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But now the most part I remembering, in XXXXXXXXXXis when we arrived to our grand Mather village, my first time in the village, all I could keep remembered is My grandmother, people did not have...

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But now the most part I remembering, in XXXXXXXXXXis when we arrived to our grand Mather village, my first time in the village, all I could keep remembered is My grandmother, people did not have enough shelters, the weather were such a cold, a lot of flood around and not food. The suffered is all was by. I meet my cousin for the first time and we played and swept in the water. my mother sister son, the one came after my mother, her child and I had to play with the all-time, the first time of my life to enjoying playing with another child compare to the Ethiopia, I did not have any cousin of me to playing with, plus I don’t get or comfortable with another person kids, I played we keep swimming Jumping in water play more often. playing in rain is much common with Africa kids. after my mum and I lifted them in the village, he got sick and die. We went going with Mother and my big other brother, to the bush to fine my greater fighter father. The world war one were to be scared things happen in my mother life. she said thing that was difficult in many way, In war world 1 begin before she was not born, have said a lots thing was happening in that time, have told that and told much people were fighters, This went scared to most her in a lot of way, mum said, in the middle of night time were always turned out creepy; the unknow soldiers will turn out night time, following people of my mother to their Home; They kept hunted foot step to be fine who to kill in the people home. mum were taught in a good way, how to be stayed came quit and behave like an adult in the night; these unknow soldiers turned out to home and fine nobody there, people most hides at night and scaped to bush especial soldiers too. some night was would be scope out from home to the bush In the night; this world war 1 was run by my mother and Joseph Lago, an equestrian man; It did find scary to her most because nobody sure, they will live or die. nightly, when people walked at night in Mather generation walk to the bush. where they had to walk in the dark. sometime the place most full graded by water on suffers; people practices moving feet in slower walked at night. this could where been a hard;

I came in mother side and Educating Families both my Mum and dad. father went to school as well, even in their young ages. his has been put to school before his the die. Grand father started school in both Arabic and English. Arabic and English language are been there in long time as main language. mother was toughed in Arabic plus little English too; The only hard and worth in Africa is the war; Have had been always a food that people was to eat; This most have been carried of Generation to generation.

the first war world 1 was the begin in southern Sudan; this was healed by of my grand Father. there was include weapon and Gun, machine and everything.

since mum have not said everything, both Dad said and mum said most died in the in the war world 1, both father and Grandpa.

both Has paper in a hand. these were schooling and grandpa became in war leader. Him was in Africa school for long time, especially when his hand, they greater education early ages. Because they have said that man are the seed to be, are the future of the Country, man always get the good part need to have good thing. some like grandpa are could be of their well know. His ideas was should be helping the poorly one.

and his family, even there were very hardship. his education background were include a lot hardship, both huger and education expensive. most African men worked hard. Well enough in Africa. African mentality said what they think good about a man education wealthy then women. they think men can performs well then a woman. Have it at school performant too.

drinking is a lot by African soldiers alcohol.

being an African man mean o lot of hardship. this even more in Africa and my grandfather made great political. him was a politic man.

They began in the world war 1 and formed his grouped with another soldier Joseph Lagu, the “leader of Anyanya 1 giving a remarkable speech during the Addis Ababa Agreement (1972” They Name their groups name anyanya, anyanya meant the name of the Snake, “which means 'snake venom. James was one of the first world war 1 leaders, in Equestrian tribe of the Southern Sudan. There were 2 and other soldier runt world war 1 in that time. still not sure what years were. they called it world war 1, anyanya 1 in other people tribe language. anyanya meant the name of the Snake, “which means 'snake (venom)”

this is how many people died In

“First Sudanese Civil War”


Sudanese Armed Forces: 6,000–7, XXXXXXXXXX,000 (late 1971)”

When We leave grandmother town; heading to the Bush, that place we have to find grandfather fighting.

My dad, where a Great fighter, his fighter for his country the all live. didn’t mentioning thing to me but I do still believe has a love for his people and the nation. Mum and I were been there for his long rant

Not sure If I can remembered everything, but uncle got us travelling Vhichaol and fear for us be going to fine us dad somewhere was in bush; we was been to see father for the first time, after his up sent compare by were I’m I babe; was the beginning of our family that we have be together again.

I mention that we were always Kent of helping dad in bad and good

living a life of soldier man is like crazy, back in the 1991 the same years in the Equatorial district, that war breaking- the ice again, dad have to going back to war and leaving us. even though he was teaching by the time, has still have to go back to bush and fight, I seen it and it really scared, in its return were involve in Lange amount of drinking, just not to remind of what we’re happened in war, we could never be tell to what you had seen as a kid, we seen a lot of deserter thing, fought of different weapon was everywhere, they hurt part were helicopter, Mix was scary thing ever happen to me, I hate being boom by the antimob,

there we have always scaping, moved to different district, were an exercise in the region.

Leavening again for the next home town. our lives has been to rent the all. and from town to town, that we may fine a safe place, traveling in car was often, with no evidence In traveling has cars do get stop by unknow gun. it is just that not enough security on the way, cars travelling in wild desert that have no one to be seen, there is no such a soldiers in their bushing; everything is about the huger, the could a person because they want to take what you already have; there is unknown bush walking curried gun on them to hunt for food in bush; I think to change will bringing later on because so we could have a batter security and for the batter travelling.

rebel starting fight to any home town, everything about Africa is scary, deserting, busing is common

rebel were did anything to hurt Sevillian. that hugger, have not had any enough food to eat, but when we leaving in the town, were your live is always thing to see, even though you leaving in in the empty stomach; I rather say that night was more safely then daily light, it could get worth during the day, especially daily

and there is some other part of world a person never mind, family, kids include, they came to some point the through, Boom, at the Sevillian

the equestrian region at the moment, is the area is favourite, some people do thing as agriculture. it’s have good rain session through

out the year.

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Nishtha answered on Aug 17 2021
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In the past year, the natives of Sudanese suffered a lot and this happened in their own land because of many reasons. Most of reasons were generated by foreigners who intruded and settled in Sudan. The happening of this war not only affected land but also families, people and children. This abstract represents is a child’s te
or and ho
or disruption due to war. Child knew what death really was and child did not want to lose his dad, mom or anyone. He often had nightmares about his family dying. The abstract explained number of incidents where atrocities and hardness of during and after the war had been described.
The author critically acclaimed that he with his family (including
other and mother) went to bush to find out his father[footnoteRef:1]. The war was the scariest thing happened to his mother. Author’s mother described that war in the past even has a way to tell people, it is a difficult phrase in many ways. His mother hold situation like the one she gets training for this situation in her whole life. She knew how to stay quiet and behave maturely in order to deal with this situation. There were troops of soldiers haunting them at midnight. [1: Mesfin Ge
emichael, Alagaw Ababu Kifle, and Alem Kidane. "South Sudan Conflict Insight." (2018)]
However, they roam from one place to another; keep on running from one bush to another in all dark order to survive. Author and his family do not know and not even sure about whether they will live or not. When people walked in Mather generation, people have to practice in the dark in the night. This was all hard. The author’s mother and father both educated enough. His grandfather started schools in both English and Arabic. These languages were known at those times. His mother also knew both English and Arabic.
The only thing that passes from generation to generation is unavailability of food in Africa. Author’s grandpa received great education in his early ages. He was not only good in school times but also...

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