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Copy and Paste YThere are various types of outline for different types of speech. For this assignment, you will use Monroe's Motivated Sequence. This outline format is laid out according to the...

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Copy and Paste YThere are various types of outline for different types of speech. For this assignment, you will use Monroe's Motivated Sequence.

This outline format is laid out according to the psychology of Alan Monroe who figured out that laying out an argument in this pattern can be very motivational.

The basic pattern consists of 5 steps:

1. Attention.

This is where we tell the audience there is a problem. This problem affects you, but I can help if you give me your attention.

2. Need.

This is where we lay out the problem.

3. Satisfaction.

Now we tell the audience how the problem can be fixed.

4. Visualization.

We help them to imagine what will happen when it is fixed.

5. Action.

Here are the specific steps the audience can take to help fix the problems.

An example of such an outline is attached.

Remember, you only write one sentence for each step in your outline, not the whole speech.

APA Formatting

As you may know, all college papers should be completed in APA format

In APA formatting, your paper (or outline in this case), is laid out like this...

Page One: Title Page,

Page Two: Abstract

Page Three: Outline

Final Page: References. You should have three references named in the outline (and in your speech next week.) If you need help citing the sources, try usingbibme.orgas it does all the work for you.

(Optional page would be an appendix with a description of your visual aid)

You are not required to use a visual aid, but should you choose to, you will need an appendix to your outline that describes your visual aid.our Assi Here
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Soumi answered on Jun 21 2020
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The speech is to help people to know the helpfulness of making an outline of a speech. The lecturer can place any point of the speech in the outline accordingly so as the speech flows in right direction. The speech should fulfil the gap in the mind of the audience as the person knows the whole matter and the listener hope to fill the blanks through the speech. The idea of the speech should be memorized by summarization of the ideas and the outcome of accepting the ideas.
Outline of the Speech
1. Attention:
This speech says what kind of sentence should say in a speech and people will be able to practice to make these needs together. People generally do the persuasive outline, will be easier if they practice the outline using the mentioned process in the speech. A formal outline can give the exact expectation about the speech. This video also tells about the motivated sequence that belongs for the motivational speech and it is a part of persuasive speech.
As per the view of Alderson-Day and Fernyhough (2015), speech outline is the exact summary of the speech that should be covered in details in speech and audience can expect to listen about the summary. It is a very basic informative outline that could be used to demonstrate speech that will be visualized in audience. It helps to explain all the point rather getting stuck in one point and people find it boring.
2. Need:
Outline of a speech helps to be focused during the speech and the person who makes speech does not go off topic anytime throughout the lecture and this helps to
ing the whole matter of speech together and this is what an audience need from a lecturer. There is a time parameter in a speech to make the patience of audience and a perfect outline gives the best thing...

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