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Community Blog #1 (Management Team Learners) Due:Weeks 5–6 inclusiveLength:Maximum 200 words per blog post and a minimum of one post per weekRationaleOn a daily basis, tourism and hospitality managers...

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Community Blog #1 (Management Team Learners)Due:Weeks 5–6 inclusiveLength:Maximum 200 words per blog post and a minimum of one post per weekRationaleOn a daily basis, tourism and hospitality managers are required to be dynamic and influential yet empathetic and participative. They must champion innovation and creativity whilst monitoring stability, structure and control. An underlying commonality is the need to make decisions, both tactically and strategically, that influence the outcomes for many stakeholders. These decisions are sometimes instinctive and at other times calculated and well considered. They are all however, based on a collaboration of experience, research and sharing ideas.Your taskGather academic and other materials which reflect your response to 'The Topic':Management is the pursuit of ‘flexibility’You will post a summary during each week over two weeks and actively engage in discussion and debate within a community of Management Team Learners or MTLs (refer to Stepping Stone 1 of your Study Guide for more information on MTLs) on the relevance and importance of your material to the topic.To be an active MTL, our expectation is that you will (in addition to your original summary post)access, contribute and engage in discussion at least once per week. It is anticipated that you will use the online environment (i.e. your online group folder a.k.a. Blog space) to share thoughts, points of interest and relevant links, literature and other materials.Instructions
  1. Findat least2 items (one Academic journal article and one Industry article) that are relevant to our current topic, ‘Management is the pursuit of flexibility’.
  2. Prepare a blog entry for each item that you have chosen (maximum 200 words per entry): Blog entry should:
    1. include a brief critical review of your chosen material
    2. outline how your material relates to the ‘The Topic’ and the themes outlined in Quinn et al. (2015)
    3. show links to your own managerial/work/personal experiences.
  3. Access your Community MTLs Blog space via the MKT01907–2018-1 link in MySCU.
  4. Post your first blog entry during Week 5
  5. Discuss and debate within your community of ‘management team learners’ by engaging with these articles and the issues raised through them.
  6. Post your second blog during Week 6remembering to repeat step 5.

Marking criteria
  • evidence of synthesising the literature/textbook
  • evidence of idea generation and constructive comments which extend the discussion.
  • identification of practical evidence and discussion
  • evidence of engaging in analytical/critical discussion and debate with MTLs.
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Sushant answered on Apr 08 2020
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Blog: Management is the Pursuit of Flexibility
In this article, the two inte
elated parts of the open deliberation on the idea of work inventory network in the lodging business frame the focal point of this exploration article in the category for management is the pursuit of flexibility. To begin with, the idea of a move to a few types of human resources enlistment procedures which tries to utilize office staff as a methods for creating practical advantages – instead of customary changeless staffing; along with, second, the fundamental significance of utilizing separating adaptability through...

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