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Complete a reflective journal of the 6 month internship that you have completed. Complete 5 reflective journals (each journal should be around 500 words) that summarize an event from which you learnt...

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Complete a reflective journal of the 6 month internship that you have completed. Complete 5 reflective journals (each journal should be around 500 words) that summarize an event from which you learnt something.
Each reflective journal will reflect a period of 1-2 weeks in your internship

Use Kolb's experiential learning cycle (provided in the attached files) method to complete your journal entries.
* I have attached a copy of one reflective journal during a period of my internship. My internship was completed on a construction worksite in Sydney Australia.
** Each journal must use Kolb'sexperiential learning cycle - this has also been use in the example journal i attached. Kolb'sexperiential learning cycle layout is also attached for reference.
*** Please complete 5 reflection journals spanning a period of 1-2 weeks each during the internship that I completed. I was Junior Civil Engineer in Sydney for a mid-sized construction company
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Running Header: Internship – Reflective Journals     1
Internship – Reflective Journals             11
Internship – Reflective Journals
Internship – Reflective Journals
All of the reflections presented in this report concern a 6 month internship experiences of the author as a site engineer in a construction company located at Sydney, Australia. The role pertained to the quality and the safety elements of the project. In this report, Kolb's theory of experiential learning style shall be employed for presenting the reflection and the same in general can be stated to be represented in the form of learning cycle spanning four stages within which concerned learner shall focus on all of the pertinent bases (Kolb 2014; Easte
y Smith and Cunliffe 2017). These four different stages encompass the following – [i] concrete experience, [ii] reflective observation, [iii] abstract conceptualization, and, [iv] active experimentation (Kolb 2014; Easte
y Smith and Cunliffe 2017).
Reflective Journal #1
On starting the internship, the initial week focussed on getting acquainted with the systems, processes, people, role expectations, working modalities, etc. at the site of the work. The same concerned a construction project at their Cante
ury site and the largely the role expectations involved the domain of quality and the safety elements. The project I was involved with encompassed a high value one and also a sensitive one with deadline challenges and other key expectations. I focussed on the three key elements by way of observation, document reading and key personnel interaction – [i] internal processes and systems, [ii] the various skillset / knowledge requirements, and [iii] areas of contribution from my end. I committedly and in a focussed manner gained exposure to these elements in the hope that the same shall be a strong foundation for undertaking my role in an effective manner.
In reflection, I would say the support of the ground staff and managers in being accommodative and aiding me to gain insights into the company’s internal processes and systems, the required various skillset / knowledge requirements from end, and ensuing areas of contribution that I need to deliver. The help involved allowing me to undertake the observation of the tasks, processes and other activities being undertaken, some of the internal documents concerning the company and the project that I was allowed to read as well as the interactions with the key personnel at the site. All of these aided in developing the key understanding and laying strong foundation in a very short time and enabling me to deliver in a competent manner. Overall these initial level learning experiences was highly beneficial and I understood the importance of various aspects.
One of the key learning from this experience that I can apply in future endeavours is the importance of the initial level research, data collection and ensuring clarity of importance of determining roles, process and contexts concerning which a problem resolution, project delivery, or any such undertaking is to be pursued to the success of undertaking them eventually. As described the application of such preparatory and research actions have applications across all domains and initiatives. The same can be paralleled to the exploratory study or else data collection which one shall be undertaking prior to undertaking any research and in an altered manner the same can have varied and wide application to ensure any activity being undertaken to be delivered in a successful and effective manner.
The same can be undertaken by way of a comprehensive collation of all foundational information, data, contexts and requirements pertaining to any specific initiative, the internalization of the same, the clarity by way of interaction and other resolution, etc. These when undertaken in a structured, organized and in a pertinent manner can have critical outcomes.
Reflective Journal #2
One of the initial responsibilities assigned to me was when I was allocated the responsibility with respect to the basement floor 3 of the construction site and/ was sought to assess the safety and the quality systems that are already in place for this basement floor 3 by way of reviewing its floor plans, the various safety and quality controls, processes, and systems in place, review of these documentation, interaction with personnel undertaking them, etc. and based on the assessment propose suitable recommendations for enhancing the safety at the premises. In the context of the same, I went about with this task by way of first developing a clear set of requirements expected based on the
ief given to me, then develop set of action plans with deadlines and deliverables, then implement these action plans in terms of data collection involving the reviewing its floor plans, the various safety and...

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