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Can this be done in 500 words or should I choose 750 words?

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Can this be done in 500 words or should I choose 750 words?
Answered Same Day Aug 03, 2021


Swati answered on Aug 04 2021
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Implement and monitor WHS practices
Role play-1
Pfizer Pty Ltd, a pharmaceutical company, as per WHS guidelines needs to strictly follow PPE adherence compliance with WHS practices as several chemicals including hazardous ones are used in the company. There is risk of burns, poising, and skin i
itation along with
eathing problems. The hazardous chemical if inhaled or its droplet enters the respiratory system may cause severe
eathing issues which needs immediate medical attention. As per WHS practices, the workers and even the visitors’ mandatorily need to wear PPE specially the face mask and gloves. But one of my group member observed that the store manager bypasses these safety gears all the time. It happened 3 times last month while group member went to collect the batch of raw material from the storage house, the store manager was neither wearing mask nor gloves. As, you are well aware during most of the time, he is alone at dispatching area and any associated risk may happen which will not be identified any soon if it happens.
Conduction of WHS consultative process was much required so I along with other group members conducted the same to discuss the issue of non-compliance and its associated risks. The consultative process which is a two way process between consultant and the workers wherein health and safety is openly talked, various concerns of employees are listen well and one can seek and share views and information as per section 48 of WHS Act.
Recommended strategies for issue rectification...

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