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Choose and research an ethical issue-Married Pastor having an affair with a female married member of the church. Also, research ethical decision-making models, and chose one that would be used to...

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Choose and research an ethical issue-Married Pastor having an affair with a female married member of the church. Also, research ethical decision-making models, and chose one that would be used to Christian Leadership ministry.

In 15-20 slides, create a presentation for a team of which you would be the leader. In the presentation, include the following:

  1. Describe the ethical issue and the ministry context.
  2. Describe the ethical decision-making model that can be applied to this ethical issue.
  3. Explain the discipleship responsibility you have as the leader of the team.
  4. Guide the team members on how to mature spiritually in preparation to engage this type of ethical issue.
  5. Explain how you as the leader can grow in the process of resolving this specific ethical issue.

In addition, create a title slide, reference slides, and slide notes that provide a detailed explanation.

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Ethical issues and Ethical Decision Making Model
Ethical issues and Ethical Decision Making Model
Analysis of Ethical Issues in Case
Rules of Church
Church is a place for spirituality rather than any sign such as adultery;
Church helps people to follow ethics in life;
Church is a place where people get help of Pastor to address their social, personal and moral issues without any fear (Collier and Williams 2015, p. 28-46);
Role of Pasto
Pastor encourage people towards the discipline of God
Pastor cares about the benefits of society members rather than the achievement of personal feelings
There are certain rules and disciplines of the Church that should have to follow at any cost. Pastor is a main leader of the Church who conveys the message of God to people for adopting the path of morality and truth.
Ethical Issues
Case Issue: Ma
ied Pastor having an affair with a female ma
ied member of the church
Involved Ethical Issues
Breached rules of Church
Breached morality discipline of God
Breached rules of God by conducting sign of adultery
eached the disciplines made by God because he was responsible to follow truth and help others in finding solutions to problems. He did adultery that was a sin for which God had Eli’s sons killed. King David also paid “dues” for unethical and immoral act with Bathsheba (Weld 2011, para. 3).
Role of Christian Leadership ministry
In the context of Selected Case:
To manage the religious and social activities through the help of other Church members
To motivate church members to understand the motives and plans of God
To follow spiritual relationship with other members (Goettsche 1998, para, 2-4) rather than a sexual relationship that is sign of adultery
Role in selected Ethical Issues
Christian Leadership ministry has to
Accept their sign and be honest with God
Follow the disciplines of God and punish them as per the rules of Bible;
Give advice to them to give-up the church and get help from Christian-based counseling agency (Weld 2011, para, 4-6);
Discourage others by doing same sign in future
Christian leadership plays a central role in motivating people towards God’s purpose and plans and take them further. In the context of case, the rules of Christian leadership were not followed by Pastor because he made a deeper relationship with other ma
ied women rather than God.
Ethical Decision Making
Engenders trust and indicates
Fairness, and
Caring (Wagner and Simpson 2008, p. 88)
Ethical decision making is used in a situation, when an ethical dilemma takes place. Ethical decision includes a process to evaluate and choose among alternatives with the help of ethical principles for perceiving and eliminating unethical options, unethical actions, immoral decisions and select an effective ethical alternative.
Model of Ethical Decision-making
Two important models for making a decision based on ethics that can be used:
Biblical principles based on decision making
Rational Model of decision making (Schwartz 2017)
To address the ethical issues properly, there are two important ethical decision making model that may be used:
Biblical principles based on ethical decision making: This model uses principles defined in the bible to address the ethical issues with the right approach, justice, humanity and autonomy.
Rational Model for Ethical decision making: This decision making includes following terms such as:
Define the problem
Identify decision criteria
Weight the criteria
Generate alternatives
Rate each alternative on each criterion
Compute the optimal decision
Applicability of Selected Decision-Making Model
Selected model for decision making
Rational Model is selected because
It cares about the impacts of each decision in the term of ethical and moral.
It focuses on facts and figures rather to analyze issues rather than any theory.
It helps in analyzing reasoning for each decision.
Applicability of Selected Model

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