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COM 100 - Professor Kenny’s class – DUE Thursday 6/25 MID-TERM Paper – Min. of 5 pages in length plus a works cited page MLA FORMAT – TIMES NEW ROMAN SIZE 12 FONT PBS\FRONTLINE\NEWS WAR - PART ONE...

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COM 100 - Professor Kenny’s class – DUE Thursday 6/25

MID-TERM Paper – Min. of 5 pages in length plus a works cited page MLA FORMAT – TIMES NEW ROMAN SIZE 12 FONT


Your paper must address these questions:

Summarize the Plame Affair. What was the event or events that led up to PlameGate?

Who is Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame?

Explain what a Reporter’s privilege is?

Why is the principal of a Reporter’s privilege or the principal of protecting the confidentiality of a source vitally important to journalists and the news organizations they work for?

Explain the evolution of confidentiality in journalistic reporting and how it changed in recent times?

Who is Patrick Fitzgerald? (brief)

What was the unusual arrangement that Fitzgerald made in the Valerie Plame case in order to get Reporters to testify as to who their sources where in their reporting on the story?

Who were the two Reporters that refused to give up their sources and which news entities did they work for? Which one went to jail for refusing to testify during Fitzgerald’s investigation?

What was the end result of the PlameAffair? Did anyone go to jail for outing Valerie Plame as a CIA officer? If not, who did go to jail and for what reason?

What is your opinion about having a Free Press in America?

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Nishtha answered on Jun 25 2021
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Title: COM 100 - Professor Kenny’s Class

Answer 1.    3
Answer 2.    3
Answer 3.    4
Answer 4.    4
Answer 5.    5
Answer 6.    5
Answer 7.    6
Answer 8.    6
Answer 9.    6
Answer 10.    7
Works Cited    8
Answer 1.
The W Bush Administration claimed that Iraq had obtained yellowcake uranium for their nuclear weapons program from Niger. The CIA asked Valerie Plame’s husband. The Administration was not pleased. As mentioned by Mecklin, about that time, it reported that Niger was the source of uranium for Iraq and presented in evidence the bill of sale signed by a Niger official. Valerie’s husband, a career Foreign Service Officer, sent to Niger to provide additional proof.
Unfortunately, for the Administration, her husband noted that the document signed on a date that the official was no longer in office. Armitage is a former US Navy officer who appointed by President George W. Bush to serve as Deputy Secretary of State. Back to Armitage. He leaked to the press the information that Valerie was a CIA officer under cover. One rumor was that this was to punish her husband and make his testimony less credible.
Answer 2.
Joe Wilson, the Republican Representative for South Carolina's 2nd congressional district. Joseph Wilson's report that Iraqi agents were not attempting to import uranium from Niger, were suppress. When people
ought contradictory evidence to light, the Bush administration retaliated against them. As informed by Wilson, Valerie Elise Plame Wilson is an American writer, spy and former officer who worked in United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
He was identified as an officer, who leaked the information and it published by Robert Novak in Washington post. Valerie Plame and husband Joe Wilson were in a bit of deep strife. Valerie was a CIA agent while her husband was a journalist. Valerie to the media ends her career with the CIA and jeopardizes all the operations she had control over. Valerie penetrated foreign organizations to detect and prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons and fissile material that could use to make dirty bombs and detonated inside America.
Answer 3.
Reporters have access to the restricted places. They can also get entry as journalist in a press conference or can request for interview with ministers and officers, who may not be accessible directly to a common person without a press card. In terms of legality, it would seem that, once the source has waived any desire to remain confidential, the reporter would be able to use the material with the name of the source attributed.
As mentioned by Koningisor, district of Columbia have statutory "shield" laws that provide working journalists qualified protection against being compelled to reveal the identity of a source. A number of state courts have also recognized a similar...

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