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Choose ONE topic and write a 2000-word essay.Your 2000-word essay MUST draw on the relevant unit readings and themes for that topic. Essay topic: Discuss the relationship between public relations and...

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Choose ONE topic and write a 2000-word essay.Your 2000-word essay MUST draw on the relevant unit readings and themes for that topic.

Essay topic: Discuss the relationship between public relations and ONE of the following topics,drawing on an actual campaign, communication activity or public relations text.

  • Culture

  • History

  • Promotion

  • Persuasion

  • Ethics

  • Race

  • Gender

  • Popular Culture

  • COVID-19 Communication

  • Activism

  • Indigenous Perspectives

Answered 3 days After May 19, 2023


Deblina answered on May 23 2023
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The relationship between the public relations and the COVID 19 communication had played a crucial role in managing the pandemic and disseminating the accurate information to the public. The pandemic has been accompanied by an "infodemic" and excessive amount of information both accurate and misleading leading to confusion among the public. Public Relations as a strategic communication practice has played a vital role in combating this particular aspect and effectively communication of the critical messages related to the pandemic. One of the notable campaigns that exemplifies the relationship between the public relations and the communication during the pandemic is "Stay home, save lives" campaign launched by many governments and health organisations. This particular campaign was promoting social distancing measures and encouraging peoples to stay at home to limit the spread of virus. It employed various public relation strategies and tactics to effectively delivered its messages (Ruck & Men, 2020). This particular campaign utilised the prospect of strategy communication and the relevant principles in order to make the message reach to the target audience.
The key messages of the campaign were clear and concise and emphasized the importance of staying at home to protect one self and others. The use of emotionally compiling visuals and relatable na
atives help to engage and resonate with the public making the campaign more effective. Public Relations practitioners involved in the campaign also leverage to different communication channels to reach a wide audience. They utilised the traditional media such as television and radio as well as digital platforms including social media and websites to reach out to the target audience. By employing a multiple channel approach, the campaign maximized its reach an engage individual across various demographics. Additionally, the campaign was characterized by a collaborative approach involving partnerships with the influencers and community leaders (Reddy & Gupta, 2020). These collaborations enhanced the credibility of the campaign and increased its impact by influencing the reach of these stakeholders. By involving diverse voices, the campaign was able to resonate with the different segments of the population and foster trust in the messages that are being communicated.
The success of this campaign highlights the crucial role of the public relations in the communication during the spread of the COVID 19.
Effective public relation practices were instrumental in managing the entire scenario and combating the miss information and disseminating the accurate information to the public. Through strategic communication approaches the campaign was able to engage and persuade individuals to adopt preventive measures ultimately contributing to the containment of the virus. So, the basic issue lay on the fact was the aspect of strategic management and dissemination of information to the public during the pandemic. Public Relations professionals have played a crucial role in shaping the public perceptions are managing the crisis situations by promoting accurate information while combating the misinformation that was in the society.
The practices have been instrumental in managing the pandemic as well as the infodemic that was associated with the spread of the pandemic. They have curated and disseminated accurate information from the reliable sources to come back the overwhelming amount of false or miss leading information that was circulating during the crisis. Through their expertise in strategic communication public relation professionals have helped to ensure that accurate and kindly information reaches the public and foster awareness and understand the virus, in terms of preventive measures and the public health guidelines (Ngai et al., 2020).
Strategy communication principles have guided the public relations effort during the pandemic. Clear and concise aspects of the message and utilising appropriate channels and mediums have been given a priority. Public Relations professionals have employed various communication channels such as pollution and media and digital platform to reach a wide range of audiences and engage with the different demographic effectively.
Public Relations campaigns and activities related to the pandemic communication have into influence the public behaviour positively. They have utilised the effectiveness and the techniques along with the emotional pause and...

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