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Create a colgate wisp print ad. Il attach some examples of what it should look like from previous submissions. ill also add hid pdf he provided of background information. you can use canvas its free...

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Pump Room
Pump RoomPump Room
Welcome to the Pump Room!
Our private gym room offers a comfortable, clean, and
safe workout spot, without the noisy crowds.
Check out our website for more
information & enrollment
New members will have a free week
trial and will be trained with ou
personal trainers.
You will have access to top-of-the-line equipment
that includes weights, a treadmill, a squat rack and etc.
Our gym room is available for rent by the hour, making
it the perfect option for those who have a busy
schedule or need flexible workout times.

Colgate Wisp
We Love
to Make
You Smile

Y&R Global Communications
Colgate Wisp: Creative Review
Launch Objectives
    Expand TB business beyond traditional tooth
    Establish and grow on-the-go platform to deliver $100MM+ incremental NS
    Strengthen Colgate’s innovation credentials
    Induce users of fresh
eath products to make Colgate Wisp a regular part of their grooming routine
IMC Creative Brief
    Key Insight:
    Projecting the right image is important to me
    Key consumer benefit:
    Introducing Colgate Wisp… little enough to keep with me at all times, to clean my mouth whenever I need to
    Reasons to Believe:
    A mini-
ush with a freshening bead for use on the go. No water needed.
Development History
    Successful US Bases II Results                4/07
    Advertising development begins                4/07
    Qualitative-Round 1                        9/07
    Qualitative-Round 2                        2/08
    Qualitative-Round 3                        4/08
Key Learnings
     Size matters
     Usage must be “pregame”
Key Learning
     Tonality and setting must be relevant to the target
Target Selection
    Target selected based on propensity to use Wisp
Identified people with greatest propensity to use Wisp (MRI, Simmons, TGI)
Profiled potential users
Who are we talking to: Connection Cravers
Source: MRI Spring 2007. Index vs. total adults. Weighted by Collective Psychographics
50/50 Male/Female Split
Live in U
an areas
Slight Affluent Skew
Median HHI: $61K
In a state of flux. . .
Have a bit of disposable income that they are willing to spend on themselves
Highly social -- life is about making connections
Always “on” -- life can happen at any moment
Always out and about, burning the candle at both ends
Category Attitudes
    Basic oral care needs: Clean teeth, fresh
ands a bit boring and scientific
    Looking for products to help them project an attractive image
    Bad Breath Paranoia -- mints, gum,
eath strips
    Bright White Teeth -- at-home whitening, whitening toothpastes
    Demand rapid results
     “Noticeably whiter teeth in 5 days,” “freshens
eath in an instant”
Being young is no longer fun & easy but difficult
Why does Wisp connect with the target?
    Extremely busy group constantly on the go (The New Busy-ness)
    Spends much of day and night away from home
    Wants to project clean, attractive image at all times
    Feels need to clean teeth when on the go
When exposed to Wisp, target instantly sees relevance to their busy lives
The Strategy
Attach “Wisping” to a relevant usage occasion XXXXXXXXXXinherently linked to connecting
Own the preparation for the kiss -- the “pre-game”
to make the right impression
Wisp works better than mints and gums because it not only freshens, it cleans
Colgate Wisp is the easy way to clean your mouth without water anytime, anywhere, so. . .
If you’re gonna kiss, Wisp.
Unlike gums or mints that only freshen, Colgate Wisp actually cleans your mouth
-- you wouldn’t want to kiss without one.
IMC Platform
Key usage occasion: Preparation for kissing
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