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Course Code: ETHC3200Course Description: Ethics and SocietyAssignment: Final PaperAssignment: You have two choices for this final paper.1. Choose a technological “solution” that has been offered to a...

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Course Code: ETHC3200Course Description: Ethics and SocietyAssignment: Final PaperAssignment: You have two choices for this final paper.1. Choose a technological “solution” that has been offered to a current modern problem (eg. electronic bees, GMO foods, self-driving cars, or any other technology of your choice that fits the scope of the project). Identify the real, underlying problem and use systems thinking and systems ethics as outlined by Denton, Wahl, and others to analyze whether or not this solution actually addresses the real problem, or if it represents short-sighted, linear thinking that is therefore not, according to this theory, ethical. Pay attention to values and consequences in this analysis. If the technology in question does not address the actual problem, offer an alternative solution and again, using systems thinking and systems ethics, explain how this solution does indeed do so.2. Choose another research topic in ethics that has meaning for you personally and send an email to your instructor to discuss your final paper.For this assignment you will work individually in developing a formal report package that will include a title page, a well-designed table of contents, an Executive Summary, an APA-style References page, as well as using visual/graphic components, headings and subheadings in proper format with appropriate cross-referencing. Your report should clearly present an exploration of the issue using the framework provided by the triple bottom line ethic discussed in class as well as a strong concluding section in which you detail clearly the ethical balancing of human, financial, and environmental concerns by way of proposing a process through which future questions in your focus area might be approached.Format: Length: ten to twelve pages (2500 to 3000 words). Follow APA citation style and general format (see “format for papers” in the syllabus).Please submit your assignment in Microsoft Word format, using the following filename: YourLastNameFirstName_ResearchReport.Weighting: This paper is worth 30% of your final grade.Deadline: Please see the syllabus.
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GMO-Genetically Modified Organisms        
GMO-Genetically Modified Organisms        1
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Executive Summary
The given report is summarization of the findings conducted on the topic “GMO Food- a solution for the expected food scarcity that the world may face in the coming future.” The introduction in the given report defines the problem for which GMO foods are considered as a solution along with a small introduction to Genetic Modification Technology is added. The main body is divided into headings and sub headings those explains a
ief history of the technology. Along with it the challenges for which the technology is being considered as solution is added. A triple bottom line analysis is conducted to consider the social, economic, and environmental impact of the technology in question. A conclusion is added in the end to summarize the findings of the report.
1.    Introduction    3
2.    GMO Food- A solution to the expected food scarcity    3
2.1.    History    3
2.2.    Solution to a problem    4
3.    Application of Triple Bottom Framework    6
3.1.    Environmental    7
3.2.    Economic    7
3.3.    Social    8
3.4.    Analysis    9
4.    Conclusion    10
5.    References    11
1. Introduction
The twenty-first century belongs to the welcome of innovations and technologies in the day to day life of the human beings. Now for every minor or major challenges the human beings are searching solutions in the technology. Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Bees, GMO and Nuclear Technology are some common examples who have affected the thought process of people across the world. Though, major lessons are also learned by the people as the several technologies widely used have affected the world negatively in terms of ethics, social, ecologically, and economically. There are many examples for the technologies who promised to be favour some for the human population, but, still falling under the scrutiny of acceptance as a useful technology (Peterson, 2008).
ought along Genetic Modification Technology that has raised major ethical concerns for the researchers. The technology in simpler terms, involves the merger of DNAs of different components and developing a new product that has the traits of both the individual components. Recently, the gaining attention and increasing experiments has made GMO a controversial topic. The reason is that along with the benefits the technology provides to the consumers and producers; it also ca
ies along the potential of environmental side-effects and bio-medical. The major concern is related to the food that is developed using the GMO technology as it may lead to short or long health issues (Serendipity, 2012). In the given report, an analysis of the problem for which GM food is being developed will be conducted using the Triple Bottom Line Framework. The conclusion about the applicability of the solution that GMO foods provide will also be provided in the end after conducting the complete research.
2. GMO Food- A solution to the expected food scarcity
2.1. History
In 1944, it was identified by the scientists that transfer of genetic material can be done between different species. The part of the modern science of molecular biology, the concept attracted the attention of various researchers and studies was conducted. The history boasts the first genetically modified to be the antibiotic resistant tobacco and petunias. In the food category, the year 1994 found its first genetically modified tomato. Now in the present times, potatoes, eggplants, ca
ots, and strawbe
ies those are genetically modified are widely available in the market with many more to come (Dona & Arvanitoyannis, 2009).
Fig 1- History of Genetic Modification Technology
Source: -
2.2. Solution to a problem
Before analysing its co
ectness, it is important to know why the technology turns out to be a useful one. Genetically Modified Food took to be a resort for three major challenges and they are as follows: -
· Expanding Population- the population as per surveys in 2015 reveals to be 7.35 billion with an expected addition of 83 million people annually. The estimated population of the Earth by the year 2030 will be nearly 8.5 billion, and by 2050 9.7 billion. The expanding population is the major reason for the increasing malnourishment across the globe. As per the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), in the year 2016 approximately 795 million people were undernourished. Majorly belonging to the developing regions and countries.
To match the increasing demand for the crops, the need for technology that could boost the crop yields from the cu
ent ratio which is 1.7% cu
ently to 2.4% in future is very important. It is expected that by optimizing the genetics of the crops that would
ing the quantitative improvement in the yields the solution of the problem could be found (Zhang, Wohlhueter & Zhang, 2016).
Fig. 2- Distribution and projected growth of world’s population. (A) World Population Prospects: The 2015 Revision. New York: United Nations. (B)
Source: -
· Decreasing arable land- the increasing population and their needs is not only increasing the malnourishment, but also decreasing the availability of arable land for the agriculture growth. The surveys and researched conducted by FAO shows that by 2050 the arable land which is at present 0.242 ha per person will reduce to 0.18 per person. Greater input will be needed to increase the output from the available arable land. The demand for...

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