore; the source of the problem is to be resolved by assisting him in managing morning works.
    During week one, from Monday to Saturday. The exercise of fixing the room will take place on Sunday.
    Going to the places on Independent level.
    The Support plan manager
    This is one of the core objectives behind implementing the NDIS plan. David needs to learn about navigation on roads and in streets of Melbourne. Cu
ently, he knows the places that he visits more often. For example, he reaches to the market place where he sells his photos...

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