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Deblina answered on Mar 02 2023
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Disney Plus is going to be a goosebump for Netflix and it is inherent that it will play a key role in influencing the strategic plans of Netflix. The risks of digital transformation have been imperative and have been constant with the perceptions of the su
oundings overshadowed by the comfort of protagonist. Netflix has always concentrated on personalization as the core of its success. The company has taken up the strategy of personalization as its cold principle to improve the user experience. Netflix must effectively increase its investment in terms of collection and high-quality original content which is increasingly in favour of Disney Plus (Wang, 2020). It must effectively focus on its innovation practices for new and better opportunities for the company.
Disney plus in 2019 gained about 116 million subscribers against 47 million for Netflix. The early growth was attributed to the timing of the pandemic when Disney witnessed consecutive growth. The content strategy of Disney has been a considerable thread for Netflix. Netflix lowered spending during the first quarter of the pandemic which subsequently led to a fall in subscribers of Netflix. Netflix has been recorded as the blockbuster in a competitive web of digital natives and Disney has a
ived to show that no one is safe in the leadership of its markets regardless of its size or market share. Disney has dominated the box office in recent years and this is more attributed to content domination...

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